Hakusanroku Journal 白山麓ジャーナル:Student

July 7, 2023 「英文学」の授業でポエムを作成

 こんにちは!白山麓高専事務室の間加田 侑里です。
 20235月、キース・イコマ先生の授業「英文学」で1年生の青山 貴恵斗さんと村井 優風香さんがポエムを作成しました。ぜひ、ご覧ください!

 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from the Hakusanroku office.
 On May 2023,1st year students Kieto Aoyama and Yuuka Murai created a poem in English Literature class by Keith Ikoma sensei (Prof.). I hope you enjoy it.







June 16, 2023「河原山地区 田植え体験会」を通して見つけた学び

 こんにちは!国際高専1年の中澤 琉月です。2023514日(日)、併設校の金沢工業大学 学友会主催の白山麓地域交流活動「河原山地区 田植え体験会」に参加しました。私はもともとSDGsに関連するような社会問題や環境問題に興味があり、学生団体を立ち上げたり、積極的にオンラインイベントに参加したりするなどして経験を深めています。また去年から私が行っている活動で稲作の環境問題を取り扱っているため、この地域の稲作についても情報が得られたらと思い参加しました。 

 午前中はそれぞれの役割にわかれて田植えを行い、私はコシヒカリの苗の手植え作業をしました。作業後に機械で田植えを行うところを見て、改めて機械化がどれほど人々の仕事の形を変えたのかを実感できました。お昼には地域の女性会のみなさんが作ったお弁当をいただきました。 地域で採れる食材をふんだんに使い、ふるさとの味が感じられるお弁当で、とてもおいしかったです!



中澤 琉月

 Hi, I’m Ruuna Nakazawa, a student in S1 class in ICT. On Sunday, May 14th, 2023, I participated in the Kawarayama Area Rice Planting Experience, a regional exchange activity at Hakusanroku hosted by the KIT Gakuyukai, an attached school.  I have been interested in the social issues and environmental issues that relate to SDGs, and I have engaged in several activities, such as creating a student organization and attending many online events. Also, since last year, I have engaged in an activity concerning the environmental issue of rice cultivation, so I wanted to get some information about rice cultivation in this area. That is the reason why I joined this activity.

 In the morning, we all had different roles in planning the rice, and I planted Koshihikari seedlings by hand. When I saw the work with a planting machine after my work, I was amazed at how the machine changed our forms of work. At lunchtime, we ate bento that were made by members of a local women’s community group. The bento used a lot of local ingredients so I felt it had a real hometown taste to it, and it was so tasty!

 In the afternoon, there was an opportunity for us to share our opinions and ask questions of a person who lives in the area. Recently, that area collaborated with KIT in its regional revitalization program. Therefore, I asked a question with courage even though I was the only student in ICT that joined this time. Through the conversations, the opinions I heard from other students, and the answers I received from local people, I learned that the way that this region approaches SDGs is different from how I had approached them. I usually focus on and tackle individual problems when I do my activities. However, this area tries to tell its stories to KIT students and young people instead of focusing on each problem the area has. By doing so, an industry called collaboration will be born, and it can develop the area. Through this experience, I saw things in a way that I had never imagine before. Simply put, I say that I deeply understand goal 17 of the SDGs, “Partnership for the goals.”

 Without even thinking about it, I contacted my mother and told her about these experiences because I was so happy that I was able to learn much more than I expected, and I discovered a connection between these experiences and my personal activities! I want to make use of what I learned through this experience here at school, and work harder toward my future activities.

Ruuna Nakazawa

May 1, 2023 「私の好きなもの・こと」

 こんにちは!白山麓高専事務室の間加田 侑里です。2023年420日(木)、国語科の黒田 譜美先生が担当する「日本文学」の授業で、1年生の青山 貴恵斗さんが「好きなこと・もの」をテーマに日本語と英語で自己紹介のジャーナルを作成しました。どうぞ、ご覧ください!

 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from the Hakusanroku office. On Thursday, April 20th, 2023, in the Japanese Literature class taught by Fumi Kuroda sensei (Prof.) of the Japanese Language Department, 1st year student Kieto Aoyama made a self-introduction journal in Japanese and English on the theme of Something I like. I hope you enjoy it!


