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February 17, 2020 The Giving Table

It is almost two years now since our ICT new educational program has started. It felt good to move to the new office at Hakusanroku Campus; everything was brand-new, in the middle of the beautiful seen. New campus, new program, new students, and new challenges! All felt as exciting as an adventure. One challenge was to build up our school community, and connect to people within and outside of ICT. The campus is rich with students, educators and school staff from various backgrounds and cultures within Japan or overseas. One custom or tradition gradually appeared at the center table at the front entrance of the staff room on the 2nd floor.

As we are in Japan, Omiyage, or souvenirs, were brought by staff who have been to a conference or spent a weekend or a vacation at a different city or country. I am not sure who chose that table for that mission, but it is interesting to see how the story did not end at that normal Japanese tradition. It developed and with time, that table became the place where people also shared their especially home-made food, sweets, bread, and ice-cream. We were lucky to have professor Edward Basquill, or Mr.B as he likes the students to call him. Mr. B loves baking. He bakes all kinds of cakes, muffins, bread, sometimes pizza and bread. He shares all of the high-quality food by putting them on that table. In summer, he also makes ice-cream. Everything is so tasty!

Not only him, other professors share some food they buy at the supermarket, that they think is new and good to share with all, for example, Costco seasonal items. Interestingly, all of those items put on that table do not have the name of the person who brought them. You can find a post-it that says, from Thailand, from Tokyo, from Okinawa and so many other places. But, it rarely has the name of the person who brought them in.

One day, someone brought in a bottle of coffee, that was really nice and kind, strangely, no one helped themselves for that coffee, no one even opened the bottle. Until that one day, I told myself, I will open that bottle and help myself for some coffee, as I ran out of my coffee stock. Yes, after the class I will do so. However, on my way to the class, there was that whole new coffee corner with a fresh brewed coffee maker, by the Big Stairs on the second floor. The left-up coffee bottle was like a seed that grew into a whole coffee maker. I was happy!

I call that table the Giving Table, the name come from the Giving Chair, orどうぞのいす , a Japanese children story book written by Yoshiko Koyama, It talks about that chair made by a rabbit to put in the woods for passersby to sit on, the rabbit made a sign on the chair that says HELP YOURSELF. One day the donkey passed by and put up his heavy bag loaded with chestnuts, and took a nap under the close by tree, while he was napping, all other sort of animals came by gradually, each time the animals left other food on the chair, instead of what they ate. By the time the donkey woke up he found his bag full with chestnuts that were brought by the squirrels.

Now both, the Giving table and the Coffee Corner are full of not only food and drinks, but lots of nice conversations, and unforgettable memories between all of ICT Community people.

I learned later that the coffee corner was the idea of Mr. Rikichi Izumiya. A great one, and is surely to strengthen our ICT community.

Enjoy the pictures! 

Nagwa Fekri Rashed





私はそのお土産のテーブルをGiving Tableと呼んでいます。この名前は香山美子さん著作の絵本「どうぞのいす(Giving Chair)」から取りました。これはうさぎが森の中を通る人のために椅子を作るお話です。うさぎは椅子に「どうぞ」という看板をかけました。ある日、どんぐりをたくさん詰めた重い袋を持ったロバが通って、近くの木の下で昼寝を始めました。寝ている間、色んな動物が徐々に集まって食べたものの代わりに別の食べ物を椅子の上に残していきました。ロバが起きてるとカバンはリスが持ってきてくれたどんぐりでいっぱいになっていました。

現在、Giving Tableとコーヒーコーナーは飲食物だけではなく、楽しい会話や国際高専のスクール・コミュニティに不可欠な場所となっています。あとからコーヒーコーナーは泉屋利吉さんのアイデアだと聞きました。国際高専の絆を深める素晴らしいアイデアです!





January 28, 2020 Inviting Spaces

Soft music, conversation, and coffee, anyone? Recently, ICT students, faculty, and visitors have been spending more time in the space above the stairs. It’s an inviting space thanks to Mr. Rikichi Izumiya. Now a meeting point where informal conversations happen around 4:30 pm each day, the brand-new coffee corner—with its shiny machine, bar height table and stools, and a pair of comfy seats facing the roadside view of Sena—provides what the water cooler did in most office spaces—a  place to socialize.

It is becoming normal to see several first- and second-year students make and sip their hot chocolate and coffee at leisure, linger over their laptops, seemingly stress-free. Coffee time is an additional time to engage with others over a drink in a place that is not the cafeteria. Students make use of this inviting space after lunch and dinner as well. Some students boast about drinking their coffee “black.” Not a coffee drinker of any caliber, I surmise that drinking black coffee is a marked status in the coffee-drinking world! ICT students have arrived!

