Hakusanroku Journal 白山麓ジャーナル: 2021年12月の記事

December 25, 2021 Merry Christmas!



Hello everyone! This is Yuri Makada from the Hakusanroku office. December is the month of Christmas. I would like to write about some of the events related to Christmas here at the Hakusanroku Campus.


On Wednesday, December 15th, the Language and Culture club members and teachers set up a Christmas tree. They played Christmas songs, wrapped the tree with lights, and hung Christmas decorations. As they did this, they talked about their Christmas memories. Some of the decorations were handmade by club members. Later, the extra handmade hung Christmas decorations were given to the students and staff members as Christmas gifts.

Chrisrmas Party


Since students go home for Christmas, the Christmas Party was held on Sunday, December 18th. It was organized by the Learning Mentors, Ann sensei, Apirak sensei, and Jomkit sensei. Many of the students had been looking forward to the party. The students and teachers enjoyed karaoke and games together as well as eating some lovely cupcakes and drinking hot chocolate. I am sure they made some fun memories before winter break.

Christmas Cake Party


After class on Monday, December 20th, Edward sensei, who is good at baking, served a homemade Christmas cake and gingerbread cookies to everyone in the Living Commons! The Christmas cake, shaped like a cute snowman, tasted different from Japanese cakes because of the spices and mint. The gingerbread cookies were decorated with white icing and arranged in a fun way. The hot chocolate had lots of marshmallows. There were also three kinds of spices that could be added to each cup of hot chocolate, in order to customize it and enjoy different flavors. They were all delicious! Here is a video message from Edward sensei about the Christmas Cake Party and life at ICT. I hope you enjoy it!

Special Christmas Menu at the Golden Eagle Cafeteria

白山麓キャンパスのカフェテリア「Golden Eagle Cafeteria」では、普段から世界中の健康的な料理を味わうことができます。1223日(木)にクリスマススペシャルメニューとしてローストチキンとクリスマスチョコレートブラウニーが提供されました。ハロウィンやクリスマスなど、イベントごとに提供されるスペシャルメニューは寮生活での楽しみの1つですね。

In the Golden Eagle Cafeteria at the Hakusanroku campus, you can usually eat healthy food from around the world. On Thursday, December 23rd, the cafeteria served a special Christmas menu of Roasted Chicken and Christmas Chocolate Brownies. For occasions like Halloween and Christmas, there are special menus. It is one of the things that students enjoy about their dormitory life.



Holiday Gift Exchange 2021

今年はラーニングメンターのアン先生が企画した「Holiday Gift Exchange 2021」という学生同士、教職員同士がシークレットにクリスマスプレゼント交換をするイベントが行われました。欧米では「シークレットサンタ」と呼ばれている、クリスマスに行われる伝統的なゲームだそうです。
1) まずはアンケートに記入します。氏名、好きな食べ物、好きな色、好きなスポーツなどを回答します。
2) 記入したアンケートをギフトボックスに入れます。
3) アンケートは参加者にランダムで配られます。もちろん自分のアンケートが自分の手元に届かないように配慮する必要があります。
4) 自分の手元に届いた相手の情報を元に予算内(学生:1000円~2000円、教職員:2000円3000円)でプレゼントを購入します。
5) ラッピングされたプレゼントをクリスマスツリーの下に置きます。


    This year, Learning Mentor Anne sensei, organized an event called Holiday Gift Exchange 2021, where students, teachers, and staff members participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange. In Europe and the United States, it is a common Christmas tradition.
    Here are the rules for Secret Santa.
    1) Complete a questionnaire about yourself including your name, your favorite food, favorite color, favorite sport, etc.,
    2) Put the completed questionnaire forms in the gift box.
    3) Distribute the questionnaire forms randomly, but make sure no one receives their own questionnaire.
    4) Buy a present for your Secret Santa partner, but stay within the budget. (Students: 1,000 yen to 2,000 yen, Teachers and staff members: 2,000 yen to 3,000 yen)
    5) Wrap the present and put it under the Christmas tree.

    The fun part is that you can't predict who will give you a gift and what they will give you until you open the gift. It's exciting just to imagine who bought you a present and what it will be!




