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February 9, 2024 1、2年生保健体育「雪だるま作りやオリジナル雪上ラグビー」 

 こんにちは、白山麓事務室の間加田 侑里です。今回は、雪の日に行われた12年生の保健体育の授業について紹介します。

 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from the Hakusanroku Office. This time, I would like to talk about the 1st and 2nd year Health and Physical Education classes held outside in the snow.





1st Year Students

 On Monday, January 22nd, 2024, the Hokuriku region continued its mild winter trend. Usually we have heavy snowfall at this time of year, but this January had been warm and most of the snow had melted and began to disappear. We had beautiful weather on that day.

 First, students tried making a three-tiered snowman. Because the snow had begun to melt and contained a lot of moisture, the students had a hard time rolling the large snowballs and lifting them up because of their weight. Because of this, the students split the heavy snowballs into smaller and lighter pieces and then stacked them on top of each other. After a lot of hard work, the students completed a large three-tiered snowman.
 Next, a snowball fight was held. The students were divided into two teams, and when the signal was given, they threw snowballs at the other team. It was fun to see the students throwing snowballs as hard as they could, and releasing their daily stress. Later, the rules changed and if a student was hit, they had to switch teams. The more successful the hits, the larger the team grew. The students did a good job of avoiding the snowballs, and although there were no big moves, there was a lot of laughter and they seemed to be having a lot of fun.

 Many of the 1st year students come from regions where it rarely snows, and I think they were able to fully enjoy the nature activity.


保健体育IB(1年生)の授業では、雪だるま作りや雪合戦が行われました⛄️❄️ニュージーランド出身で保健体育教員のフィリップ先生による授業紹介です✨ #国際高専 #白山麓キャンパス #高専 #ボーディングスクール #寮生活 #寮 #国際理工学科 #tiktok #snow #雪合戦 #雪だるま

♬ Songs and cheap arrangements that flow in the athletic meet(1020345) - Kids Sound



 その後、2年間保健体育の授業に全力を注いだ2年生へのご褒美として、瀧本 明弘先生とフィリップ・ケザウ先生は3種類のピザを用意しました。しかし、フィリップ先生は雪上ラグビーの試合に負けたチームには簡単にピザを与えませんでした。雪上ラグビーの試合に負けたチームは、ピザを食べる前に罰ゲームとして、フィリップ先生がニュージーランドで朝食として食べていたシリアル「Weetabix」という大きな小麦ビスケットを水分なしで食べなければなりませんでした。このビスケットは、口の中の水分が全て奪われるため、負けたチームは「水分が全部持っていかれる!水飲みたい!」や「早くピザが食べたい!」と言いながらモクモクと食べ続け、試合に勝ったチームは誇らしげにピザを次々に食べていました。学生たちは体をたくさん動かして食欲も増し、一気にピザを4ピース食べる学生もいました。フィリップ先生は5ピース食べたそうです。


2nd Year Students

 On Wednesday, January 24th, 2024, the strongest cold wave of the season had hit Japan starting on the previous day, and Ishikawa Prefecture was hit with heavy snow with about 1 meter of snow falling on the Hakusanroku campus.

 First, students built a snowman. The courtyard was covered with powdery snow, and the students seemed to have a hard time making snowballs as the snow did not pack easily. After a few minutes, they completed a huge 3-tiered snowman about 3 meters high. After that, the original snow rugby tournament took place! Students and faculty were divided into two teams with the student holding the rugby ball being tackled by the other team and falling in the fluffy snow. Both teams, despite having a hard time running in the snow, used their athleticism to run around on the snow as fast as they could and compete in a serious game. 
 Then, as a reward for the 2nd year students who had put their all into their Health and Physical Education classes for the past two years, Akihiro Takimoto sensei and Philip Cadzow sensei provided three kinds of pizza. However, Philip sensei did not simply give pizza to the team that lost the snow rugby game. The team that lost the snow rugby game had to eat a large wheat biscuit called "Weetabix," a famous breakfast cereal that Philip sensei used to eat in New Zealand. The losing team had to eat a Weetabix without water before eating the pizza. Weetabix take away all the moisture of your mouth, so the members of the losing team were saying, “My mouth is so dry! I want some water!" or "I can't wait to eat pizza!!"
 The team that won the game did not have to eat Weetabix and proudly ate the pizzas one after another. After eating their Weetabix, the losing team could eat pizza as well. The students were so active that some of them ate four pieces of pizzas. Philip sensei ate five.