 こんにちは、ベトナムからきた1年生の青山 貴恵斗です。

1年 青山 貴恵斗

 Hello. My name is Kieto Aoyama a 1st year student from Vietnam.
 My hobby is drawing. I started when I was 14 years old because I wanted to learn something other than piano.
 I would use a pencil to make a rough sketch and then draw with a special pen for painting. I usually draw natural scenery such as mountains and rivers, other than that I would also draw small delicate objects. A great thing about sketching is that anyone with a pencil can do it. My first time learning sketching only took a day. When I was in Vietnam, I went to a café with my teacher and other students to sketched houseplants. The plant I drew was about 2 meters tall and the leaves were heart shaped. Until then, I had only drawn small plants and flowers, but that was the first time I was able to challenge myself with large plants. It took an hour, but the result was surprisingly good, so I was very satisfied. However, it was raining that day, so I was worried that my sketchbook would get wet when I got home but luckily it was okay. When I showed the drawing to my parents, they praised me, saying that I was talented, so I was very happy.
 Next time, I would like to try drawing with things other than pencils.

1st year student Kieto Aoyama

March 29, 2023 金沢工業大学の卒論発表会を聞いて

 こんにちは!国際高専1年の西原 陸登です。2023年2月13日(月)、私は課外活動の一環として金沢工業大学の卒論発表である「プロジェクトデザインⅢ公開発表審査会」を聞きに行きました。私はそこで金沢工業大学生のプレゼンのレベルの高さを実感することができました。機械工学科と情報工学科の発表と、ロボティクス学科のポスターセッションを主に見てきましたが、私たちがいつもしているプレゼンとは全く違うなと感じました。

西原 陸登

Kanazawa Institute of Technology's Graduation Thesis Presentations

 Hello! This is Rikuto Nishihara, a 1st-year student at ICT. Monday, February 13th, 2023, as part of my extracurricular activities, I attended the Kanazawa Institute of Technology's (KIT) graduation thesis presentation called Project Design III Public Presentation Review Meeting. There I was able to observe graduating KIT students present their work. I mainly watched the presentations by the Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology Departments and the poster session presented by the Robotics Department. I felt that the presentations we usually give are quite different.
 I felt that particular differences were the content and its presentation. Of course, the content is different for university students, but I felt that the KIT students put more emphasis on practical use. This is because the students at the university took into account various conditions such as temperature, humidity, region, and the age of the people who use the devices.
Then they experimented to find improvements and made  better products. In addition to that, KIT students collected data for their presentations. I was impressed and respected the fact that they did not cut corners in collecting data, which requires a lot of time, money, and resources.
 They also spoke smoothly without looking at their papers and added gestures that were easy to understand, which showed how much they had practiced. I would like to do my best as a 2nd-year student as well, so that I can consider various patterns, create better products, and present them with an eye toward the future, just like the students at KIT.

Rikuto Nishihara

November 21, 2022 高専ロボコン東海北陸地区大会 応援について

 こんにちは!国際高専1年の矢追 拓穂です。さて、今回は1023日(日)に三重県のAGF鈴鹿体育館で行われたアイデア対決・全国高等専門学校ロボットコンテスト 2022 東海北陸地区大会の紹介をしていきます。

矢追 拓穂

Hello! This is Takuho Yaoi, a 1st-year student at ICT. This time, I would like to introduce the Tokai-Hokuriku Regional ROBOCON 2022, which was held on October 23rd at the AGF Suzuka Gymnasium in Mie Prefecture.

 This year, 10 schools attended and were divided into A and B teams, and from ICT, Team A consisted of three 4th-year students and Team B consisted of three 2nd-year students and five 1st-year students. Team B won a special award, and Team A won a technical award and the right to participate in the national competition. This time, 1st-year students who are not members of our robotics team also participated in the competition as a cheering group. The theme of this year's competition was “MiracleFly,”  in which robots launched paper airplanes to spots, runways, and tubes of different heights and areas to score points. Because of this, there was even one time when paper airplanes flew into the spectators’ seats. I am not a Robot contest member, so I did not actually control a robot, but I was impressed by the individuality of the robots from each school.

Takuho Yaoi

September 1 2022, English Reading and Writing IA

 こんにちは。白山麓高専事務室の間加田 侑里です。727日(水)に行われたベアード・ポーリン先生の授業「English Reading and Writing A」で、4名の学生たちがジャーナルを作成しました。どうぞ、ご覧ください。
 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from the Hakusanroku office. On Wednesday, July 27, 4 students created a journal in English Reading and Writing IA class by Baird Paulin sensei (Prof.). I hope you enjoy it.

 Hi. It's me, Haruki Ohta. 
 On the weekend, Ayuri and I had a WRO robot competition. In the competition, there were a lot of people, and I was surprised. We entered two rounds. In the first round, we had mechanical trouble with the color sensor and the gyro sensor because it was different from the conditions at the ICT field and the real field. I had a hard time, but we made some adjustments and tried a second round. I was happy to succeed in the second round. I got first place at the award ceremony. What a surprise! I never thought I would win an award. I can now go to the national championships, and I will do my best.
(This journal was written before the WRO Japan 2022 finals took place on August 29.)

