Hakusanroku Journal 白山麓ジャーナル:School Event

August 24 2022, BBQ Party!

 Hello, this is Edward Basquill.  
 On Sunday, July 24th, we had our second annual Hakusan Campus BBQ. Just like last year, there was food, fun, and sun! Most importantly, it was a great time for students and teachers to come together and relax. 

 The day started around noon, when I arrived to start the fire for BBQ. We almost had a disaster because I forgot the grill tops and some other important supplies! Luckily, my wife jumped into action and drove to get the grill tops. I am lucky a man, I have a wife that can save me from myself! While my wife went to fix my mistake, I started the fire. Last year, it was difficult to start the fire but this year Apirak saved the day! He brought a mini fan that we used to make the fire grow quickly. Not only that, but Jomkit also started a second grill. ICT is fortunate to have so many helpful teachers.
 As we worked to get the coals ready to cook the food, Apirak and Brandon set up yard games for the students to play. They brought bats and baseballs, basketballs and some other games. There was also the triumphant return of Brandon’s cornhole game, which is a famous American yard game. Please see some of the pictures!
 Right at 2:00pm, my wife arrived with the grill tops and we started cooking! The students were able to enjoy hotdogs and cola. Some students…mostly Sansar…had a lot of food. I’ve never seen a student eat so much. I was very impressed. Maybe we should have an eating contest! After the hotdogs, we made some beef ribs and they were delicious! A little garlic salt was the only seasoning they needed.
 After finishing cooking for the students, the teachers brought out some steak. Brandon mastefuly cooked up the steaks and the teachers were kind enough to share with the students. The teachers and students gathered together and did cheers using their steak. Please notice that Apirak had much more steak than everyone else.
 The students and teachers played a lot of games togethertoo. I played a little basketball, Apirak and Brandon played cornhole, and the students found creative ways to use the baseball bats. Even Kushima sensei played some yard games. Other students took it easy. For example, Eiki slept in his chair and I must admit, I was very jealous! He looked so comfortable even though he wa

s in a lawn chair. He must be a master of sleeping. Maybe I should ask him to teach me.
 For desert, we made icecream sodas and the students loved it. I was very lucky because Jomkit was kind enough to roast a marshmallow for me. It was perfect…I even dreamt about it that night. I also saw Jomkit and Ema roast marshmallows too. I was happy to see all the students and teachers having fun together.

  I want to end by focusing on the last sentence of the previous paragraph. Seeing our teachers and students together doing fun activities reminded me of why I love working at ICT. Seeing our little community getting together and enjoying a lovely Sunday is something worth writing about. It is something worth remembering, and it something that makes us look forward to more events in the future.

Edward Basquill

 7月24日(日)、白山麓キャンパスで2回目のBBQを開催しました。昨年同様、食べ物あり、楽しみあり、そして太陽がありました! そして何より、学生と教員が一緒になってリラックスできる素晴らしい時間でした。

 午後2時、妻がグリルの天板を持ってきたので、調理開始です!学生たちはホットドックを食べ、コーラを飲みました。何人かの学生...主にサンサル君は、たくさん食べていました。こんなに食べる学生を見たのは初めてです。とても感動しました。いつか大食いコンテストを開催したらいいかもしれません!ホットドッグを食べた後、ビーフリブを作ったのですが、とても美味しかったです! 味付けはガーリックソルトのみです。



July 15, 2022 Climbing Mt. Hakusan with the Nature & Adventure Club


 Hello this is Philip Cadzow, one of the Physical Education teachers.
 13 students from the Nature & Adventure club climbed HAKUSAN (Mt. Hakusan, below, Hakusan) on Saturday (2nd of July) with beautiful weather. The group departed Hakusan Campus at 5am and arrived at Ichinose at 6am, from Ichinose there is a small road that winds its way up the mountain to the hiking start point of Bettodeai, there is a shuttle bus that runs between Ichinose and Bettodeai but that service would start from the following week, and as there was a high number of people hoping to climb Hakusan that day, cars overflowed the small parking space at the top and flowed halfway down the already narrow road. This created a chance to nervously watch our expert bus driver thread his way around tight corners and small gaps; an interesting start to the day! 