 Unlike Monday, this day had lots of snow, and the 2nd year students ran around on the powdery snow as fast as they could, throwing snowballs at each other whenever they had the chance, and enjoying the class.


保健体育IIB(2年生)の授業では、雪だるま作りやオリジナルの雪上ラグビーが行われました☃️白山麓キャンパス周辺は雪がたくさん積もっています☃️ #国際高専 #白山麓キャンパス #3年次にはニュージーランド留学 #高専 #ボーディングスクール #寮生活 #国際理工学科 #STEM #snow #snowman #snowballfight #winter #TikTok #雪景色 #雪国 #ラグビー #rugby

♬ BLK Skinhead - user88785724779

間加田 侑里
Yuri Makada

February 1, 2024 イノベーション基礎

 こんにちは、白山麓高専事務室の間加田 侑里です。今回は後学期開講の1年生の科目「イノベーション基礎」についてお話します。

 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from the Hakusanroku office. This time, I would like to write about "Fundamentals of Innovation," a class for 1st year students offered in the second semester.

  SRI Internationalが開発したイノベーション創出・価値提案のノウハウを取り入れた本科目「イノベーション基礎」では、さまざまな顧客ニーズ、価値の源泉、競合他社、効果的なチームワーク等について学びます。学生たちは何度も自分たちのアイデアについてディスカッション、発表、フィードバック、改善のサイクルを反復することにより、価値提案を改善する方法を学びます。

 In this class, using the innovation and value proposition know-how developed by SRI International, students learn about customer needs, sources of value, competitors, effective teamwork, and more. Students learn how to improve their value propositions through an iterative cycle of discussion, presentation, feedback, and improvement of their ideas.


 In class on Thursday, December 14th, 2023, each team of students presented the theme and idea of the object they were making in Engineering Design IB. The aim of these presentations was to make their ideas more valuable by having them evaluated by others and including a customer perspective. The students were then able to incorporate knowledge, ideas, and other feedback from the audience.
 Audience members were assigned roles in advance: those wearing green hats listened to the presentations and provided positive comments, while those wearing red hats gave constructive criticism and pointed out areas for improvement.

Each group presenting their proposed products and their value.

Giving feedback on the presentations.


 On Thursday, January 18th, 2024, students gave a second presentation to the class based on the feedback they received in the December 14th class. In preparation, students reviewed a recording of their previous presentation and organized detailed and constructive feedback received from other teams. They selected what they thought would be effective in improving and enhancing their presentations, and presented their new value propositions. Each team made a presentation about their proposed product to another team. This 2nd team had 3 jobs. The first 2 jobs were to offer positive and constructive feedback about the product. The 3rd job was for a student to act as a CEO and make a buy/not buy decision along with the reasons for this decision.

Students presenting new proposals and giving feedback


 Matsushita sensei and Tsuda sensei, who are in charge of the class, commented, "All teams showed significant improvement over the first round, and were able to understand the importance of feedback and repetition."
 The value propositions and improvement methods will be useful in various classes in the future.

間加田 侑里
Yuri Makada

January 30, 2024 「英語上級」最終発表について


 Makadaこんにちは、白山麓高専事務室の間加田 侑里です。今回は、「英語上級」の授業で行われた最終発表についてお話します。

 キース・イコマ先生が担当する1年生の「英語上級」は、後学期に開講される英語科目で3名の学生が受講しています。この授業では、ある話題に関する本を読んだり、各分野の専門家や著名人がスピーチする「Ted Talks」を通して世界の話題について学んだり考えたりします。そして、その話題について30分間ほどディスカッションし、学生たちは短いエッセイを書きます。これまでの話題は、ボディアート、フードロス、音楽、気候変動、スポーツ、タレントなどがありました。学生たちは予想以上にディスカッションが盛り上がり、1時間以上も話し合うこともありました。

 最終発表では、これまでに学んだスキルを活かし、自由なテーマで、TED Talks スタイルの発表を行いました。2名の学生の発表を紹介します。どうぞご覧ください!

