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March 29, 2024 Ski Day!⛷


 Hello, this is Philip Cadzow, one of the Health and Physical Education teacher. On Monday, 5th of February, we had a ski day for the students at Ichirino ski resort, which is only a 15 minute drive from Hakusanroku Campus.
 In the morning, students who wanted to go skiing or snowboarding along with appointed 5 teachers hopped on a school bus. After arriving a short time later, the group divided into beginners and veterans. Those who had never done skiing before (or it had been a long time) went to get rental equipment and then took a beginners class offered by Ichirino ski resort. While those who knew how to ski or snowboard spent the morning exploring the slopes.
 As the teachers were superfluous to the beginner skiers during the morning, they spread out among the students who explored the slopes. The students that I followed in the morning were a mix of 5th year, 2nd year and 1st year students. It was great to see the bonds across the different school years strengthen through an outdoor activity like skiing. There were a few falls but all light and full of good humour.
 Lunch was well looked forward too. A few years ago I declared Ichirino katsu curry as the best I had eaten and it had been a while since I had gotten to try it. I've gotten more of a Japanese palate over the years. Luckily enough the katsu curry was fantastic.

 After lunch everyone was free to explore the slopes but the teachers stayed close to the beginners for safety. I was with 2 of the beginner students on the low slopes for the afternoon and they were both really brave. They were giving their best effort at turning left and right down the slope rather than doing the "pizza" till they fell. It made me remember how scary and steep the learning curve for snow sports is, and after just practicing for the afternoon they both managed to improve to the point where they could control the descent with turns.

The bus ride back to ICT campus is only 15 minutes but most of the students were asleep by 5. A good ski trip!

Philip Cadzow







March 28, 2024 絵本を出版「Experiences & Imagination」

 こんにちは、2年生の夏木 亮凪です。この度、Amazonで「Experiences and Imaginations」という絵本を出版しました!


夏木 亮凪

 Hello, this is Ryona Natsuki, a 2nd year student. I have just published a picture book on Amazon called 'Experiences and Imaginations'!
 The reason for publishing this picture book was my drawings. I have always been bad at drawing, but last year I started drawing pictures with crayons to show the scenery I wanted to see and to decorate my room. When I showed them to my teacher, she looked at each picture and asked me what kind of meaning I was trying to express. This picture book is not in the form of a story, but contains my drawings and my thoughts on them.
 I hope you will pick it up and read it!


Ryona Natsuki

March 19, 2024 キャラクター作りワークショップ



 こんにちは!シマエナガが大好きな1年生の武田 洋子です。

 Hello! This is Hiroko Takeda, a 1st year student who loves shimaenaga (a bird called long-tailed tit).
 I would like to talk about a workshop of creating original characters with a professional illustrator. Professional illustrator Ibuki Rev came and taught us how to create the characters.




1.How to Make Characters

First, we learned the process of creating a character. The first step in creating a character is thinking about the purpose of the character. The next step is to decide characters that will help us achieve our objectives. The key point in this step is to make a point of being loved. He taught us that instead of making a perfect character, we can create a character that viewers can relate to and love by creating careless points. Also, I learned about the naming system. We were told that names that catch the ear and make you want to say them out loud often have repeating sounds. For example, V-tuber Shigure Ui's name staying in our minds because the sound is repeated as "iue ui"! I was surprised that they even thought about the sound and named it. 





  • 1年生(パンフレットなどに載せることを目的として考えたので、一緒に成長していく姿を想像しやすいように)
  • 弟がいる(頼りがいのある感じを)
  • 英語が苦手で頑張っている(愛されポイント)
  • 神戸出身で、お菓子作りが趣味(いろいろな県から学生が国際高専に来ていることをアピール)
  • 旋盤が得意でロボコンをやっている(高専感を)
  • 旋盤をするときは髪を結んでガチモード(ギャップ萌え)


2.Let's make a character for ICT!

After learning about the process of making the product, we worked with Ibuki Rev to come up with an original character for ICT. We wrote out our purpose, setting, and beloved points on paper and drew characters and then we presented each of our ideas and combined them into a single character.

