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December 21, 2020

              Hello everyone, Jomkit here with my very first journal entry! It’s been a few weeks since I started working here, but the beauty of nature still astounds me. I am not much for photography, but when I see the landscape surrounding us I can’t help but try and capture it on my phone. I’m no stranger to towering mountain ranges and trees that carpet them, but in my hometown of Portland, Maine, I would need to drive 45 minutes out of the city to see such magnificence. Here, all it takes is one glance out the window and I’m faced with a visage painted by the turning of the seasons.

              With that being said, the Hakusan area is much quieter than what I’m used to. Growing up I lived in the city next to a hospital, so there were many nights where I fell asleep in conditions some people would consider too noisy to think. But I’m getting used to the calmness of the rural area, and there’s certainly a few sights to see. One thing that has helped me deal with homesickness is walking to the nearby coffee shops, such as Kijitora or Koubou. I absolutely love trying new coffee, and neither of these places have disappointed. Kijitora’s style is delightfully reminiscent of the cafes in my hometown, and they have a fantastic selection of espresso drinks. Koubou on the other hand may only offer a limited selection of drink styles, but their cozy seats and warm atmosphere really makes you lose track of time. The homemade baked goods are likewise delightful. I’ve heard the coffee scene in Ishikawa is bustling, so I look forward to getting to know the specialties of local shops and roasters.

Jomkit Jujaroen




December 14, 2020 Experiencing the Fall Scenery

Hello everyone! My name is Brandon Wohlfarth and I just started teaching here at ICT, so this is my first Hakusanroku Journal entry. Since arriving at the Hakusanroku campus I have been blown away by the wonderful scenery surrounding campus. The mountains reaching up towards the sky, the rich reds and browns that mark the fall season, have all impressed me.

The natural landscape of the Hakusanroku campus is a stark contrast from many of the locations that I have lived in the United States. I attended Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology located in Terre Haute, Indiana where I received both my undergraduate and master’s degree. While I love Indiana, unfortunately the scenery only consisted of flat land used primarily for agriculture. This made outdoor activities such as hiking much less enjoyable. The difference between these two locations is truly like comparing night and day, completely different. After the winter, I am looking forward to being able to hike and explore the various trails in the Hakusan area.

I have been lucky so far that the weather has been pleasant so that I can still take the opportunity to enjoy nature before the snow and cold comes in. I have enjoyed walking around the Hakusanroku campus and the surrounding area. I am excited to see how the natural landscape surrounding us changes as the seasons progress, and in what other ways it may differ from what I have experienced in the past. Below are some of the pictures of the surrounding area that I have taken so far. I am not the greatest photographer so bear with me. Over the last few weeks it has been wonderful meeting the students, faculty, and staff members here at ICT. I look forward to working with everyone!

Brandon Wohlfarth




ブランド ウォルファース


August 27, 2020 Movie Night

The English Language and Culture Club held their first event on July 29th. To celebrate finishing the first semester and their final exams hosted a movie night with snacks. This was the culmination of a four-week process, where the students did the following tasks

  1. Selected the movie they wanted to watch
  2. Made announcements about the movie in homeroom
  3. Questioned their classmates about the snacks they wanted
  4. Designed, made, customized and posted movie posters to promote movie night
  5. Made a flyer with information about the four main characters and the actors playing them

Finally, on the 29th, at 7:00, Mao, Shii, Afaf and Shiori gathered in the Learning Commons to set out the snacks and set up the movie. About 10 1st and 2nd year students joined them to celebrate the end of the semester and exams, eat snacks and watch the movie, Get Out. Get Out is a 2017 horror movie that was chosen by many organizations and publications as one of the ten best films of the year, nominated for four Academy Awards and won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Ian Stevenson


  1. 観たい映画の選出
  2. ホームルームで映画の告知
  3. クラスメイトから食べたいスナック菓子のアンケート調査
  4. 上映する映画のポスターのデザイン、制作、飾りつけ
  5. 主要登場人物4人の情報を載せたチラシの制作




August 26, 2020

Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last entry. Suffice it to say that many things have happened since then. Our campus has had to make some adjustments to adapt to the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the beginning of the school year in April, we were teaching normal face-to-face classes, but as the state of the pandemic worsened, we had no choice but to change to an online format. This was a big change for teachers and students and it required efforts on both sides. Thankfully, because our campus is quite isolated in the mountains, it was possible to come back to face-to-face classes after a few weeks. There were/are still countermeasures put in place to minimize the risk of infection like wearing a mask at all times and the possibility to work from home when there are no classes for example.

