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August 5, 2021 Summer Break! Party Time!

Hello everyone, it’s Jonathan the camera man! The first semester is coming to a close and summer break is almost upon us. Students finished their final exams yesterday and are getting ready to go back home for the holidays. But before they do, the learning mentors organized one last event to end the semester with a bang. The event was titled "End-of-semester PARTY TIME" and was an assembly of events for students to enjoy together. You can see all the events Anne sensei and the other teachers prepared for the students in the picture on the right.

We started with sports in the gym. Students and teachers gathered to play basketball and badminton as we waited for everyone to show up for the water balloon fight. The learning mentors prepared 200 water balloons and cooled them in the dormitory refrigerators. (Although, they later concluded that we need more balloons next time.) Water balloon fights are common where I come from in America, but for most of the students here, it was their first time. They started out with getting into pairs and tossing the balloon back and forth; taking a step back with each successful toss. This got students ready and we moved to the main event, "every man for himself" mode! Students ran and threw balloons at each other, laughing and screaming the whole time. You can see my best effort to record the chaos in the video below.


After the water balloon fight, some students went back the gym to play basketball, where I heard their had an epic game against the teachers. After dinner, we gathered in the Living Commons for the second half of the event. It started with dessert, which consisted to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, apple pie, vanilla ice cream, fruits, and soda. The sandwiches were delicious and we added ice cream to the apple pie and sodas to make floats. Once every one was full we gathered for a huge game of hide and seek. There we more than twenty people and students rushed to find places to hide. We turned off all the lights and it was exciting hiding and seeking in the dark school building. Students loved it so much that they insisted on a second game, which was equally thrilling. Finally, everyone found their spot in either karaoke at the big staircase or playing video games in the project booth as we winded down for the day. The event was a humongous success and I don't recall taking this many laughing and smiling faces in a while.

COVID-19 has made it difficult for the school to hold events such as sports days or school festivals. Luckily, the Hakusanroku Campus is secluded from society and we can conduct events like this (with safety measures to minimize risks.) I hope students return home with there latest memory being laughing and having fun with their friends, stay safe, and have a wonderful summer vacation.








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