While this space on top of the stairs is among the newest addition to our comfort here at ICT, it would be remiss of me not to mention another space that is inviting. It is the small classroom 3, next to the Living Commons. On Tuesdays, each week, members of the Hakusan community can be found there laughing and having fun. It’s been more than a year since the community members have been enjoying English language conversation classes on the Campus. Having community members, of whom two are senior citizens, is a reminder that our learning community is diverse. And local people are a part of our learning community. These citizens certainly demonstrate what live-long learning can look like and what reciprocity by the school can be. I facilitate Life-long learning using stories. The community members and I enjoy reading aloud from children’s books and sometimes accompanying movies. To date, we have finished reading at least eight children’s books. We enjoy learning new words, expressions, and sounds as much as we like to laugh, and talk about holidays, culture, and food!

Having the coffee corner and the community conversation class at ICT enhance our ongoing efforts in making our valuable learning community thrive.

Pauline Baird



国際高専の真新しい癒しの空間である階段上のコーナーについて話したのですから、もうひとつの癒しの空間について話さないわけにはいきません。リビングコモンズ横のClassroom 3です。毎週火曜日、白山麓地域の方々とここで笑顔の絶えない楽しい時間を過ごしています。白山麓キャンパスでこの英会話教室を始めてから1年以上が経ちました。参加しているメンバーのうち2人は高齢者で、新しいことを学ぶことに年齢は関係ないことを思い出させてくれます。参加しているのは地域の方々です。学校が生涯学習に一役買えることを身をもって証明してくれました。私の授業では絵本を使って英語を教えます。声に出して読んだり、時には映画を使って楽しく勉強しています。現在、8冊の絵本を読み終えました。新しい単語や表現を覚えることも、笑って休日の過ごし方や文化の違い、食べ物の話をするのも大好きです。



December 2, 2019 BBQ Party

Hello, it's Jonathan, the camera man. On November 30 (Sun), we held a barbecue party at the Hakusanroku campus. This was no regular barbecue party with  beef, pork, and yakisoba. We had wild boar, venison, and bear meat as well, and lots of it!  There was even bear soup cooked "tonjiru" style with vegetables and miso. The nurse ladies also brought a wood stove, which the students used to make original pizzas. Students and teachers sat down around the grills and ate delicious food to their heart's content. Thankfully, we had sunny blue skies and the heat from the flames kept us warm. There was a lot of chatting, laughing, and merriment all around. This event was only made possible with the help of many people. It has been an annual event for two years and I hope it continues to be so.





November 6, 2019 Halloween


Hello, it's Jonathan, the camera man. Last week was Halloween, and many students dressed up to enjoy the occasion here at Hakusanroku campus. Halloween is an interesting event because it takes place on a regular school day. As you can see in the pictures below, teachers also dressed up and taught classes in their costumes. The Language and Culture club carved jack-o'-lanterns which were put on display in the Living Commons to ramp up the mood during learning session after dark. Ed sensei, who is famous for his sweets baking, cooked a delicious pumpkin cake with frosting. I hope next year's Halloween is as exciting as it was this year.




October 30, 2019

国際理工学科一年の佐藤 俊太朗です。先日、寮の温泉である比咩の湯のコースターを作りました。ある日、温泉のレストランにコースターがないことに気付いてスタッフに尋ねたところ、「ないのでぜひ作って欲しい」と頼まれました。素材はメーカースタジオにあった木材とコルク材で、エンジニアリングデザインで習ったレーザーカッターを使って2日で作りました。デザインはシンプルに校章と「比咩の湯」と「ICT×KIT」の文字をいれました。大きさは直径90mmすることで比咩の湯にあるガラスのコップからビールジョッキまで全ての容器が置けるようにしました。比咩の湯にコースターを持っていったところ、すごく喜んでくれたので嬉しかったです。比咩の湯に訪れた際には是非見てみてください。

佐藤 俊太朗

I'm Shuntaro Sato, first year student of the Department of Science and Technology. Recently, I made a coaster for the school's onsen, Hime-no-yu. One day, I realized there were no coasters in the onsen's restaurant and asked the staff there. He asked me to make some so I decided to do so. The coasters are made of wood and cork. They took two days to make using the laser cutter in the Maker Studio. The design is simply the words "Hime-no-yu" and "ICT x KIT". The size is 90mm so that it can hold any glass or beer bug. When I gave the coasters to the Hime-no-yu staff they were very grateful so I was happy. Please check them when you go to Hime-no-yu.

Shuntaro Sato

October 23, 2019 Spending Long Fall Nights Watching Movies

Mamoru Mukai

Summer has gone and fall has come to our campus. In fall, the nights are long, dark, quiet, cool, and with a lot of stars in the sky. People say that the fall nights are the best time to study or to read books. However, we don’t want to spend the fall nights only studying, we need fun sometimes also. So I recommend to you a kind of entertainment for the fall nights: watching movies.

