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October 12, 2022 9月の課外活動

 こんにちは。白山麓高専事務室の間加田 侑里です。夏が終わり秋の涼しさを感じる季節となりました。今回は9月に行われた様々な課外活動について紹介します。
 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from Hakusanroku office. Summer is over and it is now time to enjoy the coolness of autumn. At this time, I would like to write about various extracurricular activities held in September.



【Water Balloon Toss】

 A water balloon toss was held after school on Tuesday, September 13th. Learning Mentors, Anne Isobel Tan sensei, Apirak Sang-ngenchai sensei, and Jomkit Jujaroen sensei, prepared over 400 water balloons for the event.
 First, to familiarize themselves with the water balloons, the students played water balloon catch in pairs. After catching a water balloon, they stepped back. The water balloon feels different from a regular ball and breaks easily, so the students had to catch the water balloons carefully. As the distance increased, it became more difficult to catch the water balloon without breaking it - causing loud screams. Next, students dueled like cowboys with the students walking three steps, turning around, and trying to hit their opponent with a water balloon. Finally, the entire courtyard was used for a water balloon fight. Students laughed and screamed as they ran around throwing water balloons at each other. It had been a hot summer, so the students had a great time playing with water balloons.




【Book Review Presentation】

 On Wednesday, September 14th, a book review presentation by 1st-year students was held. Students chose one of the following books they had read during the summer break: an English book (any genre of book), a book on STEM or design, or their favorite book (any genre and language of book), and gave a 3-minute presentation in English and Japanese. The students chose books from a variety of fields, including their favorite romance novels and enlightening books that have strongly influenced them. They introduced memorable quotes and new things they learned from their books.
After the presentations, students and faculty voted for their top three Book Reviews. The results are as follows:

1位:出口 天仁
1st place: Tenzing Deguchi

2位:矢追 拓穂
2nd place: Takuho Yaoi

3位:白石 春翔
3rd place: Haruto Shiraishi



【Volleyball Tournament】

 A volleyball tournament was held on Tuesday, September 20th. Originally, if the weather had been fine, there was supposed to be a long-distance road relay, but unfortunately it rained that day.
 First, 1st and 2nd grade mixed teams played, and then the 1st grade vs. 2nd grade games started. The 1st year students showed solidarity and challenged the seniors. The 2nd year students, who were fewer in number than the 1st year students, had no chances to rest but still did a great job without showing any fatigue at all. This was followed by matches between faculty and staff and the 1st and 2nd grade teams. Among the faculty members,  Brandon Wohlfarth sensei (Prof.) is tall and experienced in volleyball, and the students were challenged by his spikes, serves, and blocks. After playing against the faculty and staff, the students wanted to play more matches, so they formed a joint team of 1st and 2nd year students to play against a team of faculty and staff, although the faculty and staff members could not match the energy of the combined 1st and 2nd graders. It was a good time to bring the students, faculty and staff closer together.



【Coffee Bean Roasting Experience】

 On Wednesday, September 21st, two groups of students participated in a coffee bean roasting experience. This was done under the guidance of Mr. Taguchi, owner of "Soba Yamaneko and Kijitora Coffee Laboratory" located across the road from the Hakusanroku Campus. 
 First, the students watched a video called "How a cup of coffee is made". This video was made in Ethiopia where coffee originally comes from. It explained how coffee is cultivated, harvested, and shipped. After that, two types of coffee beans, the first white and light green Ethiopian and the second Papua New Guinean, were prepared and roasted using either a hand roasting machine or a one-handed roasting pot. The roasting time was about 20 minutes. As the roasting progressed, the beans changed to brown to blackish brown and began to crackle like popping popcorn. After roasting, the beans were taken outside for drying and cooling using fans. Then, after removing poor quality beans with cracks or discoloration, the coffee was ground with an electric mill and brewed with boiling water over a measured period of time.
 Students who drank the finished coffee said, "The smell and taste were totally different depending on the roasting!", "Now I understand why my parents prefer less sugar in their coffee!" and "It's so bitter!".
 It was a good opportunity for the students to learn how coffee beans are grown and shipped. It was also a great experience for them to taste coffee made from freshly roasted beans for the first time.



間加田 侑里
Yuri Makada

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