【TOPICS】WRO Japan 2022 Finals
【TOPICS】WROJapan 2022 Ishikawa Regional Qualifier


 My name is Hitoshi Terai. I'm going to tell you about my weekend.
 This weekend I enjoyed the BBQ at ICT Hakusanroku campus. I ate many foods. For example, I ate sausages, hot dogs, beef, and Coca-Cola. These were very delicious! I recommend these foods to you. I think hot dogs were the most delicious of these foods and I want to eat them again.
 I also enjoyed some sports such as baseball, basketball, and an unknown sport. The unknown sport was very fun. This sport involved throwing a cloth sac into a hole. This move was very fun because I used my brain. For example, I had to think about which angle is the best and how to throw the sac, etc. This game is called corn home. My score was seven. Very bad! The max is 21 points, but I want to play this game again. By the way, I think the barbeque was fun and I want to enjoy that again. 




 Hello. It’s me, Ryona Natsuki.   
 This school held a barbecue party three days ago. There were several kinds of meat. I ate hot dogs and steak, these were SO good! After eating, I played some sports. One of them was basketball. I scored some points, so I felt very excited. In my team, there were no teachers, however, the enemy's team had Mr. B. In my usual life, I don't often get to play with teachers. Therefore, this time was so fun! I think that holding an exchange like this was good. It was so good to communicate between students and teachers! Next time the party is held, I want to join it.



 Hey! It’s me, Haruto Shiraishi.
 Last weekend, we enjoyed a barbeque. ICT students and ICT teachers ate meat, ice cream, and drank cola. That was fun. After that, we played games. For example, we played basketball and baseball.   
 My favorite game was corn hole. That was my first time playing the game. Brandon taught me the rules. He's a good cornhole player. It was difficult for me at first because that sack flew in strange places, but I got used to it. Then I could easily put it in the hole. Brandon said this game is made in America.  
 At the end of the event, I returned to reality. The reason for this is that I had a lot of homework, and I should have studied for a test, so I felt very sad. I had to work hard. It was a tough day. 


【Hakusanroku Journal】BBQ Party wrritten by Edward Basquill sensei (Prof.).

June 29, 2022 ネイチャー&アドベンチャークラブ「65kmサイクリング」

 初めまして!国際高専二年の木下 観です。今年度のネイチャー&アドベンチャークラブの部長です。このクラブでは白山麓の雄大な自然を生かして、登山やハイキングなどのアクティビティを思いっきり楽しむクラブです!



木下 観

 Hey guys! My name is Kan Kinoshita, a 2nd year student and this year’s nature and adventure club’s leader. In this club, we use Hakusan’s magnificent nature to climb mountains, hike, and enjoy ourselves!

 This time, we cycled 65km. First, we left the ICT Hakusanroku campus, then warmed up for about 10 km. After warming up we had a huge hill climb and had break time in Ikkouikki no Sato. One of the teachers led the way, but he was so incredibly fast that no one could follow him. Also, our legs were already tired, but we could arrive at the goal. When we were going back through the tunnel, we felt very good because of the gentle breeze. Although, our T-shirts were sweaty, the wind made us feel comfortable so we tried to do well. On the way to lunch, we had another break around the waterfall called Junigasaki. We didn’t plan to play in the river, but we couldn’t stop ourselves from playing. Therefore, we spent about 15 minutes there. After that, we went to Omoteya and ate Oban-yaki and filled our stomach. When we were coming back to school, Sansar soared and fell off his bike.

 For this cycling, there was hill climbing, so it was very hard. If I have another cycling trip, I want to do just the downward slope.

Kan Kinoshita

May 11, 2022 デザイン&ファブリケーションクラブ「新入生クラブ員歓迎会 校内ロボコン」

 こんにちは!初めまして!国際高専2年の泉屋 匠吾です。今年度のデザイン&ファブリケーションクラブの部長を務めています。このクラブではロボットや動画など、様々な要素を持ち合わせたデザインを作っていき、外部へと発信していく活動をしています。
 今年のロボコンは「サッカー」をテーマにしました。ルールはPK形式で5本勝負!LEGO EV3を使って、1年生チームはボールをキックするロボットを作ってもらい、2年生が作ったゴールキーパーロボットの守りを破ります。そしてより多くの点を取ったチームが優勝となります。2人1組の合計5チームによる接戦が繰り広げられ、1年生の太田 晴喜くんと夏木 亮凪くんによるチーム「Mr. Hakusan」が優勝しました!