 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from the Hakusanroku office. I would like to write about presentations given in Advanced English class.

 Keith Ikoma sensei’s class "Advanced English" for 1st year students is an English class offered in the 2nd semester, and three students are taking it. In this class, students read about topics, learn about topics through "Ted Talks" in which experts and celebrities in various fields give speeches, or used other activities to think about a topic. They then discuss the topic for about 30 minutes, and then write a short essay. Topics so far have included body art, food loss, music, climate change, sports, and personalities. The students found the discussions livelier than expected, so sometimes the discussion lasted more than an hour.

 For their final presentation, they gave TED Talks style presentations on topics of their choice, utilizing the skills they have learned so far. Please take a look.



 After reviewing the presentations, Keith sensei commented, “All three presentations were on unique and interesting topics. I wish that we could have done it as a presentation in front of all of their classmates because the presentations were interesting and had important messages for teenager. They also showed each individual’s personality and interests. I hope that the students in Advanced English class will feel more confident talking about a variety of topics because of the discussions we had in class and the presentations they gave on topics that were important to them.”

間加田 侑里
Yuri Makada

December 14, 2023 後学期のラーニングセッションについて


Makadaこんにちは!白山麓事務室の間加田 侑里です。今回は後学期のラーニングセッションの新しい取り組みについて紹介します。
 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from the Hakusanroku office. This time, I will write about the second semester Learning Sessions.


 Learning Sessions are held every Monday through Friday from 7:30pm to 9:30pm for class preparation and review. The Learning Mentors are Apirak Sang-ngenchai sensei, Krishia Atillo sensei, Domyson Abuan sensei, and Sade Moore sensei. Krishia sensei, Domyson sensei, and Sade sensei joined ICT this summer. The Learning Mentors help students with their assignments. In addition to support from the Learning Mentors, students also help and learn from each other.


 A new initiative began in the second semester. Before this semester, at the start of Learning Session students usually only met with others in their same year to review their progress. But this semester, once a week, students are divided into 4 mixed groups of 1st and 2nd year students (about 10 students per group) to support each other's progress. One Learning Mentor is assigned to each group. The groups are named after the houses in Harry Potter:  Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Groups were randomly chosen. 


 Each group started with 1000 points. The students can gain or lose group points. Group points are added for things such as attendance and submitting assignments. However, points are deducted if an assignment is not submitted on time or if a group member does not complete an assignment. It is imperative that groups members support each other. At the end of the semester, the group with the highest score will receive a prize.

 また、もう1つの新しい取り組みとして、毎週金曜日のラーニングセッション(オプショナルの日)には、ラーニングメンターたちが様々なワークショップを企画します。20231110日(金)のラーニングセッションでは、ドミソン先生主催の「ICT Game Show」が開催されました。これは学生たちが楽しく授業の予習をし、学生同士のコミュニケーション能力の向上を目的としています。ワークショップへの参加を希望した学生たちは大階段に集合し、チームに分かれて、ゲーム形式で数学・理科・工学の問題に答え、ゲームショーを通して授業を振り返りました。問題は「簡単」「普通」「難しい」に分けられ、ゲーム終了後には、出題された回答を学ぶ機会も設けられました。

 Another new initiative has also been launched during the optional Friday Learning Sessions wherein Learning Mentors offer a variety of workshops. On Friday, November 10th, 2023, there was an "ICT Game Show" hosted by Domyson sensei. The purpose of this is for students to have fun preparing for classes and learn from each other while improving communication among students. Students who wished to participate in the workshop gathered on the big stairs and were divided into teams to answer math, science, and engineering questions in a game show format and reflect on their lessons through the contest. The questions were divided into "easy," "normal," and "difficult" categories, and after the game was over, students had the opportunity to review the questions posed and learn the answers.