You can experience many things by watching movies: life, friendship, happiness, sadness, loneliness, anger, history, fashion, music, etc. You can also travel many places in the movies. You observe many types of people or lives in the movies.

Today, I would like to recommend seven movies that I think are good for ICT students. Most of these movies are not new but good movies don’t have to be new. And you know how old I am.

The seven recommended movies are as follows:

  • Billy Elliot(リトルダンサー)
  • Nuovo Cinema Paradiso(ニューシネマパラダイス)
  • Plein Soleil(太陽がいっぱい)
  • The Shining(シャイニング)
  • City Lights(街の灯)
  • E.T.E.T.
  • Chariots of Fire(炎のランナー)

Billy Elliot is the movie about a boy who is devoted to ballet and tries to be a professional ballet dancer. The boy’s acting is marvelous. Nuovo Cinema Paradiso is an Italian movie. The story is about a middle aged movie director’s memory of his childhood and his friendship with a movie projector operator. It is a beautiful story.

Plein Soleil is a French and Italian movie released in 1960. The main character, Tom, kills his rich friend and tries to take the place of the friend. He steals all of his friend’s estate and girlfriend. Young Alain Delon (French actor) is great and his fashion in the movie is still cool today.

I think the Shining is one of the best horror movies that has ever been made. It was written by Stephen King and stars Jack Nicolson. A man who was hired as a hotel manager is possessed by the evil sprit of the former hotel owner. It is scary and there are several scenes that are startling.

Charles Chaplin directed and stared in City Lights in 1931. A homeless man sacrifices himself and helps a poor flower girl pay for her eye operation. The last scene is touching.

E.T. is an interesting story about some children’s friendship with a child extra-terrestrial (E.T.) The E.T. is so cute and the story is full of adventures and dreams. The movie was a big hit all over the world in 1982.

Chariots of Fire is a story about Cambridge University students who were track and field athletes and participated in the Olympics in Paris in 1924. Whenever I hear the words “Chariots of Fire”, I always remember a piece of music in the movie “titles”. This movie has a lot of beautiful places such as the Cambridge University campus, the town of Cambridge, and fields of Scotland, etc.

I hope ICT students will have a chance to watch the movies introduced in this article at the ICT campus during the fall nights.

I indeed love movies. I have been a movie fan for more than 50 years since I was a junior high school student. From movies, I have learned about many kinds of lives, loves, ideas, languages, cultures, and people. I’m sure the movies have helped open my eyes toward many things.

The fall nights at Hakusanroku campus are long, dark, quiet, cool, and with a lot of stars in the sky. It will be a great time to learn many things from movies.


向井 守




  • Billy Elliot(リトルダンサー)
  • Nuovo Cinema Paradiso(ニューシネマパラダイス)
  • Plein Soleil(太陽がいっぱい)
  • The Shining(シャイニング)
  • City Lights(街の灯)
  • E.T.E.T.
  • Chariots of Fire(炎のランナー)

Billy Elliotはバレエにのめりこみ、そしてプロのダンサーになろうとする少年の物語です。この少年の演技力が見事です。

Nuovo Cinema Paradisoはイタリア映画で中年の映画監督が子供時代の映画上映技師との友情を思い出すという美しい物語です。

Plein Soleilはフランス、イタリアの合作で1960年の作品です。主人公のトムは金持ちの友人を殺害し彼になりかわり友人の財産を横取りするのです。若きアランドロンが素晴らしく彼のファッションは60年後の今でもカッコいいんです。


チャールズチャップリンは1931年にCity Lightsを制作、主演しました。ある浮浪者が自己を犠牲にして貧しい花売り娘を助け目の手術費を作るという物語です。ラストシーンが感動的です。


Chariots of Fireはケンブリッジ大学の学生で1924年のパリオリンピックに出場した陸上競技選手たちの物語です。私はこの映画の題名を聞くたびに映画の主題曲”titles"を思い出します。この映画にケンブリッジ大学のキャンパス、街並み、そしてスコットランドの野原などの美しい光景がたのしめます。



October 11, 2019

萩の花 尾花葛花 撫子の花 女郎花 また藤袴 朝貌の花







潟辺 豊

Hello, KTB from the Japanese department here. Autumn is upon us at Hakusanroku.

Check out the pictures above. The flower in the foreground is called Fujibaka (藤袴), one of the "Aki no Nanakusa" (seven plants of autumn). When dried, it has a sweet scent like cherry blossom mochi and is a historically popular flower since the age of Manyo. Currently, it is one of the nearly endangered species list. Notice the butterfly in the photo. It's an "Asagimadara" sucking nectar from the Fujibaka flower. The Asagimadara butterfly chooses to suck Fujibaka nectar for a reason. The pyrrolizidine alkaloid (poisonous) within the nectar prevents birds from eating it. Also, male butterflies use it to create pheromone.