泉屋 匠吾
写真:奥山 眞宙

 Hello! Nice to meet you, I am Shogo Izumiya, a 2nd-year student at ICT. I am the student leader of the Design & Fabrication Club for this school year. In this club, we are working to create designs that use various elements such as robots and videos, and share them to the outside world.
 On April 22nd, the Design & Fabrication Club, held an on-campus robotics competition for the new students! A 2nd-year student, Sergelen Sansar, also participated. Everyone created unique and wonderful robots, and the competition was a lot of fun!
 The theme of this year's robotics competition was soccer. The rules were each team had 5 chances to make a PK and the team with the highest score be the winners. Using LEGO EV3, the 1st-year student team was asked to build a robot that kicks a ball and scores a goal against the goalkeeper robot built by 2nd-year students. The winning team was called Mr. Hakusan and consisted of 1st-year students Haruki Ohta and Ryona Natsuki!

 Currently, ICT is getting ready to participate in the NHK ROBOCON COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY. We hope that this will be a good experience for the contestants. We hope that you will continue to follow the activities of our team members. Thank you for your continued support!

Shogo Izumiya
Photo by Mahiro Okuyama

April 27, 2022 Road to Kanazawa

Hello, my name is Sergelen Sansar, and I came to ICT this year from Mongolia. I’m studying in the 2nd year, which means I studied a whole year online.
 In 1st year before I started taking classes online, I was preparing to go to Japan and really had high hopes to go. As April 1st, 2021 got closer, my hopes got higher, and eventually the classes started. I was sitting behind a computer more than ever from early morning to evening. Online classes are not as exciting as a classroom. Also, it is kind of hard to communicate because I have the power to mute my microphone and be silent.
 After the Olympics, I thought I might have a chance to go to Japan because Japan was very strict before the Olympics but then the COVID-19 cases increased. I lost hope and felt languish daily.
 I remember studying so hard in January because I did absolutely nothing during the winter break. Most of my projects were on the due date and the final exams were getting close. In February I was at home doing nothing and in March, I did some Japanese language practice. But suddenly, I allowed to enter to Japan in late March.
 I came to Japan just before the school started on March 30th, 2022. It was great to see mountains covered in snow from the airplane. When the airplane landed in Narita, it felt like I skipped the spring and went straight to summer. The air was hot and humid, and felt heavier to breathe. I rode the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kanazawa which was an amazing experience and it was quick. When I got closer to Kanazawa I saw more mountains and went through more tunnels. The Kanazawa weather felt good because it was cool and kind of similar to Mongolia’s weather, also I saw snow. I met Fumi Sano, a staff member at the Kanazawa station, she took me to the Kokusai Hotel, where I began my three days of isolation. The day before I went to KIT, I was so excited to go out and meet my classmates and teachers.
 When I saw my classmates in the KIT bookstore, I was awestruck. I asked Ryuto, “what was your impression when you first saw me?” He said, “You are freaking tall.”
 Now I’m living with all of them and it's fun to be in a dorm with friends.

Sergelen Sansar

 私は学校が始まる直前の330日に日本へ入国しました。飛行機から見える雪がかかった白い山が綺麗でした。成田空港に降り立つと、空気は蒸し暑く呼吸に重みを感じたので、春を飛び越えて夏にスリップした気分になりました。それから東京から金沢まで新幹線に乗車したのですが、とても良い経験で時間はあっという間でした。金沢に近づくにつれ、山が増え、多くのトンネルを通過しました。金沢の天気はとても涼しく、モンゴルの天気と似ていて気持ちよかったですし、雪も見ることが出来ました。金沢駅で職員の佐野 文さんにお会いし、国際ホテルに連れってもらい、3日間の隔離生活が始まりました。隔離が終わったら金沢工業大学でクラスメイトや教員達に会えることがとても楽しみでした。


March 16, 2022 The Journey of Publishing My First Picture Book, Adam and Snack

 皆さん、こんにちは!2年生のアファフ・アラーです。さて先日、私は絵本をAmazon KDPを通して出版いたしました!