 Learning Sessions are an important extracurricular learning experience to ensure that students remember what they learned in their previous classes so that they can be active participants in their next classes. Supplementary English instruction supports students according to their level of proficiency. The cheerful and energetic Learning Mentors are preparing various fun workshops and activities for the Learning Sessions and other events. I hope students will enjoy studying various subjects through the Learning Sessions!

【Hakusanroku Journal】Written by Learning Mentors

アピラク・サンゲンチャイ先生 Apirak Sang-ngenchai Sensei 
Thai Festival in Tokyo
クリシア・アティロ先生 Krishia Atillo sensei
Life at ICT Hakusanroku Campus
ドミソン・アブワン先生 Domyson Abuan sensei
Full Circle, and Onwards
シャーデー・モーア先生 Sadé Moore sensei
Started From Tsubata, Now I’m Here.

間加田 侑里
Yuri Makada

July 7, 2023 「英文学」の授業でポエムを作成

 こんにちは!白山麓高専事務室の間加田 侑里です。
 20235月、キース・イコマ先生の授業「英文学」で1年生の青山 貴恵斗さんと村井 優風香さんがポエムを作成しました。ぜひ、ご覧ください!

 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from the Hakusanroku office.
 On May 2023,1st year students Kieto Aoyama and Yuuka Murai created a poem in English Literature class by Keith Ikoma sensei (Prof.). I hope you enjoy it.







May 1, 2023 「私の好きなもの・こと」

 こんにちは!白山麓高専事務室の間加田 侑里です。2023年420日(木)、国語科の黒田 譜美先生が担当する「日本文学」の授業で、1年生の青山 貴恵斗さんが「好きなこと・もの」をテーマに日本語と英語で自己紹介のジャーナルを作成しました。どうぞ、ご覧ください!

 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from the Hakusanroku office. On Thursday, April 20th, 2023, in the Japanese Literature class taught by Fumi Kuroda sensei (Prof.) of the Japanese Language Department, 1st year student Kieto Aoyama made a self-introduction journal in Japanese and English on the theme of Something I like. I hope you enjoy it!


 こんにちは、ベトナムからきた1年生の青山 貴恵斗です。

1年 青山 貴恵斗

 Hello. My name is Kieto Aoyama a 1st year student from Vietnam.
 My hobby is drawing. I started when I was 14 years old because I wanted to learn something other than piano.
 I would use a pencil to make a rough sketch and then draw with a special pen for painting. I usually draw natural scenery such as mountains and rivers, other than that I would also draw small delicate objects. A great thing about sketching is that anyone with a pencil can do it. My first time learning sketching only took a day. When I was in Vietnam, I went to a café with my teacher and other students to sketched houseplants. The plant I drew was about 2 meters tall and the leaves were heart shaped. Until then, I had only drawn small plants and flowers, but that was the first time I was able to challenge myself with large plants. It took an hour, but the result was surprisingly good, so I was very satisfied. However, it was raining that day, so I was worried that my sketchbook would get wet when I got home but luckily it was okay. When I showed the drawing to my parents, they praised me, saying that I was talented, so I was very happy.
 Next time, I would like to try drawing with things other than pencils.

1st year student Kieto Aoyama

March 23, 2023 かまくら作りや雪合戦

Makada こんにちは、白山麓事務室の間加田 侑里です。1月下旬、日本列島が寒波に見舞われ、白山麓キャンパス周辺もその影響を受けました。最低気温が-7度を観測するとともに約1メートルの積雪がありました。そんな中、1、2年生 の保健・体育の授業で行われた「かまくら作り」や「雪合戦」、「雪だるま制作」について今回は紹介します。

 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from the Hakusanroku office. In late January, the Japanese archipelago, including the area around the Hakusanroku campus, was hit by a cold wave. A low temperature of -7℃ was recorded and about a meter of snow fell. In this weather, 1st and 2nd year Health and Physical Education classes were held outside and they did things like making an igloo, having a snowball fight and building a snowman.