 We started hiking from 6:30 and were split into two groups to make passing people easier, which they made full use of by sprint hiking the first 2 and a half hours. We paused only for small breaks at the two huts along the way and reached some snow and the big boulder by roughly 9am where the pace of the morning started to take it's toll. From the big boulder up the the top the pace slowed dramatically, although even then there were some of the students who wished they weren't constrained by the groups pace and wished they could run the whole way up and down. Even with some long resting breaks we managed to reach the top by 11am, which was wonderful to beat the clouds and have a beautiful view. Lunch was extra delicious - having walked all morning for it, and the sun was hot when it peaked out from the clouds. The way down was fairly uneventful and we reached the exit bridge by around 3pm. Within 15minutes all but one student was asleep. It was a good hike. 

Philip Cadzow



July 8, 2022 ネイチャー&アドベンチャークラブ「校内キャンプ」

 こんにちは。白山麓高専事務室の間加田 侑里です。今回はネイチャー&アドベンチャークラブで行われた校内キャンプについて紹介します。



 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from the Hakusanroku Office. Today, I would like to introduce an on-campus camp held by the Nature & Adventure Club.

 From the afternoon of Saturday, June 18th to the morning of Sunday, June 19th, the Nature & Adventure Club students held a BBQ and went camping in the courtyard on the Hakusanroku campus. The purpose of this was to have club members plan, prepare, execute, and cleanup the event. In the afternoon of the 18th, the students were divided into two groups: one to buy dinner and the other to set up tents. The shopping group went to the nearest supermarket by bicycle. It is two hours roundtrip by bicycle from the Hakusanroku Campus to the nearest supermarket. The students, who had more than enough energy, did not care about that! They cycled to the supermarket. However, they had a hard time on the return trip because of the heavy shopping bags. The tent group set up four tents, with experienced campers showing the students how to assemble a tent. 

 Until the shopping group returned and started cooking, students worked up a sweat playing Frisbee, volleyball, and soccer in the courtyard, or relaxed on the hammocks and yoga mats they had brought with them. Then the BBQ began, and they grilled the meat and ate their meal. Student were very happy and said, "It's so delicious!!" and "This is so great!" The students were also treated to a special tandoori chicken dish prepared by their advisor, Katabe sensei (Prof.). The chicken was a big hit with the students, who said it was too good to be true! After finishing their meal, the students enjoyed their free time by playing sports again or cooking and eating sweets.
 After the sun went down, the students went to Hime no Yu for a hot spring bath, and before they knew it, it was time to go to bed. Some students slept in tents, some went to bed on futons laid out in the courtyard and some stayed up until the midnight talking and enjoying each other’s company before going to sleep.
 There was a funny story about the students who slept outside their tents. It began to rain early in the morning and those students had to rush back inside quickly.




 There was one more event that day. This was the Firefly Watching Tour, organized by Katabe sensei. This event was open to all students at the Hakusanroku campus. Setomaruyama Park, a 30-minute walk from the Hakusanroku Campus, was once a famous spot for fireflies. However due to a landslide that occurred in 2015 in the Hakusan headwaters area, the landslide sediment went into the Tedori River, so the fireflies were thought to have become extinct. Nevertheless, Katabe sensei had visited the park for two days before the event, and was able to confirm that there were at least five or six fireflies! 
 On this occasion, 9 students and 3 faculty members gathered and left for the firefly watching tour at 7:30 pm. They were able to see 2 or 3 of fireflies at Setomaruyama Park, and then they could see the brightest glowing firefly on the way back to the Hakusanroku campus! When I asked the students how the firefly watching tour was, almost all of them had big smiles on their faces when they talked about the fireflies they had seen on their way to the Hakusanroku campus. It was such a joyful moment for them. It was a memorable experience, and I think they felt that summer had really begun,

 It was a day filled with the natural beauty that is found in HAKUSANROKU (foothills of Mt. Hakusan) and activities that can be enjoyed only on campus. The weather was nice and the temperature was comfortable, so the students were able to enjoy themselves to the fullest and release stress from their daily lives. 