 課題を提出した際、先生に高評価をいただき、「これは出版してほしい!」と言ってくださり、とても嬉しかったです。夏頃には、その授業の一環で自分の書いたストーリーを展示するイベント「Writer’s Review」があり、そこでも沢山の人から好評をいただきました。先生は授業が終わった後も、ストーリーを絵本として出版することをずっと勧めてくれました。その時はあまり考えていなかったのですが、年度終わりに、せっかく機会があるならと思い、春休みに計画し始めました。

 今年度に入って柿田 紗蘭ちゃんという素敵な後輩に出会い、絵本のことを話したら、喜んで絵を描くと言ってくれました。私のリクエストに応えてとても丁寧に絵を描いてくれて、何回もフィードバックを重ねてやっとお互いがしっくりくる形にまで持っていくことが出来ました。絵でこだわってもらった部分が、登場人物である「アダム」を私の弟のアダムに似ているように描いてもらったところです。私は小さい頃、絵本を読むにもゲームをするにもテレビを見るにも、自分と同じ特徴をもつキャラクターがいなくて、とても寂しさを感じたのを覚えています。そのため日本ではマイノリティーである顔をあえて使いたかったのです。それ以外にもたくさんのこだわりがあります。

 絵が完成しそうなタイミングで、編集の作業をしました。編集は思ったより困難で、本のサイズ、文章や絵の配置、そしてAmazon KDPの規定などを熟慮した作業をしました。タイトルのフォントもなかなか決まらなかったので、紗蘭ちゃんのすすめで手書きにしちゃいました!こうやっていろんな工夫を重ねて、先生の助けもいただきながら、やっと絵本を先日出版することに成功しました!絵本が形になったのを見て、ようやく絵本を作ったんだという実感が沸きました。やりたかったことを達成できたことや、経験とスキルを得ることができたことに喜びを感じます。夢のような話です。





リンク ⇨ https://www.amazon.co.jp/Adam-Snack-Afaf-Alaa/dp/B09TMVRYV3 

 最後に、絵本の出版を進めてくれて、最後の最後までサポートしてくれたポーリン・ベアード教授、英語チェックをしてくれたイアン・スティーブンソン教授、とっても素敵な絵をかいてくれた柿田 紗蘭ちゃんをはじめ、サポートしてくれた先生や応援してくれたクラスメートに心から感謝いたします。



 Hello everyone! This is 2nd year student Afaf Alaa. I recently published a children’s picture book through Amazon KDP! 

 I first wrote this story in the spring of my 1st year at ICT. Every Saturday, we had World Literature class, where we read various stories and learned different ways to write stories. One of the assignments in this class was to write a picture book for children based on what we learned. I had wanted to make children's picture books since I was a little girl, so this was a fun project for me.
 When I submitted my story, my teacher enjoyed the story and said, "I want you to publish this!" I was very happy to hear that. Towards the end of the semester, there was an event called Writer's Review where I exhibited my story, which was also well received by many people. Even after the course ended, my teacher kept encouraging me to publish that story. I didn't think much about it at the time, but at the end of the school year last year, I decided to make the most of the opportunity and started planning the process during spring break.

 At the beginning of this school year, I met an amazing 1st year student named Saran Kakita. When I told her about my picture book, she said she would be happy to draw pictures for me. She was very attentive to my requests and my feedback, so after lots of time and effort, we were finally able to settle on the drawings that felt right for both of us. One of the things I asked her to do was to make the character "Adam" look like my younger brother, Adam. I remember when I was a little girl, when I read picture books, played games, or watched TV, there were no characters with or any representations of the same characteristics as me, which made me feel left out. That is why I wanted to use a face that is of a minority in Japan.

 When the drawings were almost finished, I started working on the editing. The editing process was more difficult than I expected and involved contemplating the size of the book, the placement of the text and pictures, and the regulations of Amazon KDP. I couldn't even decide on a font for the title, so at Saran's suggestion, I handwrote it! After all the hard work and with the help of my teacher, I finally succeeded in getting my picture book published! It hit me that I actually made a picture book when I saw the printed book. I was totally thrilled and satisfied to achieve something and learn so many skills. It is a dream come true!

Here is an outline of the story:

“This book tells a story about Adam, a curious little boy who loves eating. He cannot wait for his snack every day at 3 pm. His mommy prepares different types of snacks to make him happy, but then Adam cannot decide which snack to eat first. One day, he gets an idea to solve this problem. What if he mixes everything together? Then, he wouldn't have to choose which to eat first! But, oh no, it was not as easy as he thought it would be."

 The story and the language are simple, so it is easy to read! Also, you will surely be delighted by Saran's cute pictures. The story is available on Amazon now, so I hope you enjoy reading this book! And if you like it, I'd love to hear your feedback on Amazon!

 Link ⇨ https://www.amazon.co.jp/Adam-Snack-Afaf-Alaa/dp/B09TMVRYV3 

 Lastly, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Pauline Baird, who supported me throughout this project until the very last moment, Professor Ian Stevenson, who checked my English, Saran Kakita, who made those beautiful pictures, and all the other teachers and classmates who supported me and cheered me on. Thank you very much.

 Enjoy your spring break!

Afaf Alaa

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