The characteristics for the original character were:

  • 1st Year Student (To make it easier to imagine growing together- because we decided to put our goals on the brochure)
  • Have a younger brother (Conveys a feeling of reliability) 
  • Not good at English but working hard on English (Point of being loved)
  • From Kobe, and likes making sweets (Appealing to student from different prefectures)
  • Good at operating a lathe and ROBOCON member (Appeal of Colleges of Technology) 
  • When she operates the lathe, ties up her hair and goes into serious mode. (Gap Moe point)

 Finally, we settled on this configuration. After that, we decided on hair color, clothing, etc., and had Ibuki Rev draw the character!





話し合った結果、栗原あかねちゃんに決定しました。(「ういああ ああえ」繰り返しが使われています!)


It’s very cute!
We then used the "repeat the sound" technique to decide on a name.
After discussion, we decided on Kurihara Akane. (The "uiaa-aae" repetition was used!)

All the things I learned this time were of great interest to me. Thank you very much, Ibuki Rev, for an enjoyable class!


武田 洋子
Hiroko Takeda

March 14, 2024 2月の課外活動期間を通して

 こんにちは!1年の沖山 琳世です。ここ白山麓キャンパスの2月は色々な経験を積むための課外活動期間でした。そんな中で私が体験した活動についてご紹介します。

  Hello! I’m Rinse Okiyama, a 1st year student at ICT. This school had some extra activities in February. I will introduce the activities that I joined.

Skiing Activity 2024/2/5


 The week right after the end-of-term tests were returned, there was a skiing experience. I have skied before. However, that experience was 5 years ago, so I worried that I could not ski. So first I learned how to ski from the teacher. And then I remembered how to ski. In the afternoon I could go to a more difficult course with my sempai. I enjoyed it.

Making Maple Toffee 2024/2/6


 I had never eaten maple syrup before, so I was excited. Stephanie Reynolds sensei’s family are maple farmers, so I was able to taste the real way of making it and enjoying it. I was especially surprised to learn that it is eaten with pickles. The sweet syrup and the salty pickle created the perfect balance, and I thought I could eat it forever.


メープルタフィー作り🍯❄️ 白山麓キャンパス(1、2年生)では、キース先生🇨🇦とステファニー先生🇺🇸による「メープルタフィー作り」が開催されました。メープルシロップを煮詰めて、雪の上に垂らし、シロップが固まるとキャンディになります😋 #国際高専 #白山麓キャンパス #メープルタフィー #mapletoffee #sugaronice #高専 #寮生活 #ボーディングスクール #TikTok #canada #usa #maple

♬ Magic - One Direction


Making Acrylic Plates Using UV Printers 2024/2/7, 8, 16


 We also made acrylic keyholders using the laser cutter and the UV printer that was put in place this summer. I loaded the data into the machine and printed it! I was very impressed with the very beautiful finished product.

Arduino Simulation & Block Coding 2024/2/8




 I also had to create programs for Arduino. I tried it a little during the first semester, but I was not good at it because I was new to programming. But this time, we did a block-type program, so it was easy to understand. It was a lot of fun.




♬ 桜の森(イントロ ver.) - 星野 源

Building an igloo (Kamakura) 2024/2/13


 We made igloo, which is unique to the regions where it snows. Under the supervision of Philip Cadzow sensei from New Zealand, we made it while learning tips and tricks. It was quite hard work, but in the end, we were able to make one which was big enough for two people, which made me very happy.

World languages 2024/2/13


 I learned the languages of the world. We were able to choose two languages from French, Chinese, Arabic, Thai, and Filipino, which was a rare experience. I chose 'French and Arabic', which I knew nothing about. There were so many differences in the way the alphabet is read, the direction in which it is written, and so many other things that were confusing at first, but I was able to learn the greetings and thank you in each language. It was also interesting to see the cultural differences that arise from language. I would like to continue to be exposed to them in the future.


白山麓キャンパス(1、2年生)には、現在日本を除いて8カ国の外国人教員が在籍しており、このことを活かしたワークショップ「特別外国語講座」が開催されました。🌍🗣✨ #国際高専 #白山麓キャンパス #高専 #国際理工学科 #ボーディングスクール #3年次には1年間nz留学 #TikTok #外国語 #フランス語 #フィリピン語 #アラビア語 #タイ語 #中国語

♬ Blue Blood - Orchestra Heinz Kiessling

Programming Workshop 2024/2/13, 16, 20


 The Python course, held over 3 days, introduced basic knowledge that will be useful in next year's class. After learning how it works, we solved problems using all of our acquired knowledge. It was a lot of fun trying to figure out the problems using hints that were given in class. We also had homework to review and learn a lot. It is helpful to my study of programming.