間加田 侑里
Yuri Makada

June 7, 2022 Tie-Dye T-Shirt Activity

  My name is Ian Stevenson.
  Now that Golden Week has finished, the campus is getting more colorful. Flowers are blooming, plants are growing and the birds are singing. The students are also becoming more colorful too. After the students returned from Golden Week, there was a tie-dye t-shirt activity. 17 1st and 2nd year students attended the event and made their own t-shirts.

 To prevent accidents, the floor and the tables were covered with newspapers and the students wore gloves. 16 of the students chose to decorate a white t-shirt. After picking up their t-shirt, these of students decided on what pattern – spiral, bullseye, crumple – and colors they wanted to use. Some students further customized their t-shirts with fabric markers. 1 student chose to work with a black t-shirt and used bleach to customize their t-shirt.

 After finishing the t-shirts, they were hung out to dry and let the dye set. The t-shirts were then washed to get rid of any extra dye. 1 day later, the t-shirts were returned to the students in homeroom. After the students got their t-shirts, they posed for a photo on the school grounds.  The students seemed to be enjoying themselves & having fun.

Ian Stevenson






May 26, 2022 Sports Day!

 Hello this is Philip Cadzow, one of the Physical Education teachers at Hakusanroku campus. 
 On Saturday the 14th of May, Hakusanroku campus students and teachers came together to enjoy some sports for Sports day. Rather than set 1st year students against 2nd year students, two teams were made by dividing the students from their 2km running times (PE class running) into two groups and then getting them to choose their own team name. Blue team was sarcastically called ‘Team Name and the red team chose Red Eyes Black Dragon which was potentially after a Yu-gi-yo card.

  Volleyball, Soccer and basketball were for 50 minutes, giving students plenty of opportunity to substitute team mates whenever they got tired. In addition, teachers choose what team they joined and in each team only one teacher could play at a time, so the teachers also had to swap as they got tired.
  In Volleyball the teams were even until 39 points, at which time the Red team started to slowly pull ahead, with more players who were comfortable playing volleyball on their side they came to a 100-80 victory against Blue. In soccer, the technical level of play was much higher than expected and during the 50 minutes of play only 3 points were scored, all by the Red team, leading the Blue team to feel despondent. Luckily their cheer came back to them as they had the dream team for basketball, they quickly doubled the score of Red team (36-67) and held it consistently.

  It was good to see the change in atmosphere from the Blue, and although winning two games, Red team still thought Blue team was too strong. It is nice to be young and to have your mood depend on winning or losing a sports game. The real winners of the day however, was the teachers, who were able to enjoy playing sports all morning. 

Philip Cadzow



 5月14日(土)、白山麓キャンパスでは、学生と教員が共にスポーツを楽しむ「Sports Day」が開催されました。1年生と2年生が対決するわけではなく、体育の授業で行った2km走のタイムから2チームに分け、チーム名を決めてもらいました。青チームは「Team Name」、赤チームは「Red Eyes Black Dragon」という遊戯王カードにちなんだチーム名が名づけられました。




May 11, 2022 デザイン&ファブリケーションクラブ「新入生クラブ員歓迎会 校内ロボコン」

 こんにちは!初めまして!国際高専2年の泉屋 匠吾です。今年度のデザイン&ファブリケーションクラブの部長を務めています。このクラブではロボットや動画など、様々な要素を持ち合わせたデザインを作っていき、外部へと発信していく活動をしています。
 今年のロボコンは「サッカー」をテーマにしました。ルールはPK形式で5本勝負!LEGO EV3を使って、1年生チームはボールをキックするロボットを作ってもらい、2年生が作ったゴールキーパーロボットの守りを破ります。そしてより多くの点を取ったチームが優勝となります。2人1組の合計5チームによる接戦が繰り広げられ、1年生の太田 晴喜くんと夏木 亮凪くんによるチーム「Mr. Hakusan」が優勝しました!