I teach biology class, so during the first class of the school year in April, I found it important to do a presentation and share information about the virus to the students. I presented the characteristics of the virus, the state of the pandemic up to that point and why it was/is important to follow the sanitary measures put in place by the different authorities. Students seemed interested and curious and I think it helped them somewhat grasp the gravity of the situation.

Japan has been doing better than many other countries in the world during this pandemic. Let’s hope this continues to be the case and that we will be spared a second wave. I am convinced that the situation will get better as long as people continue to follow the sanitary measures and don’t let their guard down.








July 8, 2020 Kanazawa

国際理工学科2年 加藤大虎です。


待ちに待った久しぶりの外出、6月初旬に3ヶ月ぶりに金沢市街に行きました。 (通常であれば、1か月に一度金沢へいけますが今回はコロナ渦で自粛期間があったため3ケ月ぶりとなりました) 朝、バスに集合する時間は9時で、学校から1時間ほどかけて金沢駅に向かいます。バスの中のすごし方は人それぞれですが、僕は友達としりとりをしたり、山中の景色をボーっと眺めたりします。猿がいたり、稀に鹿やノウサギもいたりして、これを見るのも道中の楽しみの一つです。






Hi! This is Daiko Kato, I am a second-year student of International College of Technology.

Once a month in this school, we have weekends where students can go out freely. Students from within the prefecture can go back home, while those from outside the prefectures or overseas can go to Kanazawa, so they can do whatever they want and we spend precious time there. In this article, I would like to introduce an outing to Kanazawa that we use often that day.

I went to Kanazawa city for the first time in three months in early June. (Normally, I would be able to visit Kanazawa once a month, but this time I had to refrain from going there due to the corona vortex, so it was the first time in three months.) We met on the bus at 9:00 am and head to Kanazawa station, that was about an hour away from school. Spending time on the bus was different for each person, so I spent my time chatting with my friends, watching the mountains dully, and so on. There are some monkeys sometimes around there, and in rare cases, there are deer, rabbits, and bears. This is one of the fun things on the way.

We are free to go on your own until 5 pm from when we arrived. We can meet our family, go shopping, refresh ourselves, get a haircut, watch a movie, or just enjoy a meal in the restaurants. It was different for each of us, such as eating what we couldn't eat in ICT. My two favorite movies, "Weathering With You" and "Your Name." were showing, so I watched both movies with my friends! At lunch, we had sushi for the first time in a long time and did some shopping for daily necessaries.

I watched my two favorite movies, then I was impressed and I was impressed by the delicious sushi again. The rest of the time I spent on my hobbies and shopping for daily necessities, making it the best Kanazawa outing I've ever had. It was nice to be able to go outside after a long time and get refreshed because I couldn't leave the dormitory for a long time because of the coronavirus. However, I lost my time because I didn't make any plans for my shopping, so next time I go, I'll make a timetable before I go. lol

It is a piece of minor information, but there is a city bus of 6:30 a.m. from Sena, so if you use it, you can fully enjoy Kanazawa from the early morning. I also recommend visiting Kenrokuen, Omityo Market, Tsudumimon, and other tourist spots.

When I live in the dormitory, it would be a very valuable experience to be able to do it until now, for example, go out for shopping, eating out, watching movies, and other things. My sense of value has changed and I started to thank for the little things. I think this is something I've realized because I've spent time in the dormitory.

