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September 22, 2021 檜細工に関する講義とワークショップ

伝統工芸士の香月久代さんとスーザン メイさんを講師にお招きして






志鷹 英男

On September 17 (Fri), nineteen first- and second-year students participated in a “cypress weaving” seminar/workshop conducted by Ishikawa prefectural traditional craftsman, Hisayo Katsuki and Susan May, who belongs to the Hakusan-Tedori Geopark Promotion Council and studies cypress weaving under Kastuki-san while making and promoting works of her own. The seminar and workshop was held at 1:00 pm at the Hakusanroku Campus.

Cypress weaving is said to originate in Hakusanroku when a traveling monk taught the people of Fukase in Oguchi village (current Hakusan city, Fukase) how to weave an umbrella 400 years ago. In 1988, cypress weaving was certified as an official traditional craft of Ishikawa prefecture. The process of weaving thin cypress strips called “hinna” by hand has continued to this day. However, most of its successors are old age and the sustainability of the technique is becoming an issue.

After Susan-san’s 30 minute lecture in English, students began weaving a coaster. Each student received ten strips of “hinna”, which they sprayed water on before weaving because they break easily when dry. Our young engineers are accustomed to making digital things on their computers, but not so much with their hands, as many of them weaved and undid their work multiple times. Kastuki-san and Susan-san watched the students’ progress and took turns giving them detailed support. Everyone finished their coaster in about an hour and a half.

Katsuki-san explained that “The method we used today is called ‘ajiro-ami’ and is the most basic way of weaving. You can make a placemat if you use longer strips.” It was a valuable experience to learn directly from a traditional craftsman and see her skills.

At ICT, students have the opportunity to experience local industries and traditional arts and crafts, and communicate with different age groups of the community through our education focused on the SDGs and regional revitalization. This cypress weaving workshop is part of that goal and is the second time we have held it at the Hakusanroku Campus since last year. This year we also shared the experience with Thailand’s Geopark Promotional Region, which is associated with Hakusan-tedorigawa Geopark, via Zoom.

Hideo Shitaka

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