泉屋 匠吾
写真:奥山 眞宙

 Hello! Nice to meet you, I am Shogo Izumiya, a 2nd-year student at ICT. I am the student leader of the Design & Fabrication Club for this school year. In this club, we are working to create designs that use various elements such as robots and videos, and share them to the outside world.
 On April 22nd, the Design & Fabrication Club, held an on-campus robotics competition for the new students! A 2nd-year student, Sergelen Sansar, also participated. Everyone created unique and wonderful robots, and the competition was a lot of fun!
 The theme of this year's robotics competition was soccer. The rules were each team had 5 chances to make a PK and the team with the highest score be the winners. Using LEGO EV3, the 1st-year student team was asked to build a robot that kicks a ball and scores a goal against the goalkeeper robot built by 2nd-year students. The winning team was called Mr. Hakusan and consisted of 1st-year students Haruki Ohta and Ryona Natsuki!

 Currently, ICT is getting ready to participate in the NHK ROBOCON COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY. We hope that this will be a good experience for the contestants. We hope that you will continue to follow the activities of our team members. Thank you for your continued support!

Shogo Izumiya
Photo by Mahiro Okuyama

May 9, 2022 歓迎会「ピニャータ」

 こんにちは、白山麓高専事務室の間加田 侑里です。新年度の慌ただしさも落ち着き、気候も暖かくなってきました。


間加田 侑里

 Hello, this is Yuri Makada from the Hakusanroku office. The hectic new school year has settled down and the weather is getting warmer. 
 On Wednesday, April 20th, after school, the Learning Mentors organized a welcome party for 2nd-year student Sergelen Sansar (from Mongolia) and 1st-year students. Sansar had been unable to enter Japan until recently and he had been taking online classes from Mongolia. In late March of this year, he was finally able to enter Japan after one year.

 At the welcome party students celebrated by breaking open a piñata. Traditionally, piñatas come from Mexico, and they are decorated figures that contain sweets. They are suspended from above and then broken open with a stick swung by a blindfolded person. After a piñata is broken open, the sweets spill out, and people collect them as quickly as possible.  
 This time, 8 students took on the challenge of smashing the piñata. The blindfolded students tried to smash it by moving back and forth, left and right, listening to advice from their classmates. It was very difficult to find the right moment to smash the piñata because it was swinging back and forth. The moment the piñata was broken, there was a burst of applause and cheers, and the scene became very exciting. It was impressive to see the students picking up all the scattered sweets and sharing them.
 Through the welcome party, I was able to feel the unity of the students who tried to help to each other break the piñata. I believe that the students were able to learn about a traditional Mexican game and enjoy a cross-cultural experience. And I hope that the students will continue to experience various different cultures and learn new things and gain more international perspectives in the future.

Yuri Makada

 I hope you enjoy the piñata video.

April 28, 2022 ネイチャー&アドベンチャークラブ 新入クラブ員歓迎会 高倉山ハイキング


 Hello! My name is Philip Cadzow.
 With modern life it’s easy and expected to be sitting indoors somewhere, be it your job, school, or transport somewhere. It’s hard to get up on a Saturday morning to go for a 13km walk up a hill, with weather expected to rain, and swampy ground that covers your shoes with mud. Yet without something challenging, different, or risky to bring some fun into life, it’s easy to focus too much on the little things and get caught up in your own thinking. Getting out and into nature is a beautiful way to get some exercise, a breath of fresh air, and to also clear your head. We started off the day with some gear checks as it looked like it might rain later, and a group challenge called the human knot where they had to untangle themselves. We then set out on the hike heading down the road to the post office, across the cycle bridge, and then into the trees.