I'll see you in the next journal. 😁

June 22, 2020 ヒルクライムサイクリング

こんにちは。今年も研究プロジェクト主事とNature & Adventure Club顧問を担当している山崎です。新型コロナ感染防止に伴う外出制限が解除された週末、学生たちと一緒に近くの山にサイクリングに行きました。サイクリングと言っても、スキー場の山頂ゴンドラ駅までの林道を登るもので、キャンパスから山頂まで約9.5km、標高差726m、平均勾配7.6%という本格的なヒルクライムコースです。この日参加したのはS1の田窪君、中里君、 S2の畠中君の3名。同行するスタッフは体育のフィリップ先生と事務局の本田さんと私。田窪君は自身のロードバイクを持参、他の学生はNature & Adventure ClubMTBを駆って参加しました。

Hello, this is Yamazaki, still in charge of Research Projects and the Nature & Adventure Club. Restrictions due to COVID-19 have been loosened so I went cycling with some of the students on Sunday. This isn't your typical cycling though. It's a 9.5km long, 726m total elevation, average slope of 7.6% serious hill climb through woods to the gondola station on top of the ski resort near the Hakusanroku Campus. Three students joined us today: Takubo and Nakazato (both S1) and Hatanaka (S2). Accompanying staff were Philip-sensei, our PE teacher, Honda-san of the office, and myself. Takubo brought his own road bike and the other students used the mountain bikes own by the club.


We left the campus at 9 am and reached the entrance to the path in about 10 minutes. Here is a photo we took before the hill climb. This was Nakazato's first time and he looks a little nervous.  



Philip-sensei and Honda-san were trying for a personal best and rode out of sight immediately. Hatanaka and Takubo followed them at their own pace. Nakazato struggled getting used to controlling a bike on a mountain path and tried to keep up. I rode alongside him hopeful that chatting would keep his spirits up. After about an hour, Philip-sensei and Honda-san rejoined us on their way back. Apparently, they reach the top in about 50 minutes; astonishing work. Nakazato also reached the top after about an hour and a half with the moral support of the team. He did a great job. Hatanaka and Takubo's time was 1 hour and 7 minutes. Well done everyone.


We took a group photo at the top and you can see the feeling of accomplishment on the faces after completing the run. The view was extraordinary and you can see Tedori Lake and even the Hakusanroku Campus. ICT has many mountain paths like this a is a wonderful environment for cyclists. 

Shuntaro Yamazaki

June 11, 2020



潟辺 豊

June 1 was our school's 63rd anniversary and students had the day off. Since the coronavirus outbreak, students have been cramped in their dorms. At 9:00 am, the first bus to Kanazawa departed from Hakusanroku Campus. You might or might not be surprised to hear that everyone was on schedule this morning. I was decorating the café corner with some flowers when the earliest student, first-year Shii arrived. When asked, she replied that she would spend the day with her parents at home. Runner-up was Morisuke as usual. He answered that he planned to eat lunch at a popular ramen shop "真打 Shin-uchi" and go to "みなと模型 Minato Model Shop" and buy one of his favorite car model kits. The rest of the students climbed into the bus one by one; with their masks on. Some were dressed up and said they would go to a beauty parlor. Others spoke about watching the movies "天気の子 Weathering with You" and "君の名は Your Name" back to back. Everyone looked excited and happy. The monthly bus to Kanazawa was nothing special before the corona situation, but that has changed.

My daughter's junior high school will also reopened, and we went shopping at a 100 yen one coin shop in Nonoichi. I was almost staggered at how many people were there. I assume that Kanazawa will not be as crowded on a Monday, but hopefully everyone will stay safe and enjoy their day off.

Yutaka Katabe

June 5, 2020 オンライン授業での発見







Lately, many schools are conducting "online classes" due to the situation of the coronavirus. Some schools just give students worksheets and call it a day. In general, schools with low ICT infrastructure have a harder time adapting to the situation. How about ICT you say? Thanks to the fact that each student receives a laptop computer on entry, we have wifi throughout the campus, and that our students are relatively accustom to using technology, I believe our transition to online was considerably smooth. In this journal entry, I would like to talk about some things I learned teaching both online.

First, let's talk about the things that went wrong. Despite our facilities, we could not avoid technical issues. There was a time when students would not react to my voice, which made me feel pretty lonely considering I was in my room talking to a screen alone. Later, we found out that there was a problem with our microphones.

It was also frustrating not being able to share the same "classroom atmosphere" as the students. Even though I could see everyone's face on my screen, it isn't the same as seeing them in person; I couldn't see how hard they are concentrating or if someone looks lost and in need of assistance. However, it was easier to feel the vibe of the second-year students, probably because we have already spent one year together.

