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September 15, 2023 ICT GLOBAL SUMMER CAMPを開催

Makada こんにちは。白山麓高専事務室の間加田 侑里です。2023年625日(日)から71日(土)まで「ICT GLOBAL SUMMER CAMP」を開催しました。このプログラムは2018年と2019年の夏と冬に開催していましたが、新型コロナウイルスの影響で2020年から中止していました。今回は4年ぶりにタイ王国(以下:タイ)の中学生15名が参加し、AIIoTを用いたデザイン思考やエンジニアリングデザインの手法を活用したプロジェクト型学習を体験しました。

 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from the Hakusanroku Office. The ICT GLOBAL SUMMER CAMP was held from Sunday, June 25 to Saturday, July 1, 2023. This program had been held in the summer and winter of 2018 and 2019, but was suspended in 2020 due to COVID-19. This time, for the first time in four years, 15 junior high school students from Thailand participated in the project-based learning experience utilizing design thinking and engineering design methods with AI and IoT technologies.

1日目 2023年6月25日(日)

 初日は、タイの中学生(以下:生徒)とご家族が白山麓キャンパスに来校し、松下 臣仁先生による「English STEM教育」や「エンジニアリングデザイン教育」など国際高専の特色を紹介した後、キャンパスツアーが行われました。

Day 1, Sunday, June 25th, 2023

 On the first day, Thai junior high school students and their families came to the Hakusanroku Campus. There was a school explanation by Omihito Matsushita sensei and an introduction to the features of the ICT, including English STEM Education and Engineering Design Education. After this, the students and their families took a campus tour.

2日目 2023年6月26日(月)


Day 2, Monday, June 26th, 2023

 First, as an ice-breaker, students drew their hobbies and expectations for the summer camp and presented them one by one. Students had various ideas such as "I want to learn about Japanese culture" and "I want to learn a lot of engineering and bring it back to Thailand!” After that, an introductory workshop called Engineering Design was held by Hayato Ogawa sensei. The students were divided into three groups, discussed about The Latest Original Mug, designed a mug and presented it.
 In the afternoon, a chemistry lab class was held by Nagwa Rashed sensei. Students learned through experiments about nitrogen oxides and acid rain that lead to pollution.  After that, Philip Cadzow sensei explained how to use the gymnasium, and the students exercised by playing basketball and badminton, and then went to use Hime No Yu hot spring located on Hakusanroku Campus. The students were very satisfied with their hot spring experience, saying, "This is the best hot spring I have ever been to!”
 After dinner, students who wished to participate made their own original key chains under the guidance of Matsushita sensei. They created their own design on a computer and made the keychain using a laser cutter. They watched with interest as the laser cutter automatically processed the design.


3日目 2023年6月27日(火)


Day 3, Tuesday, June 27th, 2023

 On the third day, the summer camp project activities finally began. In the morning, Brandon Wohlfarth sensei gave the students a Project Guidance session. The following two themes were assigned to the students this time.
・Developing solutions to improve the tourism industry by using AI and IoT technologies.
・Developing an AI model for image recognition.
 First, students were assigned the task of finding stakeholders and potential stakeholders in Kanazawa's tourism industry, and conducted preliminary research on Kanazawa's tourist attractions.  
 In the afternoon, while touring Higashi Chaya District, Kenroku Garden, and Kanazawa Castle, the students conducted research to find solutions to problems in the tourist areas. Of course, they also enjoyed Kanazawa sightseeing, and had a chance to eat gold leaf soft serve ice cream and Japanese sweets.
 After dinner, a Japanese language class was held, where the students learned simple greetings, how to write their own names in Japanese, and how to sing a Japanese song called Ue Wo Muite Arukou.


4日目 2023年6月28日(水)


Day 4, Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

 In the morning, students defined the problems they had discovered while sightseeing the previous day. Students focused on the problems faced by stores, tourists and buildings. Then, under the guidance of Apirak Sang-ngenchai (Learning mentor) sensei, the students attended lectures and exercises on AI programming.
 In the afternoon, the students went to the Ishikawa Insect Museum to collect insect data for creating AI models for image recognition. Students were assigned the task of taking 50 pictures of butterflies, dragonflies, grasshoppers, beetles and other insects from various angles. Students took their time in taking the pictures. After leaving the Ishikawa Insect Museum, the students headed to enjoy the Japanese atmosphere of Hakusan Hime Shrine.
 After dinner, in preparation for the exchange meeting with ICT students to be held later in the day, they prepared to speak to ICT students on various topics such as Thai language, Thai culture, and famous Thai YouTubers.