CiRA CORE AI block-based programming 2024/2/14

 CiRA COREというプログラミング言語も学び、画像認識のプログラムを組みました。私は、筋雲と羊雲と積雲をそれぞれ認識し、種類別に分けるというものを作りました。AIはすべて何かから学んで作られているということを再認識しました。

 I also learned a programming language called CiRA CORE. I created a program to sort clouds. Here, we programmed image recognition. I learned again that all AI is made by learning from something.


アピラク先生による「CiRA COREを使ったAIプログラミング」ワークショップが行われました。学生たちは画像認識を用いて雲の種類を識別する実験を行い、巻積雲、積雲、巻雲の3種類の雲の認識に挑戦しました☁️☁️☁️ #国際高専 #白山麓キャンパス #高専 #国際理工学科 #TikTok #3年次には1年間nz留学 #AI #画像認識 #プログラミング #巻積 #積 #巻雲 #programming #ciracore

♬ Perfect Night - Sped Up ver. - LE SSERAFIM

ICT for development 2024/2/19


 An instructor working abroad came to ICT and spoke about information and communication technology. We were then divided into 8 groups on topics of interest. We then searched for a company on a related topic. Next, we came up with new ideas in the form of "If you were to work for this company...". We then received advice and made presentations of our products. These presentations were very interesting, introducing unknown countries and innovative ideas.


 I thought it was important to join many activities and try them several times. In fact, I was able to feel that even if there were things that I was not good at in the beginning, my approach was to try to enjoy many activities. From now on, I would like to continue to participate in as many activities as possible.

沖山 琳世
Rinse Okiyama

March 13, 2024 白金祭2024について

 こんにちは。白金祭運営委員長 教員の伊藤 周です。2024224日(土)に行われた「白金祭2024」について紹介したいと思います。白金祭2024で行った企画(どれもめっちゃ面白かったし、盛り上がりました!)については、TOPICSで取り上げていただいたので、こちらをご覧ください。

 Hello, this is Prof. Meguru Ito, the chairperson of the Platinum Festival Executive Committee. I would like to write about the "Platinum Festival (Hakkinsai School Festival), 2024" held on Saturday, February 24th, 2024. I would like to introduce some of the projects that were held at the Platinum Festival 2024 (All the projects were very fun and exciting!) that were covered in TOPICS so please take a look at that.


 This year's Platinum Festival finally had no restrictions on admission for the 1st time since 2019. I remember the 2020 Platinum Festival. At that time, the infectiousness and severity of the symptoms of COVID-19 were not yet well understood by the public. Unforgettably, on February 21st, 2020, the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Ishikawa Prefecture. This was about a week before the Platinum Festival was scheduled to be held on February 29th. The entire executive committee was very concerned, but decided to cancel the festival in order to prioritize the safety of students and participants. The Design & Fabrication Club's debriefing session and "Super Smash Bros." tournament were held quietly on the school's big staircase, with only students and faculty present. 
 Four years have passed since then, and we finally had a Platinum Festival that the general public could attend. However, looking at the breakdown of those who came to the school, the number of visitors from the general public and elementary and junior high school students was still small. I think that public relations strategies and promotional activities need improvement.
 Junior high school students from Wajima who were affected by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake and have taken refuge at the Ishikawa Prefectural Hakusan Youth Outdoor Learning Center and Hakusan Youth House also came to visit the Platinum Festival. We were happy that the junior high school students, who are living far away from their parents and studying together, were able to take a moment to refresh themselves.


 There are three new projects that impressed me this year. The first was on the eve of the festival. This was a student-only event held in the afternoon of February 23rd. 5th year students from the Kanazawa campus came all the way to the Hakusanroku campus to spent time with the 1st and 2nd year students. The students had an out-of-season Kimodameshi (haunted house) at night, and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun, whether they were scared or not.

