Hakusanroku Journal 白山麓ジャーナル

June 10, 2018 Spring Open Campus

On Sunday, we held our spring open campus for junior high school students to come and visit ICT. This was our first open campus after completing the Hakusanroku campus. Twelve students and their family members came from in and out of Ishikawa prefecture to experience our curriculum. ICT is a unique school and the open campus helps participants to grasp a better picture of what it is like to study here. There was a brief explanation of the school, lunch, two introductory classes, and a school tour. Some ICT students joined the event and shared their own experience.

At lunch, visiting students and ICT students sat together at each table. I think this was a great idea. The junior high school students were able to hear firsthand what it is like to live and study at ICT in a casual setting. After all, they may live here one day. What is better than hearing from the current students themselves what it is like?

After lunch, there were introductory classes for Engineering Design and STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) in English. The purpose of these classes is to give a taste of ICT’s unique curriculum of design thinking and STEM courses taught in English.

 In the Engineering Design class, visitors experienced the design thinking process for problem solving. At ICT, students learn how to find and solve real-life problems in society. In this case, the problem was an intruding wild boar. Each group brainstormed and tinkered with a program designed to simulate various countermeasures. Some of the ideas were creating a loud sound to scare the boar away, trapping and cooking it, luring it away with a female boar, and keeping a bear or tiger to fight it off. Wild boars are a real threat in Hakusanroku. I think engineering is much more interesting if it has a real impact on the world or helps others.

The second class was STEM in English. Here, visitors were given a brief history of π and learned two methods to calculate it using tools such as masking tape, scales, rulers, a vernier scale and two acryl plates; one square and one circle. First, students calculated π by measuring the length of the masking tape around the circle, and the diameter using the vernier scale. Next, they learned how to calculate π by comparing the weight of the two acryl plates and multiplying it by four. They even received a handout for a third method to try at home.

The class was conducted in English (with some Japanese support) and I saw many of the junior high school students listening carefully trying to understand the teacher’s instructions. Many ICT students have an average level of English on entry. However, their ears gradually adapt to the English curriculum. Also, ICT teachers are very creative and use active learning with many tools. I think this class was a good representation of that experience.

The event was a great success to the extent that my only regrets are that I wished we had more free time. I think both sides would have enjoyed more time to interact with each other. Maybe we can incorporate that into our open campuses in the future. Thank you all for coming. We hope to see you again soon.



2018年6月10日 春の学校見学会







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