5日目 2023年6月29日(木)

 午後はAIプログラミングで使用する「CiRA CORE」を活用して基本的なプログラミングを学んだ後、3つのチームに分かれて、前日に撮影した石川県ふれあい昆虫館の昆虫の写真を用いて画像認識システムを制作しました。
 放課後には、本校の学生たちとの「第1回 国際交流会」が開催されました。この日は本校の学生たちがタイの生徒たちに日本について紹介しました。本校の学生1名とタイの生徒2名が1グループとなり、本校の学生たちが日本語での挨拶や自己紹介の言い方などをレクチャーし、タイの生徒たちは1人ずつ日本語を発表しました。その後、本校の学生たちは折り紙で手裏剣の折り方をレクチャーしました。

Day 5, Thursday, June 29th, 2023

 In the morning, students further explored solutions to problems they discovered, summarized improvements and created posters for presentation on the final day.
 In the afternoon, the students learned basic programming utilizing CiRA CORE, which is used for AI programming. Then, the students were divided into three teams to create an image recognition system using photos of insects from the Ishikawa Insect Museum taken the day before.
 After school, the "1st International Exchange event" with ICT students was held. On this day, ICT students introduced Japan to Thai students. One ICT student and two Thai students formed a group, and the ICT students gave lectures on greetings and self-introductions in Japanese. And then, 1 by 1 the Thai students demonstrated what they had learned. After that, the ICT students gave a lecture on how to fold a shuriken using origami!

6日目 2023年6月30日(金)

 午後には、加賀 伝統工芸村「ゆのくにの森」へ出かけ、金箔貼りを体験しました。生徒たちはトレーに金箔を1枚貼り、竹串で手書きしてデザインしました。金箔に日本語を書く生徒もいれば、アニメのキャラクターを描く生徒など、それぞれ思い思いに型を作り、オリジナルの金箔工芸品を完成させました。
 放課後には、本校の学生たちとの「第2回 国際交流会」が開催されました。この日はタイの生徒たちが本校の学生たちにタイについて紹介しました。本校の学生たちとタイの生徒たちは3つのグループに分かれました。タイの生徒たちは本校の学生たちにタイ語であいさつを教えた後、本校の学生たちは1人ずつタイ語を披露しました。そしてタイの生徒たちはタイの文化や食べ物などを本校の学生たちに紹介した後、タイの生徒たちは日本の歌「上を向いて歩こう」を披露し、国際交流会は終了しました。本校の学生たちは入学してから初となる国際交流となり、英語を実際に活用しながら楽しそうにコミュニケーションを取っているのが印象的でした!

Day 6, Friday, June 30th, 2023

 In the morning, the students worked on their posters as a final preparation for their presentations on the last day. After that, a hands-on bouldering session was held under the direction of Philip sensei. The students learned how to climb using holds (color-coded projections of various shapes and sizes) and tried various courses divided by difficulty level. 
 In the afternoon, the students went to Kaga Traditional Craft Village "Yunokuni no Mori" to experience gold leaf pasting. Students applied a sheet of gold leaf to a tray and hand-drew designs on it with a bamboo stick. Some students wrote Japanese words on gold leaf, some students drew Anime characters - students created their own molds to complete their original gold leaf crafts.
 After school, the "2nd International Exchange event" with ICT students was held. On this day, Thai students introduced Thailand to ICT students. ICT students and Thai students were divided into three groups. The Thai students taught ICT students greetings in Thai, and then ICT students performed Thai greetings one by one. Finally, the Thai students sang a Japanese song called Ue Wo Muite Aruko to ICT students and the international exchange event was over. This was the first international exchange event for ICT students since they entered the school and it was impressive to see them enjoying communicating with each other while actually using English!

7日目 2023年7月1日(土)



Day 7, Saturday, July 1st, 2023

 On the last day, the Thai students' families were invited to the Hakusanroku Campus for an Engineering Design Project presentation. Each team presented a creative solution to improve a problem they discovered at a tourist attraction. Please watch the video below to see the presentations!
 After the presentations, an AI model competition for image recognition was held. Apirak sensei presented how well the AI recognized the photos of insects taken by the students at the Ishikawa Insect Museum, and the audience was very excited when Apirak sensei announced the recognition scores! The students then sang Ue Wo Muite Arukou and President Shikada handed out certificates to the participating students. The Global Summer Camp ended with a tour of YUMEKOBO on the Kanazawa Campus.

 I was impressed by the students as they gave their presentations in a dignified manner without showing any signs of nervousness. Through this project-based learning program, I believe that the students were able to experience the fun of creating project activities using AI and IoT as a team. It was also impressive to see the students enjoying the international exchange with ICT students.


間加田 侑里
Yuri Makada

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