 On Thursday, January 26th, the 2nd year Health and Physical Education class made a block-shaped igloo, under the guidance of their Physical Education teacher, Philip Cadzow sensei. Students pressed snow into rectangular plastic containers to shape them into snow blocks and arranged the blocks in a circular shape. The snow blocks were then stacked one on top of the other, one after the other, to create a one-meter high igloo. It was impressive to see the students focused on building the igloo.


 On Monday, January, 30th, the 1st year Health and Physical Education classes had a snowball fight and built a snowman. For the snowball fight, the students split into 2 teams. Then they shoveled through waist-deep piles of snow, made paths for the snowball fight and built a snow wall for a shelter on their own territory. Students hid in their shelters for a few minutes to see what the other team would do, and then both teams attacked. This was followed by the building of a snowman, where the students worked together to build a 4-level snowman.
 The students, some of whom had never touched snow before, were able to enjoy the unique nature of HAKUSANROKU (Foothills of Mt. Hakusan).

間加田 侑里
Yuri Makada

March 1, 2023 ビジュアルアーツⅠ(1年生)

Makada こんにちは。白山麓高専事務室の間加田 侑里です。今回はビジュアルアーツⅠ(1年生)の授業について紹介します。

 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from Hakusanroku office. This time, I would like to write about the Visual Arts I (1st grade) class.
 The purpose of this class is to cultivate the ability to think and express one’s thoughts through creative activities in art, crafts, and design. Observing everyday scenery from a different perspective can lead to new discoveries and ideas. In order to generate good ideas, it is important to observe things in daily life rather than relying only on random ideas. Sometimes it is also important to solve the problems that one encounters in life.


 In the first class, students experienced observing everyday life to gain a lot of information. This is an opportunity to learn that each person feels differently even when looking at the same scenery and that there is more than one answer. Through out this phase, students learned about the importance of having a broad perspective and diverse values, and they express themselves more freely.


 In the next phase, students created structures using paper. Students learned what design is all about, aiming to create simple structural expressions based on an understanding of the characteristics of the material. In another assignment, students create functional and precise shapes, and develop the techniques and knowledge needed for this assignment.



 After these phases, students engaged in design activities. Students worked in pairs to find out through conversation what they perceived as inconveniences in their daily lives and created prototypes to improve their daily lives. The students asked their partner to check the primary model, and received user opinions such as “Is this part of the model necessary?”, “I would like to see a little more improvement here", etc., then reflected their new findings in the second model. In the 1st iteration, students think with their hands, and based on the new insights they gain from this process, they deepen their thinking. This process is done to verify whether the design is valuable and what the user really needs, and improvements are made in the 2nd iteration.

 After the students created their 2nd iteration, they presented what the users wanted and how the model could be improved. Students actively asked questions and shared their opinions with the presenters. This showed that they were able to see the ideas of others from various perspectives, and they tried to create various ideas with an understanding of the structure of things. The learning in this Visual Arts program will be put to good use in their future activities.

間加田 侑里
Yuri Makada



September 1 2022, English Reading and Writing IA

 こんにちは。白山麓高専事務室の間加田 侑里です。727日(水)に行われたベアード・ポーリン先生の授業「English Reading and Writing A」で、4名の学生たちがジャーナルを作成しました。どうぞ、ご覧ください。
 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from the Hakusanroku office. On Wednesday, July 27, 4 students created a journal in English Reading and Writing IA class by Baird Paulin sensei (Prof.). I hope you enjoy it.

 Hi. It's me, Haruki Ohta. 
 On the weekend, Ayuri and I had a WRO robot competition. In the competition, there were a lot of people, and I was surprised. We entered two rounds. In the first round, we had mechanical trouble with the color sensor and the gyro sensor because it was different from the conditions at the ICT field and the real field. I had a hard time, but we made some adjustments and tried a second round. I was happy to succeed in the second round. I got first place at the award ceremony. What a surprise! I never thought I would win an award. I can now go to the national championships, and I will do my best.
(This journal was written before the WRO Japan 2022 finals took place on August 29.)

