Hakusanroku Journal 白山麓ジャーナル: 2022年5月の記事

May 26, 2022 Sports Day!

 Hello this is Philip Cadzow, one of the Physical Education teachers at Hakusanroku campus. 
 On Saturday the 14th of May, Hakusanroku campus students and teachers came together to enjoy some sports for Sports day. Rather than set 1st year students against 2nd year students, two teams were made by dividing the students from their 2km running times (PE class running) into two groups and then getting them to choose their own team name. Blue team was sarcastically called ‘Team Name and the red team chose Red Eyes Black Dragon which was potentially after a Yu-gi-yo card.

  Volleyball, Soccer and basketball were for 50 minutes, giving students plenty of opportunity to substitute team mates whenever they got tired. In addition, teachers choose what team they joined and in each team only one teacher could play at a time, so the teachers also had to swap as they got tired.
  In Volleyball the teams were even until 39 points, at which time the Red team started to slowly pull ahead, with more players who were comfortable playing volleyball on their side they came to a 100-80 victory against Blue. In soccer, the technical level of play was much higher than expected and during the 50 minutes of play only 3 points were scored, all by the Red team, leading the Blue team to feel despondent. Luckily their cheer came back to them as they had the dream team for basketball, they quickly doubled the score of Red team (36-67) and held it consistently.

  It was good to see the change in atmosphere from the Blue, and although winning two games, Red team still thought Blue team was too strong. It is nice to be young and to have your mood depend on winning or losing a sports game. The real winners of the day however, was the teachers, who were able to enjoy playing sports all morning. 

Philip Cadzow



 5月14日(土)、白山麓キャンパスでは、学生と教員が共にスポーツを楽しむ「Sports Day」が開催されました。1年生と2年生が対決するわけではなく、体育の授業で行った2km走のタイムから2チームに分け、チーム名を決めてもらいました。青チームは「Team Name」、赤チームは「Red Eyes Black Dragon」という遊戯王カードにちなんだチーム名が名づけられました。




May 18, 2022 Making Websites in Computer Skills Class

 Hello everyone. This is Robert Songer, Associate Professor and Computer Skills teacher at Hakusanroku Campus. The weather has been getting warmer and we are starting fresh new classes at ICT—it must be spring! Since this is my first time writing for the Hakusanroku Journal, I would like to give a little introduction of myself and my classes.

 I specialize in computer programming and software engineering subjects in the Department of Science and Technology curriculum. Most of my classes are for the 4th and 5th year students at Kanazawa Campus where they learn things like the Python programming language, software development processes, managing databases, and computer graphics (CG) which is a new topic this year. Sadly, I do not teach at Hakusanroku Campus in the spring semester so I will miss out on enjoying the warm mountain weather and seeing the monkeys in the fields. My classes at Hakusanroku are the Computer Skills classes for 1st year and 2nd year students in the fall. That means I get to drive into the mountains on snowy roads for my early morning classes every week. But I don’t mind! As a native of Michigan State with its cold and snowy winters I am perfectly comfortable in snowy environments.

 In the 1st year Computer Skills class, Professor Ohtsuka and I teach how to make web pages. We introduce the students to HTML, the language of the Worldwide Web. I like to say that the wonderful thing about the Web is that anybody can use the Web to learn about the Web. Even you reading this now in a browser can see the HTML source of this page. On a PC, you can right-click on the page and choose “view source” or “inspect”. Then the browser will show you all the source code that it uses to display the images, colors, and text that you see on the page. Of course, for a complicated page like this one, the source code will be equally complicated if not more!  
 In addition to HTML, the 1st year students also learn about CSS which is a scripting language (a kind of simplified programming language) for describing the appearances of a web pages. While HTML defines the structure of the page, such as where to put headings and images, CSS describes the visual properties of elements on the page, such as what color the text should be and how big to make the images. When they working together, HTML and CSS can be quite powerful technologies with seemingly infinite possibilities for building and designing web pages.

 Every day in class, the students practice what they learn on their computers in the Computer Lab. We do hands-on activities on interactive websites designed for learning these web technologies. One of the websites we use is called Code.org (https://code.org) which has a lot of interactive lessons for individuals as well as entire classrooms to use in learning about computer technologies. The lessons show everything students need to see on screen at the same time. Instructions are at the top of the screen, an editor window for writing source code is at the bottom left, and a view window showing the result is at the bottom right. This is a much simpler way to learn compared to the way modern web developers create websites. Usually, a developer will need to use many different software programs at one time and continuously switch between windows while they work. I think the students can really appreciate having everything they need in one window by using Code.org instead.

 After spending most of the semester learning about web page design, the final project is a portfolio website. The students plan and build a website to show off the activities and projects that they do at ICT. They are free to choose what content and layout they want to use for the website while they decide how to express themselves through visual design. In the end, all the students upload their websites to a hosting service called GitHub Pages (https://pages.github.com/) for anybody to see.

