Hakusanroku Journal 白山麓ジャーナル: 2022年4月の記事

April 28, 2022 ネイチャー&アドベンチャークラブ 新入クラブ員歓迎会 高倉山ハイキング


 Hello! My name is Philip Cadzow.
 With modern life it’s easy and expected to be sitting indoors somewhere, be it your job, school, or transport somewhere. It’s hard to get up on a Saturday morning to go for a 13km walk up a hill, with weather expected to rain, and swampy ground that covers your shoes with mud. Yet without something challenging, different, or risky to bring some fun into life, it’s easy to focus too much on the little things and get caught up in your own thinking. Getting out and into nature is a beautiful way to get some exercise, a breath of fresh air, and to also clear your head. We started off the day with some gear checks as it looked like it might rain later, and a group challenge called the human knot where they had to untangle themselves. We then set out on the hike heading down the road to the post office, across the cycle bridge, and then into the trees.

 The view from along the forest road is quite spectacular to start off with, as it looks down a steep cliff into the blue river below. And then the hill started going up... a good way up we took a break. What I love most about the outdoors, is what the effect of being in a natural environment has on groups of people. Take a group of students into this environment and they will be able to bond together as a group much faster than if they were in a room at school. Even better, throw a challenge like escaping over an electric fence (rope held by teachers) and you get to see problem solving skills, group dynamics, and the shared joy of success.

 The track from that point was on the same path as a small river, so there was no escaping muddy wet feet. As a teacher there is something soothing to the soul in watching students calling out in despair as the mud uncomfortably squelches into their shoes. Revenge for bad behaviour in class. nature is wonderful. We washed our shoes in a stream and then continued on until the trail came to an end. The top wasn’t our goal for today, so we sit like gargoyles on rocks and logs to eat lunch. Turning around and starting down feels hard, I don’t like going down as much as I do going up. Going up feels like adventure and every step brings a better view, so it’s hard not to feel a little failure when turning around. The way down passed quickly and the energy in the group faded out by the last kilometre of the walk. Perfect timing as we reached the big stairs and people started thumping down in comfort. The students no doubt would be heading to the onsen soon. It didn’t end up raining. A good day.

Philip Cadzow

 現代の生活は、仕事であれ、学校であれ、交通機関であれ、屋内で安楽に座っていられることが当たり前になっています。ですから、土曜日の朝に早起きして、13 kmの丘を登り降りするのは大変なことです。まして、天気予報が雨で、ぬかるみで靴が泥まみれになることが予想される日なら尚更です。しかし、人生に楽しみをもたらすには、挑戦的な、日常と異なる、あるいは多少は危険な何かが必要です。そうでなければ私たちは些細なことに囚われ、たいした理由もなくマイナス思考に巻き込まれてしまうでしょう。外に出て自然の中へ入っていくことは、体を動かし、新鮮な空気を吸い、頭をすっきりさせたりするための素敵な方法なのです。降雨が予想されたため、私たちはシューズやレインウエアなどのギアチェックから一日を始めました。続いて、学生たちはウォーミングアップとして、手(と心)をつなぐ「人間知恵の輪」に取り組みました。それから郵便局への道を下り、自転車橋を渡って、新緑の中へ向かうハイキングに出発しました。


 そこから先は雪溶け水が小川のように流れる道で、泥まみれの靴の中で足が濡れてしまうことから逃がれることはできませんでした。泥水が靴に押し込まれる不快さに絶望して叫ぶ学生たちを眺めることには、教師としての魂を心地よくさせる何かがあります。すなわち、授業中の学生たちのちょっといたずらな振る舞いへのささやかなリベンジ!自然は素晴らしい! 私たちはきれいな流れを見つけて靴を洗い、再び歩き続けて目標地点に到達しました。今回の目標地点は山頂ではありませんから、岩や丸太の上にガーゴイル(キリスト教会などの屋根に飾られている、モンスターを模した彫像の雨樋)のように座って昼食をとりました。さて、振り返ると下りは大変です。私は、上りほど下りは好きではありません。上ることは冒険のように感じられ、すべてのステップがより良い眺めをもたらします。しかし、振り返って下るときには、少しの失望も感じないようにするのは難しいです。下り道はすぐに過ぎ去ってしまい、学生たちのエネルギーは最後の1キロまでにみるみる消えていきました。私たちが学校の大階段に到着し、学生たちがその快適さにワクワクし始めたときの完璧なタイミングです。学生たちは間違いなくすぐに温泉に向かうでしょう。結局、雨が降ることはなく、良い一日でした。