 二つ目はスタンプラリーです。驚いたのはスタンプの台紙はもちろん、スタンプ自体も、台紙をセットするスタンプガイド、スタンプを集めると貰える報酬のアクリルキーホルダー、オープニングでそれを紹介する動画、全て手作りだったことです。スタンプラリーの企画班がめちゃめちゃ気合を入れて作っていたのは知っていたのですが、完成したものを見ると、そのクオリティ、アイディア、センス、そしてそれらを時間がない中でまとめきったガッツに脱帽でした。スタンプラリーの企画班は1年生です。レーザーカッターやアクリル用UVプリンターを駆使してスタンプやスタンプガイド、アクリルキーホルダーを作っていたのですが、それらを作るためにはAdobe Illustrator、動画の制作にはAdobe Premiere Proと、1年生の授業で習得した知識と技術を総動員して素晴らしいものを作り上げたことに感動しました。

 The second was the stamp rally created by the 1st year students. I was surprised to see that not only did they make stamps sheet, but also they created stamps by themselves, the stamp guide for the stamps, the acrylic key chains as rewards for collecting stamps, and they made the video introducing for stamp rally at the opening ceremony – all of these things were made by students. I knew that the stamp rally planning team had put a lot of effort into making the stamp rally, but when I saw the finished product, I took my hat off to them for the quality, ideas, sense of style, and effort in putting it all together in such a short amount of time. The stamp rally planning team was made up of 1st year students. They made stamps, stamp guides, and acrylic key chains using a laser cutter and UV printer for acrylics, Adobe Illustrator for making them, and Adobe Premiere Pro for producing videos. I was impressed by how they mobilized all the knowledge and skills they had acquired in the 1st year class to create something wonderful.


 The third was the ICT robot competition. Students who had participated in the ROBOCON formed teams according to grade, with each grade team competing for the best results. The 1st year team won the competition. They collected the highest number of balls while overcoming obstacles within a set amount of time. There was a lot of laughter and drama in the ICT robot contest competition, but in addition to that, the students who built the robots learned a lot while finishing their robots in a short period of time.

 実行委員長である2年生の出口 天仁さんをはじめ、実行委員の皆さんの頑張りで今回も無事に終えることができました。参加してくれた学生たちにとっても思い出深い白金祭になったと思います。来年はもっと色々な方に来てもらえるようにパワーアップしたいですね。

 Thanks to the hard work of the committee members, including the committee chairperson, 2nd year student Tenzing Deguchi, we were able to successfully run the school festival again this year. I believe that the Platinum Festival was a memorable event for the students who took part. Next year, I would like to increase the drawing power of the festival so that even more people come.

伊藤 周
Meguru Ito

February 27, 2024 白山麓キャンパスで1・2・5年生の交流会を開催

 こんにちは、学生主事の小髙 有普です。202423日(土)から3日間、白山麓キャンパスで、1・2・5年生の交流会が行われました。

小髙 有普

 Hello, this is Arihiro Kodaka, Dean of Student Affairs. I would like to write about a 3-day event for 1st, 2nd and 5th year students held at Hakusanroku campus, beginning on Saturday, February 3rd, 2024.
 ICT has two campuses, Kanazawa Campus and Hakusanroku Campus. Usually, 4th and 5th year students are at the Kanazawa campus and the 1st and 2nd year students are at the Hakusanroku campus. For this event the 5th year students came to the Hakusanroku campus. Activities included snowball fights, snowman building, sports competitions, and in the evening, movies and karaoke competitions.
 For the students, these activities were an opportunity to deepen ties across the three different grades.

Arihiro Kodaka

Saturday, February 3rd, 2024

Sunday, February 4th, 2024

February 21, 2024 学生たちのお気に入りの場所を紹介した動画を撮影しました!

 こんにちは!入試センター 佐野 文です。
 国際高専では1月下旬に後学期の試験が終わり、2月は課外活動期間になります。普段の授業とは一味違ったArduinoのコーディング画像認識について学んだり、雪だるま作り雪を使ったお菓子作り、映画鑑賞など、学生たちはこの期間を先生たちと楽しんでいます。そんな中、英語科目担当のポーリン・ベアード先生に学生たちの英文やスピーキングのチェックはもちろんのこと、動画の構成までも協力してもらい、今回の動画を撮影しました。カメラマンを担当してくれたのは、白山麓ジャーナルでおなじみの間加田 侑里さんです。彼女は国際高専のTikTokの動画やSNSの写真などをいつも撮影してくれています。

佐野 文

We shot videos showing some of the students' favorite places in ICT!