 The view from along the forest road is quite spectacular to start off with, as it looks down a steep cliff into the blue river below. And then the hill started going up... a good way up we took a break. What I love most about the outdoors, is what the effect of being in a natural environment has on groups of people. Take a group of students into this environment and they will be able to bond together as a group much faster than if they were in a room at school. Even better, throw a challenge like escaping over an electric fence (rope held by teachers) and you get to see problem solving skills, group dynamics, and the shared joy of success.

 The track from that point was on the same path as a small river, so there was no escaping muddy wet feet. As a teacher there is something soothing to the soul in watching students calling out in despair as the mud uncomfortably squelches into their shoes. Revenge for bad behaviour in class. nature is wonderful. We washed our shoes in a stream and then continued on until the trail came to an end. The top wasn’t our goal for today, so we sit like gargoyles on rocks and logs to eat lunch. Turning around and starting down feels hard, I don’t like going down as much as I do going up. Going up feels like adventure and every step brings a better view, so it’s hard not to feel a little failure when turning around. The way down passed quickly and the energy in the group faded out by the last kilometre of the walk. Perfect timing as we reached the big stairs and people started thumping down in comfort. The students no doubt would be heading to the onsen soon. It didn’t end up raining. A good day.

Philip Cadzow

 現代の生活は、仕事であれ、学校であれ、交通機関であれ、屋内で安楽に座っていられることが当たり前になっています。ですから、土曜日の朝に早起きして、13 kmの丘を登り降りするのは大変なことです。まして、天気予報が雨で、ぬかるみで靴が泥まみれになることが予想される日なら尚更です。しかし、人生に楽しみをもたらすには、挑戦的な、日常と異なる、あるいは多少は危険な何かが必要です。そうでなければ私たちは些細なことに囚われ、たいした理由もなくマイナス思考に巻き込まれてしまうでしょう。外に出て自然の中へ入っていくことは、体を動かし、新鮮な空気を吸い、頭をすっきりさせたりするための素敵な方法なのです。降雨が予想されたため、私たちはシューズやレインウエアなどのギアチェックから一日を始めました。続いて、学生たちはウォーミングアップとして、手(と心)をつなぐ「人間知恵の輪」に取り組みました。それから郵便局への道を下り、自転車橋を渡って、新緑の中へ向かうハイキングに出発しました。


 そこから先は雪溶け水が小川のように流れる道で、泥まみれの靴の中で足が濡れてしまうことから逃がれることはできませんでした。泥水が靴に押し込まれる不快さに絶望して叫ぶ学生たちを眺めることには、教師としての魂を心地よくさせる何かがあります。すなわち、授業中の学生たちのちょっといたずらな振る舞いへのささやかなリベンジ!自然は素晴らしい! 私たちはきれいな流れを見つけて靴を洗い、再び歩き続けて目標地点に到達しました。今回の目標地点は山頂ではありませんから、岩や丸太の上にガーゴイル(キリスト教会などの屋根に飾られている、モンスターを模した彫像の雨樋)のように座って昼食をとりました。さて、振り返ると下りは大変です。私は、上りほど下りは好きではありません。上ることは冒険のように感じられ、すべてのステップがより良い眺めをもたらします。しかし、振り返って下るときには、少しの失望も感じないようにするのは難しいです。下り道はすぐに過ぎ去ってしまい、学生たちのエネルギーは最後の1キロまでにみるみる消えていきました。私たちが学校の大階段に到着し、学生たちがその快適さにワクワクし始めたときの完璧なタイミングです。学生たちは間違いなくすぐに温泉に向かうでしょう。結局、雨が降ることはなく、良い一日でした。


April 21, 2022 ラーニングセッション

 こんにちは。白山麓高専事務室の間加田 侑里です。


 Hello. This is Yuri Makada from the Hakusanroku office.
 It has been three weeks since 17 1st year students moved into the dormitories, and the 1st and 2nd year students seem to have gotten used to each other and to student life. I'm going to write about the cooperative game competition for 1st and 2nd year students that was held during Learning Session orientation.