【TOPICS】WRO Japan 2022 Finals
【TOPICS】WROJapan 2022 Ishikawa Regional Qualifier


 My name is Hitoshi Terai. I'm going to tell you about my weekend.
 This weekend I enjoyed the BBQ at ICT Hakusanroku campus. I ate many foods. For example, I ate sausages, hot dogs, beef, and Coca-Cola. These were very delicious! I recommend these foods to you. I think hot dogs were the most delicious of these foods and I want to eat them again.
 I also enjoyed some sports such as baseball, basketball, and an unknown sport. The unknown sport was very fun. This sport involved throwing a cloth sac into a hole. This move was very fun because I used my brain. For example, I had to think about which angle is the best and how to throw the sac, etc. This game is called corn home. My score was seven. Very bad! The max is 21 points, but I want to play this game again. By the way, I think the barbeque was fun and I want to enjoy that again. 




 Hello. It’s me, Ryona Natsuki.   
 This school held a barbecue party three days ago. There were several kinds of meat. I ate hot dogs and steak, these were SO good! After eating, I played some sports. One of them was basketball. I scored some points, so I felt very excited. In my team, there were no teachers, however, the enemy's team had Mr. B. In my usual life, I don't often get to play with teachers. Therefore, this time was so fun! I think that holding an exchange like this was good. It was so good to communicate between students and teachers! Next time the party is held, I want to join it.



 Hey! It’s me, Haruto Shiraishi.
 Last weekend, we enjoyed a barbeque. ICT students and ICT teachers ate meat, ice cream, and drank cola. That was fun. After that, we played games. For example, we played basketball and baseball.   
 My favorite game was corn hole. That was my first time playing the game. Brandon taught me the rules. He's a good cornhole player. It was difficult for me at first because that sack flew in strange places, but I got used to it. Then I could easily put it in the hole. Brandon said this game is made in America.  
 At the end of the event, I returned to reality. The reason for this is that I had a lot of homework, and I should have studied for a test, so I felt very sad. I had to work hard. It was a tough day. 


【Hakusanroku Journal】BBQ Party wrritten by Edward Basquill sensei (Prof.).

July 27, 2022 薬物に関する講話

 こんにちは、学生主事の小髙 有普です。
 7月13日(水)、白山麓キャンパスにおいて薬物講話が実施されました。特別活動の一環として、今回は白山警察署の少年補導係、宮本 佳奈氏を講師にお招きし、1年生及び2年生の学生が聴講しました。

  1. 自分が大切にしているものは?
  2. 自分が大切に思うものは?
  3. 自分が好きなもの、ことは?
  4. 自分の目標や将来の夢は?


小髙 有普

 Hello, this is Arihiro Kodaka, Dean of Student Affairs. 
 On Wednesday, July 13th, a lecture on illegal drugs was held at Hakusanroku Campus. As a part of ICT’s special activities schedule, we invited Ms. Kana Miyamoto, a juvenile guidance officer from the Hakusan Police Department, to give a lecture to the 1st and 2nd year students.
 At the beginning, Ms. Miyamoto asked the students to think about the following four questions:

  1. What things are important to you?
  2. What do you think is important?
  3. What do you like and what do you like to do?
  4. What are your goals and dreams for the future?

 Next, types of drugs, the effects of drugs on the human body, and the actual number of arrests were discussed. The students learned about what drugs are made from and were shown several different types of drugs.
 With marijuana, the number of arrests among underage users has been increasing in recent years and has become a serious problem. Ms. Miyamoto urged students to be aware of the problems that drugs can cause. She then cautioned students not to become involved with drugs due to peer pressure.
 The students had the opportunity to learn that what they answered to the four important questions at the beginning of the lecture can be lost or not fulfilled through drug use. I believe that through this lecture, the students learned how to avoid drugs. Using drugs does not only harm the user, it also harms their family and friends. Students need to realize the impact that their decisions have on themselves and others. This is true not only with drugs but in everyday life. Being respectful and mindful of others when making decision will help students accomplish their goals.

Arihiro Kodaka

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