 Hello, I am Fumi Sano, a staff member of the Admissions Center!
 All subjects are taught in English except the Japanese Language and Japanese History for some students from Japanese public or private junior high schools or for those who have not experienced life overseas. *Students whose first language is not Japanese learn Japanese as a second language, and another history course is taught in English.
 In addition, although ICT is located in Ishikawa Prefecture, students are not only from Ishikawa Prefecture but also from various other regions. This time, we shot videos "introducing our favorite places" with these students during their extracurricular activities period.
 Exams for the second semester ended in late January, and February is a period of extracurricular activities at ICT. Students enjoy this period with their teachers by learning about Arduino coding and image recognition, making snowmen and sweets with snow, watching movies, and so on. These activities are different from their regular classes. In the midst of all this, Dr. Pauline Baird, an English subject teacher, helped the students not only check their English writing and speaking but also compose the videos for this project. Ms. Yuri Makada, well-known for her work on Hakusanroku Journal, was in charge of the video shooting. She always shoots our TikTok videos and SNS photos.
 Students are usually accustomed to public speaking because of the many opportunities to give presentations in all subjects at ICT, but some students seem to get nervous standing in front of the camera while everyone around them keeps their voices down and their attention is focused on them. There were times when the students had to reshoot their presentations because they could not speak, or they laughed even though they had memorized their words perfectly. In the end, they were able to talk about their favorite places, what they were working hard on, and what they wanted to do in the future.
 One student listed a place with sofas for relaxation as his favorite, which made sense since it is my favorite place, but I was surprised to hear one student list the cafeteria, which he uses for three meals not only on weekdays but also on weekends and holidays, as his favorite! Hearing his favorite reason, I realized once again that the cafeteria at Hakusanroku Campus offers a great view and a place where one can relax and enjoy the four seasons.
 As a special version, we also asked our Learning Mentor, Ms. Krishia Atillo from the Philippines, to introduce her favorite place. Please take a look.

Fumi Sano


白山麓キャンパス 1、2年生のお気に入りの場所を紹介✨ #国際高専 #白山麓キャンパス #高専 #国際理工学科 #TikTok #3年次には1年間nz留学 #施設紹介 #寮生活 #dorm #dormlife #schoollife

♬ A heartwarming cute song for everyday scenes(840142) - Sumochi


白山麓キャンパス 1、2年生のお気に入りの場所を紹介✨ #国際高専 #白山麓キャンパス #高専 #国際理工学科 #TikTok #3年次には1年間nz留学 #施設紹介 #寮生活 #dorm #dormlife #schoollife

♬ A heartwarming cute song for everyday scenes(840142) - Sumochi


白山麓キャンパス 1、2年生のお気に入りの場所を紹介✨ #国際高専 #白山麓キャンパス #高専 #国際理工学科 #TikTok #3年次には1年間nz留学 #施設紹介 #寮生活 #dorm #dormlife #schoollife

♬ A heartwarming cute song for everyday scenes(840142) - Sumochi


白山麓キャンパス 1、2年生のお気に入りの場所を紹介✨ #国際高専 #白山麓キャンパス #高専 #国際理工学科 #TikTok #3年次には1年間nz留学 #施設紹介 #寮生活 #dorm #dormlife #schoollife

♬ A heartwarming cute song for everyday scenes(840142) - Sumochi


白山麓キャンパス 1、2年生のお気に入りの場所を紹介✨ #国際高専 #白山麓キャンパス #高専 #国際理工学科 #TikTok #3年次には1年間nz留学 #施設紹介 #寮生活 #dorm #dormlife #schoollife

♬ A heartwarming cute song for everyday scenes(840142) - Sumochi


ラーニングメンターでフィリピン出身のクリシア•アティロ先生のお気に入りの場所を紹介✨ #国際高専 #白山麓キャンパス #高専 #国際理工学科 #TikTok #3年次には1年間nz留学 #施設紹介 #寮生活 #dorm #dormlife #schoollife

♬ A heartwarming cute song for everyday scenes(840142) - Sumochi


January 17, 2024 クリスマスイベントを開催

Makada こんにちは、白山麓高専事務室の間加田 侑里です。今回は12月に開催されたクリスマスイベントについて紹介します。

 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from Hakusanroku Office. I would like to write about Christmas events held in December.
 On Friday, December 1st, 2023, students and faculty members decorated a Christmas tree in the Living Commons after school. They hung sparkling decorations and wrapped lights and tinsel around the Christmas tree. When they finished, the tree was gorgeous and helped to create a heartwarming Christmas atmosphere on campus.