 Learning Sessions are a time for students to prepare for and do review for their classes. They are held from 19:30 to 21:30 every Monday through Friday. Three Learning Mentors, Anne Isobel Tan sensei (Associate Lecturer), Apirak Sang-ngenchai sensei (Associate Lecturer), and Jomkit Jujaroen sensei (Associate Lecturer), help students with their assignments. In addition to support from the Learning Mentors, students also help and learn from each other.

Click here to see a Learning Session from last year.

 まずは「Spaghetti Towers」という、スパゲッティとマシュマロ(どちらも賞味期限切れのものを使用)を使い、どれだけ高く積み上げることができるかを競い合うゲームが行われました。12年生合同の6チームに分かれ、各チームに2束のスパゲッティと約30個のマシュマロが用意されました。制限時間30分の中で作戦を立てながら制作に取り掛かりました。
 安定性を考えながら1個のマシュマロに数本のスパゲッティを刺して慎重にタワーを制作するチームや、マシュマロに11本スパゲッティを刺し、バランスも取りつつ高さを重視するチームなど戦略方法は様々でした。ゲーム終了時間が迫るにつれて全チームに焦りが見え始め、タワーが傾き崩れてしまうチームからは悲鳴が聞こえました。最終的には木下チームが1m20cm のタワーを制作することに成功し優勝しました。

 その後「Tea Bag Toss」という、地面に置いたマグカップにティーバッグ(賞味期限切れのものを使用)を投げ入れ、投げた位置から距離を測定し、最も長い距離を競い合うゲームが行われました。各チームにティーバッグが5個用意されました。

 On Thursday, April 7th, the first Learning Session of 2022 featured two different cooperative games.
 The first game was Spaghetti Towers, in which teams competed to build the highest tower using marshmallows and spaghetti (these foods were expired). The students were divided into 6 teams made up of 1st and 2nd years, and each team was provided with 2 bundles of spaghetti and about 30 marshmallows. The students had 30 minutes to plan and make their towers.
 Strategies varied from team to team. Some teams tried to build the highest tower by using multiple sticks of spaghetti to connect each marshmallow. Other teams tried to build the highest tower by using only 1 or 2 sticks to connect each marshmallow. As the game drew to a close, all teams began to show signs of impatience, and screams of excitement could be heard from the teams whose towers were about to fall over. In the end, the Kinoshita team succeeded in building a 1.2m tower and won the competition.

 The second game was called Tea Bag Toss. In this game, participants tried to toss or drop a tea bag (these were expired) into a mug placed on the ground. If they were successful they measured the distance the tea bag travelled and tried again from a further distance. Each team was provided with five tea bags.
 First, the students headed to the first and second floors of the Living Commons (about 6m in height). Mugs were set up on the first floor and tea bags were repeatedly tossed / dropped from the second floor. As time passed, instead of just dropping a teabag, each team began to develop a strategy. Various ideas were generated, one team tied five tea bags together and used that weight to drop them more accurately. Another team bounced the tea bags against a wall in an attempt to get them into their mug. Still another team removed the tags from their tea bags to reduce air resistance before trying to toss them into their mug. Most teams were able to achieve a distance of about 6 meters, but with one minute remaining, the Kusamoto team succeeded in throwing the teabag into a mug from a height of 8.12m and they won the competition.