    It was interesting to see the reaction of the students when they received the randomly distributed questionnaire forms. Some students were seriously wondering what they should get for their Secret Santa partner, while others immediately came up with an idea and searched the Internet for it. I was reminded once again that one of the fun parts of the event is using the information from the questionnaire form to find a gift that the recipient would enjoy.



    Christmas gifts were presented to the students, teachers, and staff members by Anne Santa Claus on Thursday, December 23rd. There was a warm Christmas atmosphere as the students opened their gifts and were delighted to find out what they had received from their Secret Santa partner. and I felt a bond among the students as they celebrated. The second-year students have only a few months left to live in the dormitory at the Hakusanroku Campus. I hope they will cherish every moment of their dormitory life and make many good memories.


    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Yuri Makada

    December 23, 2021 English Cafe

    Hello everyone! On the 22nd December I held a Christmas-themed English Café event for local residents at Oguchi Community Centre, just down the road from Hakusanroku Campus.

    This time, 4 adults from Oguchi, Shiramine, and Yoshinodani attended. We started the event by learning about how to write Christmas cards in English, and then everyone had a go at writing one themselves. Meanwhile, 2 primary school children and 1 nursery-age child did Christmas-themed colouring, mazes, and other similar activities too. After that, everyone helped to decorate the Christmas tree. Father Christmas even made an appearance! The children and the adults were excited when he came in!

    The staff at the Community Centre worked very hard to prepare everything for this event, as they do every month. I’m very grateful for their help.

    I’m looking forward to continuing English Café into 2022 – it’s a great opportunity to meet and talk to members of the local community.

     James Taylor







    December 8, 2021 Board Game Day!

    A community means not only learning together, but also having fun and enjoying life together! Last month, we had a Board Game Day at the Hakusanroku Campus. At the request of a couple students, we got together some teachers, students, and a big pile of games. Some of our teachers really love board games, so we have quite a lot!

     「コミュニティ」とは、一緒に学ぶだけではなく、人生を共に楽しむという意味も含まれます。先月、白山麓キャンパスでは「Board Game Day」が開催されました。今回は学生のリクエストにより、このイベントが開催され、数名の教員と学生、そして大量のゲームが集まりました。教員の中には、ボードゲーム好きの方がいらっしゃるので、かなりたくさんのゲームが揃いました。

    First up was the classic The Settlers of CATAN. A staple game in every board game lover’s inventory, this game is known for challenging relationships and breaking friendships. However, on this day, we had only fun with Catan as students and some teachers played it for the very first time. Saran, Ema, Jomkit-sensei, and Apirak-sensei fought to win territory, build roads, and construct cities for a whole two hours before Jomkit-sensei finally emerged victorious!

    During this time, Ryuto, Shii, and Ian-sensei also played a few games. They started by competing to see who could cook the fastest meal in かなざわレシピ (Kanazawa Recipe). While playing this game, they also had the chance to learn about some of Kanazawa’s specialty dishes. Next, they challenged The Grizzled, a cooperative game about surviving during WWI. It’s a difficult game to win and the team fought hard, but were unsuccessful in the end.

     まずは定番の「The Settlers of CATAN」から始めました。これはボードゲーム愛好家の中では定番のゲームで、人間関係を築いたり、友情を破壊したりすることで知られています。しかしこの日は、学生と数名の教員達が初めてこのゲームに挑戦したので、今回は楽しみながらゲームを進めました。紗蘭さん、恵万さん、ジョムキット先生、アピラク先生は領土の獲得、道路と都市を建設するために、2時間にわたり戦いましたが、最終的にはジョムキット先生が勝利を収めました!

     その間に龍斗さん、史依さん、イアン先生もいくつかのゲームをしました。まずは「かなざわレシピ(Kanazawa Recipe)」というカードゲームで、誰が一番早く料理を作れるかを競いました。このゲームを通して、金沢の名物料理も学ぶことが出来ました。次に「The Grizzled」という第一次世界大戦中のサバイバルをテーマにした協力型カードゲームに挑戦しました。このゲームはミッションを達成することがかなり難しく、チームで協力しながら懸命に戦略を練りましたが、最終的には失敗に終わりました。

    After these games, we regrouped together for a game of NINE TILES, a fast, competitive game produced by Oink Games (a brilliant company particularly liked by Anne-sensei and Kushima-sensei).  Finally, we ended the day with Garbage Day, brought by Kushima-sensei. In this game, we tried to clean our rooms while piling the garbage up and not letting it fall! This game was more than juststrategy, but it was a test of fine motor skills too! In the game, Apirak-sensei threw away an engagement ring and had to take out the overflowing trash!