I could continue talking about the difficulties of online classes. However, the thing I felt the most is that both students and teachers must develop the ability to adapt to sudden situations like this. At oversea graduate schools, there was a movement from offline to online before the coronavirus outbreak and students can get their degree from another country without even stepping on campus ground. In the close future, I believe this movement from offline education to online education will lead to a change from the current offline platform to something new. In any case, we must remember that whatever the platform may be, it must be designed with students put at top priority. I have a renewed passion to choose the best methods from the choices our future technology provides us.

Also, I just want to go back to teaching in the classroom.


May 27, 2020 D.I.Y. Automatic Alcohol Dispenser

In this situation of Covid-19, The general public turn to wear a face mask, wash their hands, and leave more spacing especially. In school many countries have closed classes, some schools can still open classes including ICT Hakusanroku campus because all of the students are here. But, we still do all classes online. Even so, we still let students wear a face mask and always wash their hands to reduce infection and spread the infection.

Anyway, one thing that is a problem is we have to press a Alcohol bottle. That means we touch things and the virus can spread to the bottle. Then, I tried to design a 3D model to press the alcohol bottle with servo motor instead of our hand and print all parts by 3D printer, detect our hand with ultrasonic sensor and all of these are controlled with Arduino board.




  1. Computer or Laptop
    - Arduino IDE
    - Autodesk Fusion360 (optional)
    - Autodesk Tinkercad (optional)
  2. 3D printer
  3. Arduino UNO board
  4. Servo motors MG996R High Torque or any Servo motor
  5. Ultrasonic Sensor SR04 or any Distance sensor
  6. Wire and AC Adapter


  1. パソコン
    - Arduino IDE
    - Autodesk Fusion360 (任意)
    - Autodesk Tinkercad (任意)
  2. 3Dプリンター
  3. Arduino UNO ボード
  4. サーボモータ MG996R 高トルクか通常のサーボモータ
  5. 超音波センサ SR04 またはいずれかの距離センサ
  6. ワイヤとACアダプター

Step 1

Design your 3D model and make a file for your 3D printer or 

Step 2

Print the model and assemble it together

Step 3

Wiring and connecting

Step 4

Write your code to read a distant when the hand is close to dispenser , Then pressed a alcohol bottle by servo motor


#include <Servo.h>

#define SERVO_PIN 9

#define TRIG_PIN 5
#define ECHO_PIN 6

long duration, distance;

Servo myServo;

void push_Sanitizer() {
myServo.write(30); // adjust the degree here
myServo.write(0); // adjust the degree here
myServo.write(30); // adjust the degree here

float read_Distance() {
// Clears the TRIG_PIN
digitalWrite(TRIG_PIN, LOW);

// Set the TRIG_PIN on HIGH state for 10 micro seconds
digitalWrite(TRIG_PIN, HIGH);
digitalWrite(TRIG_PIN, LOW);

// Reads the echoPin, returns the sound wave travel time in microseconds
duration = pulseIn(ECHO_PIN, HIGH);

// Calculating the distance
distance = (duration/2) / 29.1;

return distance;

void setup() {


myServo.write(30); // set the default position of servo motor

void loop() {
if(read_Distance() < 25) {

// Prints the distance on the Serial Monitor
// Serial.print("Distance: ");
// Serial.print(read_Distance());
// Serial.println(" cm");
// delay(250);



Step 5

let’s see how it works

Step 6

Finally, Powering and setup.

May 20, 2020 Hakusan Living

              This year has been a roller coaster for everyone. With the onset of COVID-19, we have all had to make adjustments. At first, I was depressed by the quarantine. It was hard to stay away from people and to stop doing the fun things I enjoyed on the weekend. It made me feel like life changed for the worse. However as time went on, I soon discovered a whole new way to enjoy myself. Long car rides to enjoy the nature of Hakusan, walks around the neighborhood, and a reinvigorated interest in learning to cook better. This time has shown me something very valuable. Change often can look bad but often with change we can find the good. I am going to use COVID-19 as a lesson. I hope I can find the good in the change that comes to my life even when bad comes along with it.   

Edward Basquill



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