April 27, 2022 Road to Kanazawa

Hello, my name is Sergelen Sansar, and I came to ICT this year from Mongolia. I’m studying in the 2nd year, which means I studied a whole year online.
 In 1st year before I started taking classes online, I was preparing to go to Japan and really had high hopes to go. As April 1st, 2021 got closer, my hopes got higher, and eventually the classes started. I was sitting behind a computer more than ever from early morning to evening. Online classes are not as exciting as a classroom. Also, it is kind of hard to communicate because I have the power to mute my microphone and be silent.
 After the Olympics, I thought I might have a chance to go to Japan because Japan was very strict before the Olympics but then the COVID-19 cases increased. I lost hope and felt languish daily.
 I remember studying so hard in January because I did absolutely nothing during the winter break. Most of my projects were on the due date and the final exams were getting close. In February I was at home doing nothing and in March, I did some Japanese language practice. But suddenly, I allowed to enter to Japan in late March.
 I came to Japan just before the school started on March 30th, 2022. It was great to see mountains covered in snow from the airplane. When the airplane landed in Narita, it felt like I skipped the spring and went straight to summer. The air was hot and humid, and felt heavier to breathe. I rode the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kanazawa which was an amazing experience and it was quick. When I got closer to Kanazawa I saw more mountains and went through more tunnels. The Kanazawa weather felt good because it was cool and kind of similar to Mongolia’s weather, also I saw snow. I met Fumi Sano, a staff member at the Kanazawa station, she took me to the Kokusai Hotel, where I began my three days of isolation. The day before I went to KIT, I was so excited to go out and meet my classmates and teachers.
 When I saw my classmates in the KIT bookstore, I was awestruck. I asked Ryuto, “what was your impression when you first saw me?” He said, “You are freaking tall.”
 Now I’m living with all of them and it's fun to be in a dorm with friends.

Sergelen Sansar

 私は学校が始まる直前の330日に日本へ入国しました。飛行機から見える雪がかかった白い山が綺麗でした。成田空港に降り立つと、空気は蒸し暑く呼吸に重みを感じたので、春を飛び越えて夏にスリップした気分になりました。それから東京から金沢まで新幹線に乗車したのですが、とても良い経験で時間はあっという間でした。金沢に近づくにつれ、山が増え、多くのトンネルを通過しました。金沢の天気はとても涼しく、モンゴルの天気と似ていて気持ちよかったですし、雪も見ることが出来ました。金沢駅で職員の佐野 文さんにお会いし、国際ホテルに連れってもらい、3日間の隔離生活が始まりました。隔離が終わったら金沢工業大学でクラスメイトや教員達に会えることがとても楽しみでした。


April 21, 2022 ラーニングセッション

 こんにちは。白山麓高専事務室の間加田 侑里です。


 Hello. This is Yuri Makada from the Hakusanroku office.
 It has been three weeks since 17 1st year students moved into the dormitories, and the 1st and 2nd year students seem to have gotten used to each other and to student life. I'm going to write about the cooperative game competition for 1st and 2nd year students that was held during Learning Session orientation.

 Learning Sessions are a time for students to prepare for and do review for their classes. They are held from 19:30 to 21:30 every Monday through Friday. Three Learning Mentors, Anne Isobel Tan sensei (Associate Lecturer), Apirak Sang-ngenchai sensei (Associate Lecturer), and Jomkit Jujaroen sensei (Associate Lecturer), help students with their assignments. In addition to support from the Learning Mentors, students also help and learn from each other.

Click here to see a Learning Session from last year.

