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May 9, 2018

Hi there. This is Maesa and I’m one of the new teachers at the Hakusanroku campus. This semester I help teach the Computer Skills and Design Thinking classes. This past Monday was our first day of classes after Golden Week and as well as our Computer Skills class together. I started to stay after class to help the students with any of the computer applications we use. I’m glad when the students stay since it gives me a chance to interact with them on an individual basis. K.K. sensei and I are assigned to lead the 3D modeling class. Earlier in the school year we asked the students what did they want to create. One of the students suggested creating an iPhone case. Although I enjoyed my Golden Week, I’m happy to be back to work on incorporating the students’ suggestions into the course. I look forward to sharing what I have in store for them.

Maesa Poolschup



May 9, 2018



How did you spend your time afterschool? I bet some people enjoyed playing games with their friends. How about actually making one?
The other day I ran across two students who have launched a long-term project to create a real-life shooting game using infrared laser pistols and headbands. The headbands will detect the infrared laser and notify if the person was hit. Their final goal is hold a student versus teacher tournament on campus. It sounds exciting and I think it’s great that they are motivated to learn about what they are interested in. The project is still in the early stages so I will keep you updated if I hear more. Stay tune.

Jonathan April 26, 2018




ジョナサン 2018年4月26日

May 7, 2018

Learning to process metal

In today's Engineering Design, we learned how to use some of the tools for prototyping. Making a prototype is an important process in the problem-solving process. The class was divided into two groups. One group learned how to use the 3D printer, while the other group learned how to process metal in the Maker Studio. Students used the handsaw, drill, and many other tools to make the final product in picture three. Then, we connected all the metal tablets into a chain. The chain would not work if any of the tablets were manufactured incorrectly. However, as you can see in picture four, they were a perfect match! It's nice to have an end result that you can see and feel good about after all that hard work. I hope to show you more of the 3D printer group in the future. Stay tune.

Jonathan April 26, 2018

May 1st, 2018

 After I finished my first engineering context class, I was relentlessly busy with work of the research project manager just before the Golden Week. This mission is to plan and conduct extracurricular project activities through industry-academia collaboration and regional collaboration. However, since this year is the first year, we mainly focus on the inventory of planning ideas and the possibility of implementing them. Today I would like to introduce two topics being realized from several candidates.
 The first one is to introduce research activities of energy management system being implemented at the Institute for Regional Revitalization and Innovation of KIT to which I also belong to college students. Experiments on energy independence by renewable energy and storage batteries are currently being conducted in the cottage (staff dwelling) in the Hakusanroku campus. This activity is promoted by industry-academia collaboration with Seiko Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, NEC, 4R Energy etc. I thought that it would be an opportunity for students to be interested in the smart energy field expected to grow in the future by looking at the equipment used in this experiment. The picture is the actual tour scene. Everyone was very enthusiastic, so I became happy too. In the future, as research at Kanazawa Institute of Technology progresses, I will get involved again in college students. 



  The second project is a collaboration with preservation society of Bunya-Ningyo(Puppet)-Joruri literature which is an important intangible folk cultural property. There is a village called Higashi-futakuchi immediately after passing the Sena tunnel adjacent to Hakusanroku campus. In this village, Bunya puppet joruri is inherited for 350 years. However, with the rapid depopulation and aging population, the culture is facing a crisis of survival, and Kanazawa Institute of Technology has provided support for puppet performances and video archive productions so far. At International College of Technology, we hope to contribute by promoting puppet joruri globally, with the cooperation of English teachers. Recently, I visited Higashi-futakuchi Historical Folk Museum with Mr. James, an English teacher, and met with Mr. Michishita, president of Ningyo Joruri Preservation Association, to discuss about cooperation. The picture  is like Mr. Michishita explaining the old script of Joruri Tayu. After finishing the meeting, I realized the significance and difficulty of inheriting the tradition, and I thought that we, who became inhabitants of this area, should also contribute to this activity even if we are not powerful. First of all, I plan to organize a tour for the students by the summer and start to exchange with local people.


International College of Technology
Professor of Science and Technology
Dean of Research and Project

Shuntaro Yamazaki




April 19th, 2018

Today we learned how to use the laser cutter in “Engineering Design IA”.

Today’s mission was to design our own original keychain. First, we designed the keychain using an illustration software in the Compute Lab. Then, we moved to the Maker Studio where the laser cutter cutout the shape we designed. Students can use the Maker Studio to make whatever we want under teacher’s supervision. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone makes in the future. See you next time.



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