白山麓キャンパス(1、2年生)でクリスマスツリーの飾り付けが行われました🎄🎁🎉✨ #国際高専 #白山麓キャンパス #寮生活 #寮 #国際理工学科 #高専 #ボーディングスクール #STEM #クリスマス #クリスマスツリー #Christmas #Christmastree #christmastreedecorating

♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey


 その後、学生たちに大人気のゲーム「大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ SPECIAL」が行われました。12年生の中には猛者も多く、所々歓声があがる場面が多くあり、その場は大いに盛り上がりました。

 A Christmas party was held during the Learning Session on Friday, December 22nd, 2023. At the beginning of the Christmas party, the Learning Mentors gave the students a challenge. The Learning Mentors hid Christmas presents near the Living Commons, and the students had to find their own presents. When they were given the signal to start, all the students ran off to find their Christmas presents on bookshelves, in classrooms, and on the Christmas tree. Once everyone had found their gifts, they opened their gifts one by one. The students and Learning Mentors prepared the Christmas presents using the "Secret Santa" (※1) method. The gifts received by the students and Learning Mentors included items such as Lego bricks, cute mugs, and blankets, also humorous items such as handmade math puzzles. The students also had fun trying to figure out who had picked out the gifts for them through "Secret Santa.”

 Afterwards, the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is very popular among the students, was played. Many of the 1st and 2nd year students were fierce competitors, and there was a lot of cheering, making the occasion very exciting.



1 As the name implies, "Secret Santa" is a Christmas gift exchange in which the identity of one's Santa is kept secret. Students fill out questionnaires in advance about their favorite foods, colors, hobbies, etc. The questionnaires are then randomly distributed among students, who choose a gift for the recipient based on the results of the questionnaire.




Merry Christmas from ICT🎄🎁🎉 国際高専の教員たちから世界の言葉で「メリークリスマス」✨ #国際高専 #白山麓キャンパス #国際理工学科 #高専 #クリスマス #christmas #merrychristmas #teacher #Tunisia #Thailand #usa #canada #Philippine #UK #newzealand #Guyana #STEM #3年次には1年間NZ留学

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2023年12月22日(金)、白山麓キャンパス(1、2年生)でクリスマスパーティーが開催されました!「シークレット•サンタ」と呼ばれるプレゼント交換会が行われ、プレゼントを開封する学生たちとラーニングメンターたちの目がキラキラと輝いていました🎁👀✨ #国際高専 #白山麓キャンパス #国際理工学科 #高専 #クリスマス #christmas #merrychristmas #present #exchagegift #secretsanta #seacretsantanight #全寮制 #ボーディングスクール #クリスマスパーティー #プレゼント交換

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 At dinner time on Sunday, December 24th, 2023, herb roasted chicken and strawberry shortcake were served as a Christmas special dinner. The side dishes were more luxurious than usual, and the menu seemed to be very satisfying. The special menus are offered at special events, such as Halloween and Christmas, and the students look forward to them.


 The December event was a wonderful time for 1st and 2nd year students to have fun together, and the atmosphere was warm and Christmas-like. 2nd year students have only a few months left in their dormitory life at Hakusanroku Campus, and I hope they cherish every moment they spend with 1st year students and make many memories together.

間加田 侑里
Yuri Makada

November 28, 2023 ハロウィンイベント


こんにちは、白山麓事務室の間加田 侑里です。今回は白山麓キャンパスで開催されたハロウィンイベントについて紹介します。


 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from Hakusanroku Office. This time, I would like to write about a Halloween celebration held at Hakusanroku Campus.
 Every year when Halloween comes around, students and Learning Mentors decorate Hakusanroku campus. Students and Learning Mentors decorated the big stairs with Halloween decorations and attached plastic bags with pictures drawn on them to the air conditioner vents blowing air out from the floor. The plastic bags were decorated with pictures of Sanrio, anime characters, animals, and other various characters, and the ghosts that swayed in the wind were very cute and a big hit with the faculty and staff! They also decorated the big stairs with Jack-o’-lanterns made by students and Learning Mentors.


