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March 17, 2021 2年生を送る会

Hi, it's Jonathan, the camera man! On February 25 (Thu), we held a farewell party for the second year students in the multipurpose room next to the cafeteria. This was after the Design & Fabrication Club's final presentation, which you can read about here. The second year students have finished their 24 months here at Hakusanroku Campus and will be moving on to their next stage either at Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand (if fate favors them) or (sadly more likely) take online courses from home or Kanazawa Campus depending on the situation of COVID-19. I personally wish that they will be able to travel to New Zealand. That said, even if they cannot, they will still be in good hands, taking courses from Otago Polytechnic online, and specially crafted courses from the skilled staff at Kanazawa Campus.

When I first met the second year students, they were only 15 years old. Two years does not sound like much. However, I have seen immense growth during that time. The two year system at Hakusanroku means that first year students start out like any other high school, as newcomers, overshadowed by their seniors, but in just one year they suddenly become the highest class in the campus. This is one of my favorite moments at ICT, where students suddenly show signs of leadership, responsibility, and maturity as their role goes from youngest to oldest. I don't know of any other school can give second year students a similar opportunity to become such leaders at this age. It's not all roses, but I believe it has it's benefits.

This year's second year students had a lot to go through. They were hit directly by the pandemic, which dramatically altered their freedom compared to their first year. Many could not participate in contest they planned to, or goals they aimed for. However, the second year's bounced back. They spent hours of their free time working on new projects, school events, and school work. I would almost always find someone working in the evening, either in the maker studio or project booth after hours. What I want to say is they put in a lot of effort, and it shows.

This is kind of starting to sound like they are leaving us so I am going to move on. They are still with us for three whole years after all! I can't wait to see what they are like then. During the farewell party, first year and second year students exchanged message cards, and the second year students also presented one to the teachers. Each student said a few words, mostly messages of encouragement and/or friendly taunts to the remaining first year students and we watched a slideshow of pictures taken during the two years they were here. Finally, we sang a farewell song together. I hope the second year students can look back fondly at these two years the same way I do. See you again!







March 13, 2021

اَلْسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُم As-salamu Alikom.

وَعَلَيْكُمُ اَلْسَّلَام Wa Alikomu as-salam

 That is how to greet people in Arabic language. It is the salutation in Islam, that means you can use it with Muslim people whether they are Arabic language speakers or not.  “As-salamu Alikom”, means “peace be upon you!”, Wa Alikomu as-salam, means “And peace be upon you, too”

  Wishing people to have peace and live in peace is a meaningful wish. We learned throughout this difficult time that peace is not only the opposite of war. To live without pain, disease, and fear is peaceful. The 2020 academic year is coming to an end, our year three students couldn’t travel to New Zealand to study at Otago Polytechnique as planned because of the pandemic. They may have missed chances and experiences living and studying in another country. However, they have a peaceful life over here in the university`s International House. Part of the courses are held online with Otago Polytechnique, other courses were designed carefully by professors at ICT to help students get as much experience and learning as possible. Language and Culture course is an example of those courses. I and prof. Dr. Alaa Hussien were invited to introduce Arabic language to year 3 students last week.

 Students seemed to enjoy learning about Arabic language, and its importance as the first or a second language of more than 1.9 billion people around the world. They practiced basic Arabic daily conversation amongst themselves and with us. They were excited to know about different Arabic cultural perspectives such as calls for prayers, calligraphy, and arabesque. They were also surprised to listen to music pieces played using Arabic musical instruments and know how the music key is different in that part of the world.

This week, Students learned about food hidden cultures of both Egypt by myself and Guyana by Prof.Dr. Pauline Baird. They also watched previously recorded interviews about personal stories of Diana Stevenson (Prof. Ian Stevenson`s mother). She is an American citizen originally from Scotland. She shared her experiences on the subject of thrift during and after the world war II. I personally learned a lot from that video.

 Traveling to different countries might not be as easy as it used to be these days, but those places can be a lot closer and more accessible than what we think. I advise all of my students to keep digging down and look for all the opportunities to know and understand other cultures and ways of life. That is one main reason and meaning we are here in this life. As one of my favorite verses in Quran says "O Mankind, We created you from a single pair of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes, so that you may know one another. Verily the most honored of you in the sight of God is he who is the most righteous of you" (Quran 49:13).

Nagwa Fekri Rashed

*This journal was written in February

اَلْسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُم アッサラーム・アライクム

وَعَلَيْكُمُ اَلْسَّلَام ワ・アライクム・アッサラーム


他人に平和と平穏を祈る行為は素晴らしいことです。この大変な時期を通じて、平和とはただ単に戦争が無い状態ではないことがわかりました。苦しみ、病気、不安なしに生活できることこそ平和です。2020年度が終わりを迎え、新型コロナウィルスのパンデミックで、3年生は結局ニュージーランドのオタゴポリテクニクに留学できませんでした。彼らは外国で暮らしながら勉強する機会を奪われてしまったのです。その代わり、国際交流会館で穏やかに過ごしています。オタゴポリテクニクの授業をオンラインで受けながら、国際高専の先生が丁寧に組んだ専用の科目を受講して、可能な限り経験と知識を獲得しています。そのひとつがLanguage and Cultureの科目です。先日、アラー・ホセイン教授と私がゲストとして呼ばれて、3年生にアラビア語を紹介しました。






March 9, 2021 Sports Day

Hi, it's Jonathan, the camera man. Today I would like to share some pictures I took for the Sports Day event held on February 22 in the Hakusanroku Campus gym. This was the second sports day event held at Hakusanroku Campus this year. The first and second year students enjoyed the first one some much that we planned a second one. Check this entry if you want to read about the first Sports Day. 


This time students and teachers competed in basketball, soccer, volleyball, and badminton. All in one day! Here are the results and pictures.


First year vs Second year
Score 8-9

Teachers vs Students
Score 18-4


First year vs Second year
Score 9-8

Teachers vs Students
Score 0-2


First year vs Second year
Score 12-25, 15-25

Teachers vs Students
Score 25-19, 16-25

*Badminton was mixed and I could not keep track of the individual records.

Since this was the final event with the current second year students, Matsushita sensei ended the event by saying "Today was a hard schedule but you all played very well. I'm glad this was the final event we spent time together, and I am very very proud of you."




March 1, 2021 課外活動とデザイン&ファブリケーションクラブ最終発表会





徳山奏太さん、バシュロ・琉海ジェームズさん(両方1年)の2人はバンドを組んでギター演奏とソフトウェアを使って作曲した音楽を披露しました。勝方正宗さん(1年)はUnityの勉強のために取り組んだスマホアプリの制作と、今後制作予定のゲームアプリについて語りました。戸塚裕基さん(1年)はPythonを使って制作した辞書プログラムを紹介しました。これは入力した単語の意味を表示し、データが存在しない単語は質問をして記憶するプログラムで、顧問の伊藤周先生は「プログラム何行あるの?」「けっこうすごい」と個人プロジェクトの完成度に舌を巻いていました。山崎史依さん(1年)は参加したFusion 360のコンテストの制作過程と感想について述べました。





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