  I am impressed to see the students’ creativity and ingenuity at organizing their original ideas on a page. You can see their websites, too! I have collected a couple links to student pages from 2021 to share with you here. Please check them out below and take a look at what the students themselves chose to share about their first year at ICT.

Lucas Kusamoto
Kan Kinoshita

Robert Songer



 1年生のコンピュータスキルズの授業では、大塚教授と私でWebページの作り方を教えています。そこではWorldwide Webの言語であるHTMLを紹介しています。Webの素晴らしいところは、誰でもWebを使ってWebについて学ぶことができるということです。今、ブラウザでこれを読んでいるあなたも、このページのHTMLソースを見ることができます。パソコンでは、ページを右クリックして「ページのソースを表示」または「検証」を選びます。すると、このページの画像や色、文字を表示するために使っているソースコードをすべて表示してくれます。もちろん、このような複雑なページの場合、ソースコードも同じように複雑になります。



 後学期の大半を費やしてWebページのデザインについて学んだ後、最終プロジェクトとしてポートフォリオサイトを作成します。学生たちは国際高専で行っている活動やプロジェクトを紹介するWebサイトを企画・構築します。どのようなコンテンツやレイアウトにするか、またビジュアルデザインでどのように自分を表現するかなど、自由に選択することができます。最終的には、GitHub Pageshttps://pages.github.com/)というホスティングサービスにアップロードし、誰でも見ることができるようにします。


草本 留嘉寿さん
木下 観さん


May 11, 2022 デザイン&ファブリケーションクラブ「新入生クラブ員歓迎会 校内ロボコン」

 こんにちは!初めまして!国際高専2年の泉屋 匠吾です。今年度のデザイン&ファブリケーションクラブの部長を務めています。このクラブではロボットや動画など、様々な要素を持ち合わせたデザインを作っていき、外部へと発信していく活動をしています。
 今年のロボコンは「サッカー」をテーマにしました。ルールはPK形式で5本勝負!LEGO EV3を使って、1年生チームはボールをキックするロボットを作ってもらい、2年生が作ったゴールキーパーロボットの守りを破ります。そしてより多くの点を取ったチームが優勝となります。2人1組の合計5チームによる接戦が繰り広げられ、1年生の太田 晴喜くんと夏木 亮凪くんによるチーム「Mr. Hakusan」が優勝しました!


泉屋 匠吾
写真:奥山 眞宙

 Hello! Nice to meet you, I am Shogo Izumiya, a 2nd-year student at ICT. I am the student leader of the Design & Fabrication Club for this school year. In this club, we are working to create designs that use various elements such as robots and videos, and share them to the outside world.
 On April 22nd, the Design & Fabrication Club, held an on-campus robotics competition for the new students! A 2nd-year student, Sergelen Sansar, also participated. Everyone created unique and wonderful robots, and the competition was a lot of fun!
 The theme of this year's robotics competition was soccer. The rules were each team had 5 chances to make a PK and the team with the highest score be the winners. Using LEGO EV3, the 1st-year student team was asked to build a robot that kicks a ball and scores a goal against the goalkeeper robot built by 2nd-year students. The winning team was called Mr. Hakusan and consisted of 1st-year students Haruki Ohta and Ryona Natsuki!

 Currently, ICT is getting ready to participate in the NHK ROBOCON COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY. We hope that this will be a good experience for the contestants. We hope that you will continue to follow the activities of our team members. Thank you for your continued support!

Shogo Izumiya
Photo by Mahiro Okuyama

May 9, 2022 歓迎会「ピニャータ」

 こんにちは、白山麓高専事務室の間加田 侑里です。新年度の慌ただしさも落ち着き、気候も暖かくなってきました。


間加田 侑里

 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from the Hakusanroku office. The hectic new school year has settled down and the weather is getting warmer. 
 On Wednesday, April 20th, after school, the Learning Mentors organized a welcome party for 2nd-year student Sergelen Sansar (from Mongolia) and 1st-year students. Sansar had been unable to enter Japan until recently and he had been taking online classes from Mongolia. In late March of this year, he was finally able to enter Japan after one year.

 At the welcome party students celebrated by breaking open a piñata. Traditionally, piñatas come from Mexico, and they are decorated figures that contain sweets. They are suspended from above and then broken open with a stick swung by a blindfolded person. After a piñata is broken open, the sweets spill out, and people collect them as quickly as possible.  
 This time, 8 students took on the challenge of smashing the piñata. The blindfolded students tried to smash it by moving back and forth, left and right, listening to advice from their classmates. It was very difficult to find the right moment to smash the piñata because it was swinging back and forth. The moment the piñata was broken, there was a burst of applause and cheers, and the scene became very exciting. It was impressive to see the students picking up all the scattered sweets and sharing them.
 Through the welcome party, I was able to feel the unity of the students who tried to help to each other break the piñata. I believe that the students were able to learn about a traditional Mexican game and enjoy a cross-cultural experience. And I hope that the students will continue to experience various different cultures and learn new things and gain more international perspectives in the future.

Yuri Makada

 I hope you enjoy the piñata video.

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