 On Tuesday, October 31st, 2023, students and faculty wore Halloween costumes throughout the day to class. Students dressed up as Disneyland cast members, Spiderman, and characters from the popular manga Jujutsu Kaisen while faculty members dressed up as a banana, the main character from the movie Remember Me, a character from Chainsaw Man and so on. 
 After school, a Halloween Costume Parade was held. The students walked on to a stage and introduced themselves to the audience of participants, and performed skits they had devised to show off their costumes. A contest was then held to determine the most creative, scariest, cutest and funniest costumes, with each winner receiving a voucher for ice cream from the Learning Mentors.


白山麓キャンパス(1、2年生)ハロウィンの様子です🎃 #国際高専 #国際理工学科 #高専 #ハロウィン #ボーディングスクール #ハロウィンメイク #ハロウィン仮装 #ハロウィンコスプレ

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白山麓キャンパス(1、2年生)では、ハロウィンコスチュームパレードが開催されました🎃👻🎉🍭✨ #国際高専 #白山麓キャンパス #国際理工学科 #高専 #ボーディングスクール #ハロウィン #ハロウィンメイク #ハロウィン仮装 #ハロウィンコスプレ #ハロウィンパーティー #halloween #halloweencostume

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Costume Contest



 The Learning Session (night school) featured "piñatas", which are famous in Mexico: one student is blindfolded and given a stick to smash open a candy-filled piñata. The blindfolded student, with the help of their classmates, was able to smash the piñata as their classmates cheered. Afterwards, a karaoke party was held, where the students sang and danced and had a great time. 
 It was a lively day full of smiles and laughter.

間加田 侑里
Yuri Makada

November 24, 2023 Making Jack-o’-lanterns

 Hello, this is Ian Stevenson, an English teacher at ICT.

Tenzing Deguchi - Geto Suguru by Juzutsu Kaisen

 On Saturday, October 21st, 2023, in what has become another annual event here at Hakusanroku Campus, the students made Jack-o-lanterns. 6 students, 3 learning mentors and 2 teachers met in the project booth to cut and carve spooky, cute and manga character inspired jack-o-lanterns. This year because the monkeys did not destroy my pumpkin patch completely in my garden, we had 3 real pumpkins to carve and 13 paper mache pumpkins to cut.

 Before all the cutting and carving began, the tables were covered with tarps. After this, the students were told to be careful with the cutting and carving tools and then to begin. Different students made different designs. Hiroko Takeda, a 1st year student (who had helped make the paper mache pumpkins) cut her pumpkin into a bird called Long-tailed tit. Tenzing Deguchi, a 2nd year student, carved his real pumpkin into a famous anime character. Can you guess who it is supposed to be? (See the photo on the right.) Others cut their pumpkins into cats, spiders and monsters.

 After cleanup, the jack-o-lanterns and the extra paper mache pumpkins were turned over the Learning Mentors. They and the students used the jack-o-lanterns to decorate the main stairs. They put lights inside the jack-o-lanterns so that they look spooky and scary at night. The extra paper mache pumpkins turned into Halloween piñatas and filled with candy. One student will be blindfolded and try and smash the piñata open so that the candy spills out for the other students to grab. 
I look forward to making jack-o-lanterns again next year.

Ian Stevenson


武田 洋子さんの作品 「シマエナガ」

 ジャック・オー・ランタンを製作する前に、テーブルを防水シートで覆いました。学生たちには、カボチャを切ったり彫ったりする道具を丁寧に扱うように呼びかけました。学生たちが製作したデザインは様々でした。1年生の武田 洋子さんは(彼女は紙粘土でカボチャを作るのを手伝ってくれました。)カボチャをシマエナガにカットしました。2年生の出口 天仁さんはカボチャを有名なアニメのキャラクターに彫りました。このキャラクターはなにか分かりますか?(英文右側の写真をご覧ください。)また、カボチャを猫や蜘蛛、モンスターにカットする学生もいました。



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