These pictures were taken on September 24 at the field across from the campus. However, there are no more Asagimadara in this area now. They are a traveling specie. They fly up from the south in the end of May to lay their eggs and live out their short lives. Then the Asagimadara born here will feed on the nectar and fly off to lay their eggs in the south. According to "Asagimadara in Mt. Hakusan" (Ishikawa Prefecture Mt. Hakusan Nature Preservation Center, 2016), butterflies marked here have been seen in Kyoto, Yamaguchi, Kochi, Kagoshima, and Okinawa. The farthest recorded one was found in Yonaguni-jima, the west farthest island of Japan, 1857 kilometers away.

Last year, Katsuya Owari, the father of Yukiya Owari, our Nature & Adventure club coach, marked a butterfly here and recaptured the same butterfly in Kikai-jima island with his wife, more than 1000 kilometers away; an astounding story.

We planned an Asagimadara marking event in the Nature & Adventure club but it was sadly canceled due to Typhoon No.15. I hope next year someone on a southern island will find butterflies we set loose here.

Yutaka Katabe

October 3, 2019 特別なお客さん

Living in the Hakusanroku area is always interesting. Every day we get to enjoy the wonderful scenery that surrounds the campus. Other teachers have written Journal entries about that.

We regularly get guests coming to look around our school, usually from businesses, universities, other schools, plus of course prospective students and their families on our Open Campus and Summer School programmes.

Occasionally we get some unexpected visitors. In the last year and a half we’ve had regular visits from the monkeys who live in the neighbourhood, and a few visits from a Japanese serow and wild boar. In August we had our most surprising visitor: a black bear, sitting in the tree just a few metres from my living room, having a snack.

Since then, we’ve been much more careful when and where we go out. Like I said, life in Hakusanroku is interesting!

James Taylor






July 12, 2019

My journal entry for this year would have to be about the running that has been going on in campus. Both in the class and in the mornings. 3 laps. 2km. once a week at the start of class and 3 times before school not obligatory. As rewarding as it has been for the whole class to get better from consistency; the real joy for me has been getting outside in the mornings.

A lot of my personal life has become either inside a room or car, or near a screen. So to have a regular habit of bursting outside; the best being on a beautiful spring morning with flowers blooming and the sun, warm yet not hot, yelling at the world for how huge and exciting the world is – to large droplets of rain dousing me right down to the skin; thudding footsteps of water-logged shoes, and no company from the students. I still enjoy those wet 2kms though; there is truth to the saying ‘you can be cold, wet, and miserable, or just cold and wet’. It’s all in the mind.

The mornings run give me a good time to take the 2km at my own pace and have a small chat with Ian while I run, or encourage the students/others who join. At the end I always feel much better than when I started, and because it’s not that long, the run adds more energy to my day than it takes.

The students who come regularly show a great deal of grit, determination, and self-motivation. I do applaud the other students who choose to sleep, when they have stayed up so late. Yet I think that their situation would be far improved if they were able to get a good amount of sleep and come to running in the mornings.

It is my hope that the morning runs will become a habit, then tradition. I have hopes that maybe even a yearly race could happen. Encouraging the students to take their health into their own hands and away from the screens and chairs so often.

As for Ian, myself, and anyone who has joined; there is a joy of seizing the day together, and it has brightened up my spring by no small amount.

Philip Cadzow








June 24, 2019

As we move into a surprisingly not-so-humid-yet rainy season, the students are continuing their experience of living in Hakusanroku. Many students like to take pictures outdoors, fly drones, skateboard with their friends, eat karaage, and more! The Kijitora Coffee Laboratory has limited edition drinks to welcome the summer: an Amaou Strawberry “Fu-nya-ppucino” and fruit sodas. Everyone here up at Hakusanroku is ready to welcome the summer!

The Amaou Strawberry “Fu-nya-ppucino” at Kijitora Coffee Laboratory.

But even as students are enjoying the weather and exploring outdoors, they are still working hard on their studies! In fact, you can often see the students studying together and teaching each other during the evening Learning Sessions. It’s great to see the students learning to cooperate with and support each other.

First year students studying Kikutan (English vocabulary) during Learning Session.

Next week, the ICT Hakusanroku Campus will be very busy! The ICT Global Summer Camp begins on Monday and our teachers are hard at work preparing to welcome the students and give them a taste of engineering design and innovation. We are also looking forward to a few other camps this year. It will be very lively!

Maesa-sensei preparing for the ICT Global Summer Camp.

Anne Isobel Tan





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