 まずは「Spaghetti Towers」という、スパゲッティとマシュマロ(どちらも賞味期限切れのものを使用)を使い、どれだけ高く積み上げることができるかを競い合うゲームが行われました。12年生合同の6チームに分かれ、各チームに2束のスパゲッティと約30個のマシュマロが用意されました。制限時間30分の中で作戦を立てながら制作に取り掛かりました。
 安定性を考えながら1個のマシュマロに数本のスパゲッティを刺して慎重にタワーを制作するチームや、マシュマロに11本スパゲッティを刺し、バランスも取りつつ高さを重視するチームなど戦略方法は様々でした。ゲーム終了時間が迫るにつれて全チームに焦りが見え始め、タワーが傾き崩れてしまうチームからは悲鳴が聞こえました。最終的には木下チームが1m20cm のタワーを制作することに成功し優勝しました。

 その後「Tea Bag Toss」という、地面に置いたマグカップにティーバッグ(賞味期限切れのものを使用)を投げ入れ、投げた位置から距離を測定し、最も長い距離を競い合うゲームが行われました。各チームにティーバッグが5個用意されました。

 On Thursday, April 7th, the first Learning Session of 2022 featured two different cooperative games.
 The first game was Spaghetti Towers, in which teams competed to build the highest tower using marshmallows and spaghetti (these foods were expired). The students were divided into 6 teams made up of 1st and 2nd years, and each team was provided with 2 bundles of spaghetti and about 30 marshmallows. The students had 30 minutes to plan and make their towers.
 Strategies varied from team to team. Some teams tried to build the highest tower by using multiple sticks of spaghetti to connect each marshmallow. Other teams tried to build the highest tower by using only 1 or 2 sticks to connect each marshmallow. As the game drew to a close, all teams began to show signs of impatience, and screams of excitement could be heard from the teams whose towers were about to fall over. In the end, the Kinoshita team succeeded in building a 1.2m tower and won the competition.

 The second game was called Tea Bag Toss. In this game, participants tried to toss or drop a tea bag (these were expired) into a mug placed on the ground. If they were successful they measured the distance the tea bag travelled and tried again from a further distance. Each team was provided with five tea bags.
 First, the students headed to the first and second floors of the Living Commons (about 6m in height). Mugs were set up on the first floor and tea bags were repeatedly tossed / dropped from the second floor. As time passed, instead of just dropping a teabag, each team began to develop a strategy. Various ideas were generated, one team tied five tea bags together and used that weight to drop them more accurately. Another team bounced the tea bags against a wall in an attempt to get them into their mug. Still another team removed the tags from their tea bags to reduce air resistance before trying to toss them into their mug. Most teams were able to achieve a distance of about 6 meters, but with one minute remaining, the Kusamoto team succeeded in throwing the teabag into a mug from a height of 8.12m and they won the competition.

 48日(金)、「Scavenger Hunt」というラーニングメンターたちが用意した写真をヒントに、校内中に隠されているステッカーを探すゲームが行われました。今回も12年生合同の新たな6チームに分かれました。開始の合図とともに我先にと各チームが一斉に走り出し、ステッカーを探し始めました。ここでは2年生が先陣を切り、1年生に校内を案内しながらステッカーの場所を探すという頼もしい場面が見受けられました。


 On Friday, April 8th, a Scavenger Hunt was held to find stickers hidden throughout the school using photo clues provided by the Learning Mentors. Once again, 1st and 2nd year students were divided into six new teams. As soon as the start signal was given, the teams started searching for the stickers. Here the 2nd year students took on a leadership role and guided the 1st year students around the school, helping them to find the stickers.
 The stickers were hidden in a wide range of locations including the cafeteria, classrooms, gymnasium, etc... The most confusing area for the students was the library space. The students were able to get a good grasp of where the various books were located as they searched the book shelves for the hidden stickers. To do this the students relied on the photo clues.
 When they put the stickers they collected together, a puzzle appeared. The Kusamoto team solved the puzzle first and received candy from the Learning Mentors as a prize.

 Through the two days of orientation, I believe that the 1st and 2nd year students got to know each other even better. Also, they learned the importance of communication by working together as a team in order to come up with strategies and cooperating with each other. Through these team building activities, students were also able to learn a lot about the school and their smiles shone brightly as they completed the activities.

間加田 侑里
Yuri Makada

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