     それらのゲームを終えた後に、全員でOink Games社が制作した「NINE TILES」というスピード感のある対戦ゲームをしました。Oink Game社は私と久島先生が特に気に入っている素晴らしいゲーム会社です。最後に久島先生が持参した「Garbage Day」というボードゲームで締めくくりました。このゲームでは、ゴミが落ちないように積み上げながら部屋の掃除をします。単なる戦略だけではなく、器用さも試されます!アピラク先生は婚約指輪を捨ててしまい、溢れたゴミを出す羽目になってしまいました!

    Although the turn-out was small for our first game day, we had a lot of fun and played games for many hours! Hopefully, we can do this again and have even more people join in to try more games!

     初めての「Board Game Day」にしては参加者が少なかったのですが、とても楽しくて何時間もゲームをしてしまいました!次回はさらに多くの人に参加してもらい、より多くのゲームに挑戦してもらいたいと思っています!


       (Pictures by me and Apirak-sensei.)

    Anne Isobel Tan

    December 1, 2021 Colorful and Fun

    Four years have passed since the start of our college`s new program. I commute to the Hakusanroku Campus all the way up from my home in Kanazawa, every working day. However, I still enjoy the mountainous scenery from the car. It is so beautiful and interesting. The change of the weather and the season makes the view from the car looks like a new piece of art every time. Autumn is my favorite season in Japan. It does not rain as often as it does during other seasons. So, I can enjoy watching the shiny sunlight kissing the colorful leaves. The other day, I saw a double rainbow from the car. It is always fun to observe a rainbow before it disappears. Colors make everything look glorious. Nature gives you the moment of reflection and meditation. If you are a person of science, you would enjoy the moment while asking yourself many questions.

    I would like my students to enjoy their life and explore the beauty of the universe around them on a wider and deeper scale. Studying science and specifically, chemistry can help them do that and get the aha moment and be mesmerized by what they discover. One experiment that Year 1 students performed last week gave them the answer to questions that might have come to their minds, such as, “Why candle`s light is yellow?”, “What are fireworks made of?”, or even, “How do we know what the millions-of-light-years-far-away stars are made of?”. Flame test of different metallic ions experiment helped them know the logic behind spectrum emission and explained that each element has its unique spectrum emission. The light emitted by an element is like a fingerprint that shows its presence in different parts of the universe.

    People of science do not only enjoy their observations, but they also question, analyze, and explain them. Year 1 students performed the flame test experiment twice. The first time, they did it while following the given instructions to observe how metallic ions such as sodium, potassium, copper, or lithium emit yellow, violet, blue-green, and red flame lights, respectively. They seemed to have enjoyed the flame colors. I could hear them saying words of amusement such as “oh, Wow !!” or “look at that!”. The second time, it was a lab practical, meaning that they performed the procedure independently to define five different metals present in the unknown provided salts. They did their best in following the safety procedure, making observations, and providing explanations. There was some time left after they finished. So, I showed them a firework stick with seven different colors. It was interesting to see them call out the name of metals every time a new color light appeared. That was colorful and fun!

    Nagwa Fekri Rashed



     科学者は観察を楽しむだけでなく、疑問を持ち、分析し、解説もします。 1年生は炎色試験を2回行いました。1回目は指示に従いながら、ナトリウム、カリウム、銅やリチウムなどの金属イオンが、それぞれ黄、紫、青緑、赤の炎を出す様子を観察しました。炎の色を見て「おぉ!凄い!」や「見て見て!!」など楽しそうな声が聞こえました。2回目は実習を行いました。未知の塩に含まれる5種類の金属を定義するために、学生たちは独自の手順で実践しました。学生たちは、安全手順を守り、観察し、そして説明することに最善を尽くしました。実習が終わってから少し時間があったので、7色に変化する花火の棒を見せました。色が変化するたびに、学生たちは金属の名前を呼んでいて面白かったです。カラフルで楽しかったです。


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