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August 24 2022, BBQ Party!

 Hello, this is Edward Basquill.  
 On Sunday, July 24th, we had our second annual Hakusan Campus BBQ. Just like last year, there was food, fun, and sun! Most importantly, it was a great time for students and teachers to come together and relax. 

 The day started around noon, when I arrived to start the fire for BBQ. We almost had a disaster because I forgot the grill tops and some other important supplies! Luckily, my wife jumped into action and drove to get the grill tops. I am lucky a man, I have a wife that can save me from myself! While my wife went to fix my mistake, I started the fire. Last year, it was difficult to start the fire but this year Apirak saved the day! He brought a mini fan that we used to make the fire grow quickly. Not only that, but Jomkit also started a second grill. ICT is fortunate to have so many helpful teachers.
 As we worked to get the coals ready to cook the food, Apirak and Brandon set up yard games for the students to play. They brought bats and baseballs, basketballs and some other games. There was also the triumphant return of Brandon’s cornhole game, which is a famous American yard game. Please see some of the pictures!
 Right at 2:00pm, my wife arrived with the grill tops and we started cooking! The students were able to enjoy hotdogs and cola. Some students…mostly Sansar…had a lot of food. I’ve never seen a student eat so much. I was very impressed. Maybe we should have an eating contest! After the hotdogs, we made some beef ribs and they were delicious! A little garlic salt was the only seasoning they needed.
 After finishing cooking for the students, the teachers brought out some steak. Brandon mastefuly cooked up the steaks and the teachers were kind enough to share with the students. The teachers and students gathered together and did cheers using their steak. Please notice that Apirak had much more steak than everyone else.
 The students and teachers played a lot of games togethertoo. I played a little basketball, Apirak and Brandon played cornhole, and the students found creative ways to use the baseball bats. Even Kushima sensei played some yard games. Other students took it easy. For example, Eiki slept in his chair and I must admit, I was very jealous! He looked so comfortable even though he wa

s in a lawn chair. He must be a master of sleeping. Maybe I should ask him to teach me.
 For desert, we made icecream sodas and the students loved it. I was very lucky because Jomkit was kind enough to roast a marshmallow for me. It was perfect…I even dreamt about it that night. I also saw Jomkit and Ema roast marshmallows too. I was happy to see all the students and teachers having fun together.

  I want to end by focusing on the last sentence of the previous paragraph. Seeing our teachers and students together doing fun activities reminded me of why I love working at ICT. Seeing our little community getting together and enjoying a lovely Sunday is something worth writing about. It is something worth remembering, and it something that makes us look forward to more events in the future.

Edward Basquill

 7月24日(日)、白山麓キャンパスで2回目のBBQを開催しました。昨年同様、食べ物あり、楽しみあり、そして太陽がありました! そして何より、学生と教員が一緒になってリラックスできる素晴らしい時間でした。

 午後2時、妻がグリルの天板を持ってきたので、調理開始です!学生たちはホットドックを食べ、コーラを飲みました。何人かの学生...主にサンサル君は、たくさん食べていました。こんなに食べる学生を見たのは初めてです。とても感動しました。いつか大食いコンテストを開催したらいいかもしれません!ホットドッグを食べた後、ビーフリブを作ったのですが、とても美味しかったです! 味付けはガーリックソルトのみです。



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