 48日(金)、「Scavenger Hunt」というラーニングメンターたちが用意した写真をヒントに、校内中に隠されているステッカーを探すゲームが行われました。今回も12年生合同の新たな6チームに分かれました。開始の合図とともに我先にと各チームが一斉に走り出し、ステッカーを探し始めました。ここでは2年生が先陣を切り、1年生に校内を案内しながらステッカーの場所を探すという頼もしい場面が見受けられました。


 On Friday, April 8th, a Scavenger Hunt was held to find stickers hidden throughout the school using photo clues provided by the Learning Mentors. Once again, 1st and 2nd year students were divided into six new teams. As soon as the start signal was given, the teams started searching for the stickers. Here the 2nd year students took on a leadership role and guided the 1st year students around the school, helping them to find the stickers.
 The stickers were hidden in a wide range of locations including the cafeteria, classrooms, gymnasium, etc... The most confusing area for the students was the library space. The students were able to get a good grasp of where the various books were located as they searched the book shelves for the hidden stickers. To do this the students relied on the photo clues.
 When they put the stickers they collected together, a puzzle appeared. The Kusamoto team solved the puzzle first and received candy from the Learning Mentors as a prize.

 Through the two days of orientation, I believe that the 1st and 2nd year students got to know each other even better. Also, they learned the importance of communication by working together as a team in order to come up with strategies and cooperating with each other. Through these team building activities, students were also able to learn a lot about the school and their smiles shone brightly as they completed the activities.

間加田 侑里
Yuri Makada

March 23, 2022 「白金祭の裏話」

 こんにちは。白金祭実行委員長(教員)の伊藤です。227日(日)に行われた白金祭について、今回は書かせていただこうと思います。白金祭でやった企画(どれもめっちゃ面白かったし、盛り上がりました!)については、Topicsで取り上げていただいたので、そちらを見てください。(https://www.ict-kanazawa.ac.jp/2022/03/07/17202/) ですので、こちらでは白金祭の裏側について書いてみたいと思います。


 白金祭の名前は「白」山麓キャンパスと「金」沢キャンパスをつなぐ「祭」としてつけました。ちなみに、英語では「The Platinum Festival」として「白金」と掛けています。今回の白金祭では国際理工学科の3、4年生が数名遊びに来てくれました。白山麓と金沢をつなぐ役割を少しでも果たすことができて嬉しかったです!

 本来なら外部の方々に向けて学校・学科紹介の展示やレーザーカッター体験、ドローン体験などのワークショップも企画していたのですが、学生や教職員のみの参加となったため、大階段でのステージ企画のみにしました。でもそのおかげで少ない実行委員、短い準備期間でもちゃんとした発表やステージイベントができたと思います。あまり注目されなかったかもしれませんが、上演中の企画を示す「めくり」を作ってもらって使いました。1年生の柿田 紗蘭さんが全て手書きで「めくり」を作ってくれたので、それも紹介します。どれも本当に素晴らしい力作です。

 学生側の実行委員長である2年生の山崎 史依さんをはじめ、実行委員の皆さんの頑張りで、今回は無事に開催することができました。私は今回の白金祭を通じて、学生の「才能・努力・情熱」を感じることができてとても感動しました。歌がうまい、とか楽器が弾ける、とか腕相撲が強い、とか話すのが上手とか。勉強ができる・できないとは別のところで、それぞれの学生にはそれぞれの才能があり、努力していることがあり、情熱を傾けられるものがある、ということがよく分かりました。ぶっちゃけ、開催前は色々大変で、「来年は実行委員長は絶対やらない!」と誓っていたのですが、こうも輝いている学生を見てしまうと、「来年もいっちょやったるか!」という気持ちになってしまいます。まぁ、来年のことはさておき、学生の輝ける場を作れたのは教員としてとても嬉しく思いました。

 伊藤 周

 Hello. I am Ito, the chairperson of the Hakukinsai Executive Committee (faculty member), and I would like to write about the Hakukinsai held on Sunday, February 27th. For more information about this school festival, please check the Topics post about it. (URL: https://www.ict-kanazawa.ac.jp/2022/03/07/17202/) It was a really fun and exciting event! In this journal article, I would like to write about the behind-the-scenes part of this school festival.

