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September 28, 2020 Some of the things students have been doing in September

Hi! It's Jonathan, the camera man. Today I would like to briefly talk about some of events that happened during September. Students returned to the Hakusanroku Campus between late August and early September. However, classes did not begin until the 24th. Instead, there were several special events organized as we waited for the two weeks to confirm the lack of COVID-19 to pass. (There was none, thank god.)


World Language

On September 10, several teachers organized a special class to teach languages "other than English". This special class was titled "World Language" and students could choose two languages from Arabic, Malay, Thai, and French. Teachers native to these languages taught the basic alphabet, some common phrases, how to write your name, and other interesting things depending on the teacher. The Arabic class was conducted by Nagwa sensei and Alaa sensei, the Malay by Hazwan sensei, Thai by Apirak sensei, and French by Jason sensei. 



Book Review

On September 16, the first year students gave their book review presentations. Each student chose three books to read during the summer and give a brief presentation in English and Japanese. There were novels, how-to books, English books for beginners, and many unique books depending on the students' interests. All the presentations were extremely interesting, however we had to choose a "best book review" and so teachers and students voted on three presenters. You can see the first year students giving their presentations and the results in the pictures below.



Sweet Potato Harvest

A group of second year students planted sweet potatoes as part of their Engineering Design project during the first semester. September marked the time for harvest. Actually, this is our second attempt at growing sweet potatoes. Last year, we were raided by the local monkey population just before harvest and lost 90% of our crop. To avoid the same outcome, students built a electrical fence and decided to harvest at the first signs of monkey attack. As a result we succeeded in collecting about 95% of this year's sweet potatoes. The four students of the group really got their hands dirty as they dug through the soil. You can see them and the sweet potatoes in the pictures below. These sweet potatoes will be branded, packaged, and sold by the students at local shops and farmer markets. I cannot wait to see what that will be like.



Sports Day

On September 17 and 19, we held a special Hakusanroku Sports Day. This Sports Day event was organized by the P.E. teachers to give the students a chance to blow their steam from being crammed in isolation. Three teams: first year, second year, and teacher and staff, played against each other in basketball, volleyball, and badminton.

Basketball was a battle between the second year students and the teachers all star team. The teachers are much larger and more experienced. However, basketball is a popular free time activity among many of the second year students and they had secretly practiced leading up to this event. Teachers dominated the first half, but the second year team fought back and ended the exciting game with a draw of 8-8. Volleyball was also a close game between all three teams. Students enjoyed it so much that they created a student all star team to challenge the winning teacher and staff team after the tournament. 

The badminton tournament was a twelve-round three-way competition. There were three courts and each team chose two pairs to compete each round. The winner would be the team with the most wins and the least losses. The great part of this system was that more people had the chance to play. Each team was hungry for the final victory, and each round was both competitive and fun to play and watch. In the end, the first and second year teams ended with the exact same points. Takimoto sensei was about to end the event with a draw, but the students insisted on a deciding match between the best two pairs. The second year students won this game and were declared the winners of the badminton portion.

Basketball: Second Year Team, Teacher and Staff Team (draw), First Year Team (3rd)
Volleyball: Teachers and Staff Team (1st), Second Year Team (2nd), First Year Team (3rd)
Badminton: Second Year Team (1st), First Year Team (2nd), Teachers and Staff Team (3rd)

The event was a great success and I heard many students remarking that they enjoyed it so much that they wished we could do it EVERY month.





Voting Simulation

On September 18, the second year students participated in a voting simulation by the election association of Ishikawa prefecture and Hakusan city. Students first listened to Ms. Natsumi Nakao from the Ishikawa Election Committee talk about the importance of voting, laws of to voting and election campaigning, and the how the election system works. Afterwards, the students participated in a simulation where they considered the manifest of two imaginative candidates and went through the process of posting a vote. The simulation was quite realistic and hopefully gave the students a taste of deciding their representor in the future.



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