 Originally, I wanted to have a cultural festival + open house type of event! Until now, we have held a school festival called Kosensai, but it has been held on the Kanazawa campus, so for the students of the Hakusanroku campus students, it was just an event to attend as guests. One of the reasons that I wanted us to hold this event was that I thought it would be fun to have a school festival in which students at Hakusanroku Campus could take part. My theory was that it is more fun to organize a festival than to participate in it, and I wanted the students of Hakusanroku Campus to experience that.
 Also, the Hakusanroku Campus faculty, staff, and students planned to invite a few local residents to the campus to give presentations as part of the engineering design community collaboration activities. There were also plan to have exchanges with nearby elementary and junior high schools. I had the feeling (maybe this an exaggeration on my part) that many local residents thought, “There is a big black building that has suddenly appeared, and people are living in it - and apparently it is a school.” So, I wanted to give the community, parents, and other people involved with our school the opportunity to learn more by telling them “this is ICT, and we have this kind of school, these kinds of students, and this kind of school life.” The term “Open Campus” has a strong connotation of being for junior high school students who are considering enrolling in International College of Technology. This event is more like an “Open House,” where anyone, young or old, male or female, can come and see the school.

 This school festival, Hakukinsai, has another purpose. I want to make a day when alumni of the Hakusanroku Campus can come back to the Hakusanroku Campus. Students of the Department of Science and Technology at ICT must spend two years living in the dormitory at the Hakusanroku Campus. I would like to make it a day when they can recall those two years of hard but enjoyable campus life and return to Hakusanroku Campus without hesitation when they feel nostalgic.
 The name of the festival, “Hakukinsai,” was given to connect the two campuses, Hakusanroku (“Haku”) and Kanazawa (The character for “Kana” can be read as “Kin” in Japanese). In English, it is called “The Platinum Festival,” which is a play on the word Hakukin. A few 3rd and 4th year students from the Department of Science and Technology came to visit us at this year's Hakukinsai. I was happy to be able to play a small role in connecting the 2 campuses.

 With the outbreak of COVID-19, the school festival called Kosensai itself has been held online for the past two years. The students could participate only by looking at their PC screens, which has been a little dull. In fact, Hakukinsai had been planned two years ago for 2020, but at that time the outbreak of COVID-19 had just begun, and we did not know what countermeasures we could take, so we decided not to hold the festival. When we started preparations for this year's festival in December of last year, it was right between the 5th and 6th waves. We wondered if we would be able to include outsiders this year. However, due to the outbreak of Omicron that did not subside in February, we had to give up on the idea of outsiders participating this time as well.
 Originally, we had planned to have an exhibition introducing our school and department, as well as workshops such as laser cutter and drone experiences for outside visitors, but since only students and faculty participated, we had to plan only staged projects on the main staircase. But thanks to this, even with a small number of committee members and a short preparation period, I think we were able to make decent presentations and stage events.
 Although it may not have attracted much attention, we had mekuri (a small paper sign that indicates the project being staged) made by 1st year student Saran Kakita, who handwrote all of the mekuri.  All of them are really wonderful works of art.
 This year's Hakukinsai achieved about half of its objectives. However, the other half, the objective of introducing the school to people outside the school, will be carried over to next year and beyond. There is no way to know what will happen with COVID-19 next year, but I hope we can accomplish the other half as well.

 Thanks to the hard work of the student committee chairperson, 2nd year student Shii Yamazaki, and all the committee members, we were able to hold this year's Hakukinsai without a hitch! I was very impressed by the talent, effort, and passion of the students during Hakukinsai. They can sing, play musical instruments, arm wrestle, and speak well. I could see that each student has their own talents, efforts, and passions, outside of the classroom and studying. To be honest, I had a lot of difficulties before the event, and I thought to myself, "I will never be the chairperson of the executive committee next year!" But when I saw the students shining so brightly, I said to myself, "I'll do it again next year! I am very happy to be able to be a part of this event." Well, putting next year aside, as a faculty member, I was very happy to have been able to create a place where students could shine.

Meguru Ito

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